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free online classes for class 11 cbse

After giving class 10th board exams, students entering in 11th standard choose from science, arts, and commerce as the field of the subject which they would like to continue their graduation in. As most of the subjects chosen are completely new to the students, they need free online classes for class 11 CBSE to cope up with the studies. Vidya Setu Learning provides the best free online classes for class 11 CBSE as well as free downloadable study material. 

Class 11 curriculum involves majorly three streams such as science, commerce, and arts. Science is usually taken by students interested in subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology. Students choosing for commerce studies accountancy, business studies and economics although all these three subjects are more inclined towards the finance, entrepreneurship and management sectors. Arts involve subjects like History, geography, and psychology. 

11th class online lectures

Free Online Coaching For Class 11 CBSE

Class 11 and 12 online classes have turned out to be a trustable alternative to cope up with the closure of all schools and colleges. Online classes for class 11 CBSE are provided by multiple portals. Even though students feel the need for offline classes and spending time with their friends but in the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, CBSE class 11 online classes is the most feasible option left with all of us. 

The free online classes for class 11 CBSE are provided by limited portals as most of the others are charging fees or registration charges. Free online classes for class 11 CBSE science are important for students to cope up with the current pandemic situation. 

Let us first understand the advantages and disadvantages of online lectures for class 11- 

Advantages For Free Online Classes For Class 11 CBSE- 

  1. Worldwide connectivity– Through CBSE class 11 online classes, students can be taught from teachers who are miles away, they can understand topics from teachers who might themselves have given theories. In online classes, students can gain knowledge and grab opportunities that they otherwise in offline classes will never be able to. 
  2. Accessibility– It is accessible to everybody who has an internet connection even in remote areas of India. The COmmerce online classes for class 11 CBSE can be watched by anyone at any given point of time. 
  3. Live & Recorded sessions– In offline classes students, if students have missed the class then they will not be able to attend the lecture again. While in online classes for class 11, the students can watch recorded lectures multiple times. 
  4. Comfort and safety– 11th class online lectures can be attended from anywhere and at any time. In consideration of Covid-19 protocols, it is safe to stay home and not step out for classes. 
  5. Expense–  Free online classes for class 11 CBSE are provided by Vidya Setu Learning, although those portals that charge are still less than the fees of offline classes.

Disadvantages Of Free Online Classes For Class 11 CBSE-

With multiple advantages there are also few disadvantages of taking online lectures for class 11, let us list down the disadvantages below. Free online classes for class 11 CBSE science must be chosen after considering all the merits and demerits of online classes. 

  • Lazy and lethargic– Students can turn Lazy with no movement at all, although this can be avoided if students take a little time off from the online classes and exercise or walk around. 
  • Boring- The online classes for class 11 can be depressing and boring as students will be attending it in isolation and they will not have their friends around to release the burden with. 

As we have seen few disadvantages of free online classes for class 11 CBSE, there are few points which students should consider before joining an online class for class 11 CBSE. free online coaching for class 11 cbse

Important points to consider before joining CBSE class 11 Online classes for Commerce

  • Interactive Lectures– As we consider above that online classes can be boring and students may lose interest out of this boredom. Hence, it is very important for students to know if the classes are informative, interactive, and interesting. 
  • Device Agnostic- Free online coaching for class 11 CBSE must be available on all the devices and should be upgraded with the best features and quality. 
  • Easy to Use Interface- CBSE class 11 online classes can be difficult to use due to multiple login requirements and further restrictions in the limited watch. Vidya Setu’s online lectures for class 11 can be watched multiple times without any registration or login requirements. 
  • Faculty portfolio– The faculty should be experienced in their own specialized subjects and there should be individual teachers assigned for each subject. 


Vidya Setu Learning-  Best Online Classes For Class 11 CBSE

Free online classes for class 11 CBSE are provided best by Vidya Setu Learning. Online coaching for class 11 is provided free of cost and does not require any additional registration or login requirements. The CBSE class 11 online classes provided at Vidya Setu Learning are highly interactive as the teachers teaching at Vidya Setu knows how to make lectures comparatively fun and informational. 

11th grade is important for students as it builds the base for 12th board exams and also further in future professions. Vidya Setu Learnings online lectures for class 11 can be taken with no external cost as they study material like NCERT books, Notes, Sample paper, question paper, and solutions free of cost. 

Vidya setu learning has all the features imbibed in it to make it one of the topmost service providers for CBSE class 11 Video lectures. You can go through all the reasons listed below to choose Vidya Setu Learning for your 11th and 12th-grade studies and board preparation. 

Benefits Of Free Online Classes For Class 11 CBSE At Vidya Setu Learning


Experienced Teachers The CBSE class 12 economics curriculum involves both practical explanations as well as theory to memorize and to maintain a balance between the two, Vidya setu learning provides a team of experienced teachers. Their main objective is to provide education and not earn money.
Free of Cost CBSE economics online classes are provided Free of Cost so that no student is left uneducated during the difficult times of Covid-19. 
HD quality with clear audio It provides class 12 economics video lectures in HD quality with clear audio and the CBSE video lectures provided at Vidya Setu are highly interactive and informational.
Accessible to all  Vidya Setu’s online classes are accessible to all and can be seen from anywhere at any time. 
Recorded Classes The Video Lectures are available on YouTube which is Recorded and can be further watched multiple times as well as can be downloaded.  


Importance of Free online classes for class 11 CBSE- Commerce

Commerce has three compulsory subjects majorly involving three streams such as Accountancy, Business Studies, and economics. Students find all these three subjects interesting but also difficult as they are entirely new and have not been taught priorly. Accountancy is a practical subject and every topic is inter-connected whereas business studies is a theoretical subject. Economics is a combination of theories given by various economists and statistical implementation of these theories in the form of graphs. 

The class 11 commerce video lectures are very necessary. Below are the points on benefits for commerce class 12 online classes for you to consider- 

  1. Accountancy is an entirely practical subject, it is taught to students for the first time making it a difficult subject for which they need online class for class 11 Accountancy. It involves huge calculations and complex questions which makes it difficult for them to understand. 
  2. Business studies is a conceptual subject and involve topics like techniques and principles of management. These topics cannot be grasped on their own and need a tutor with a clear understanding who can make you understand them in the simplest way. 
  3. Economics is the most interesting and at the same time trickiest subject of all. Each topic of economics is interrelated to one another, every chapter has multiple graphs and can be understood clearly only by CBSE class 11 Commerce online classes. 


“ After lockdown, I was looking for online classes through which I could complete my course. With Vidya Setu, I was easily able to complete my course and solved their papers.”   – Riddhima Jain

“It provides everything entirely free of cost and does not involve any registration fees, You can even get the NCERT notes and solutions for free.”  – Akshay Gupta


Free online coaching for class 11 CBSE is provided by multiple portals to help students in a situation of current pandemic. Although not all CBSE class 11 online classes service providers have enough facilities and experienced teachers. Vidya Setu Learning provides the best online classes in class 11 and is absolutely free of cost. Students can join Vidya Setu learning by directly visiting their YouTube channel or through the official website of Vidya Setu. 

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