Fun kids birthday party ideas that are easy to pull off

kids birthday

When you are a parent, there is nothing harder than coming up with fun ideas for your kids’ birthday, especially after some age. Keeping the ideas fresh, exciting and age-appropriate is tough. That is why we put together a list of 10 fun kid party ideas that are easy to pull off.

Have a Pool Party

If you are struggling to figure out a way to throw a birthday party where you can invite a wide range of kids from toddlers to tweens, a pool party is a way to go. and most importantly, it requires minimum preparation. All you need to do is throw some inflatables into the pool, have sunscreen and a bunch of towels and you are good to go. Something to keep in mind is that you need to have multiple adults supervising the kids. If you have some younger kids who don’t know how to swim, make sure that you give them an inflatable kiddie pool so they can also have some refreshing fun. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should always have a shaded spot where kids can go to get away from the sun.

Have a Water Fight!

If you have kids from 5 to 7 there is no better thing than throwing a water fight in your kid’s birthday party. If you don’t want to have a pool party or you just don’t have a pool and it is super warm a water fight will be super fun. All you need are water guns, buckets as well as water balloons if you want to take it up a notch. Other things that you should have are sunscreen and towels as well as a shaded spot. Make sure that you are asking the parties to bring spare clothes for the kids if you are doing it in a public setting. But if you are having the party in your yard, they can all wear bathing suits.

Teddy Bears Picnic

A very simple yet super cute idea is to send out cute invites asking the guests to bring their favorite teddies to the birthday party. If your yard isn’t big enough you can go to the local park. All you need is to provide the kids with different types of foods, fun games that they can play together as well as blankets on which they can sit while they are eating. Also, pack a few plushie spares in case someone forgets theirs. When you are throwing a picnic, always make sure that you ask the parents for any food allergies.

Throw a Backyard Movie Night

For those kids who don’t want to have a “lame” party, you can throw them a movie night party. All you need to do is fill your yard with different chairs as well as blankets and beanbags and have some popcorn, licorice, M&Ms, and some pop. Make sure that you are picking appropriate movies as well as something that won’t trigger any sensitive kids.

Have a Painting Party

If your kid likes art, why not throw him a painting party. You can have a creative party with minimal costs, and you can even put on bob ross to lead them through everything. All you need is to go to your local art store and buy different kinds of paints as well as canvases and tools for painting. Encourage the kids to create whatever they feel they want. To spice it up you can hire a face painter that does kid party entertainment. You can even have kids bring their white shirts and you can have a tie-dye party.

Have A Good Ol’ Pizza Party

If your kid loves to cook, throw them a pizza and muffin party. Just buy pizza bases, put pre-chopped toppings in bowls, and a station to create their pizzas then let them create their custom pizzas. After they ate them, take a dance break, then invite them back to decorate cupcakes or cakes as dessert. Once again because you are dealing with food, make sure that no kids have food allergies. Also always make sure that they are under supervision at any given moment to avoid any mishaps.

An Obstacle Course

If you have an athletic kid, the best thing that you can do is throw them an obstacle course party. Create different courses where kids can crawl under, climb over things as well as perform simple tasks. If it is super-hot on that day incorporate tasks such as dumping a bucket of water over their head to cool them down. Before you let the kids go tough to the course you have to take the course out to make sure that it is completely safe.

Go Camping

If you have an adventurous and nature-loving kid, why not take their best friends and their camping. You can create a whole ordeal by making them BBQ for dinner and s’mores as dessert and finish the night off with a good old ghost story. Make sure that you have all emergency numbers for the kids that you are taking with you as well as bug spray for everyone.

A Good Old Sleepover

If you have a kid that is not so interested in running around why not throw them a sleepover party. If you have a girl, you can get cute nightgowns and tiaras. All you need to do is pick some fun age-appropriate activities and spice it up with glow-in-the-dark things and you are good to go. But make sure that you tell the parents to pack their kids a pillow and blanket as well as their toothbrush.

Arrange an At-Home Spa Day

There is no better party for girls than throwing them a spa day. All you need to do is go to the store and buy a bunch of face masks and nail polishes and you are good to go. Just make sure that you are picking up face masks that are natural and don’t have any harsh chemicals in them.

No matter what theme you deduce to go with, your kid will be thankful for it and they will have fun no matter what. All you need to make sure is that they have their friends and that they are safe.

Play Different Games

In today’s world, The majority of kids are interested in playing video games. Parents mostly disagree with this idea, but you can do something different which both, kids and parents, enjoy the party. Playing virtual video games that involves creativity and movement is a good option for you.

Scape room games have been widely popular among people of all ages. With providing that, kids at the birthday party will have to use their brains to think and find answers to questions that exist in the game.

 Do Volunteer Deeds

Kids are growing and aging every day. They need to know that they have some responsibilities as a person in society. We all have been to parks, mountains, and different sightseeings. Sometimes, we have lost our energy and enthusiasm because that place was so dirty and full of trash.

If you take the kids to nature and teach them to protect and not to harm nature, you have done a significant deed. After you clean there, everyone will be happy because they see how beautiful a clean nature is.

Musical Party

Everyone loves singing and dancing. So, why not doing that at birthday parties? Prepare some of your child’s favorite songs and play them at the party. After a short while, pause the real song and play the Karaoke version and let kids sing by themselves.

You can also provide some chairs to run a game. If 5 people are going to play, choose 4 chairs. Tell them to run around the chairs as long as the song is being played and when the song stopped, you have to sit on one of the chairs.

Fantasy Themes

To choose a theme for birthday parties, try to set your child’s favorite animation character and then, set the design. Spongebob is a lovely animation character and most of the children love him.

If everyone dresses like Spongebob, there will be great harmony among the party members and this will gladden your child because you have done what she likes and she or he will get happy.

Play Pantomime

Playing this game is a complete joy. Someone is trying to clarify a word or more by acting and others cannot guess the word because they cannot stop their laughter. It is suggested at parties, first parents start playing.

Try to have funny acts when you are playing Pantomime. This will help you to get better control of the gathering. You also encourage other kids to accompany you with funny actions.

Play Hide and Seek

Playing and having fun is what kids need to have at birthday parties. Playing hide & seek is so simple. One will close their eyes and start to countdown, meanwhile, others must look for a place to hide in.

When counting is over that person has to seek other children and if he/she finds them all, the game is over and hiders have lost the game.


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