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Cyber security Analyst Training
Cyber security Analyst Training

GIGA school concept to implement one terminal per person, compulsory “Information” in high school from 2022, adoption of “Information” including programming abut Cyber Security Analyst Training to university entrance common test, etc. Due to major changes, the way schools are taught is also required to evolve and adapt.

To realize the “independent, interactive, and deep learning” that the new course Cyber Security Analyst Training study aims at, the teacher will review the conventional simultaneous lesson style that is taught unilaterally, and the students will think, judge, decide, and act actively. There is a need for a change to a traditional lesson, but there are many sites that are confuse about how to put it into practice.

EdTech teaching materials

Ritsumeikan Moriyama Junior and Senior High School are the first to achieve such a change with the power of EdTech teaching materials. The school has introduced the EdTech teaching materials “Life is Tech Lessons” provided by Life Is Tech at middle and high schools. Students can learn freely at their own pace We will provide information education for individual optimization, accumulate successful experiences of making and outputting with technology from an early stage, elicit interest and motivation for students’ information, and learn independently. Offering fun.

What kind of information education did the school use “Life is Tech Lessons” and how did the students change? From a dialogue between Mr. Hisayasu Ito, who is in charge of the information department of Ritsumeikan Moriyama High School, and Mr. Tokuyuki Marumoto, an executive officer of Life Is Tech, who provides various learning and school teaching materials, a new way of information education and “subject” Explore lesson transformation to “targeted interactive and deep learning”.

Disseminate the website to the world through the contest

A few years ago, when we talked about the revision of the curriculum guidelines and the possibility of adopting them for the Common Test for University Admissions, we decided to prepare early, so programming about CompTIA Security+ Training for the new era from around 2018. I started to consider education. At our school, both junior high school and high school students have their iPads, so I wanted to work on something fun that would attract students’ interest.

Our school has introduced “Life is Tech Lessons” in high school from 2020 and in junior high school from 2021. In high school, first graders learned the web design part and mainly organized lessons and tests to tackle the tasks. Partly because I applied for the “Life Is Tech Lesson Contest”, each student set the theme to “what I like”, “SDGs around me”, and “solving problems around me”. I made a WEB page. Then, I think about what applies to SDGs and problem-solving, search for themes and dig deeper.

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