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On this site, we have talked many times about how to organize furniture storage and moving in Richmond, Vancouver, how to proceed with the do-it-yourself move, and how to save money on the move. We also talked about how to pack plates and glasses to avoid damage during transport. Now is the time to talk about how to organize furniture during a move, or how to disassemble it. The various precautions to take into account to be able to reassemble it after the move.

Disassemble the furniture for the move

Many do not know that furniture, in general, can disassemble piece by piece. Doors, sides, tops, drawers, bottom, everything can disassemble. So that they take up as little space as possible on the moving truck and are light and easy to transport.
If you try, most of the time, disassembling furniture will be easy. The problem arises when it is time to reassemble them in the new home. To avoid these difficulties, you can help yourself with some simple tricks.

Photographing the furniture

Start by photographing the furniture still to disassemble. By now we are all very good at taking pictures with smartphones. We take beautiful photographs, take photos of breathtaking landscapes and even cover the role of the (second) photographer in weddings! Well, it is time that we use our skills as a photographer also in the field of moving in Vancouver.
So, the first thing to do, before equipping ourselves with screwdrivers is to photograph the furniture as it is at home. It will be used to reassemble the furniture in the right way. Looking at the photo we will be able to see if we did well or not.


Mark the common parts

When you start to disassemble, equip yourself with a roll of body repair tape (the paper scotch to be clear). Choose a large one. With the ribbon, keep a pencil or pen handy.
When you start to disassemble, apply the tape to the furniture doors, to remember the position, whether it is the right or left door. Do the same with the sides of the furniture (right, central, left) and with the drawer units. This will allow you to save time and not get more nervous than you should.

Furniture packaging

It would be unthinkable to put the furniture in boxes, so equip yourself with numerous rolls of bubble wrap and packing tape. If you can get some, even polystyrene plates. Generously wrap all the parts of the disassembled furniture and fix the bubble wrap with tape. For furniture with a particular shape, for those precious or antiques, it would be better to use safer systems that, however, only moving companies can make.

Keep the small parts well cataloged

When disassembling a piece of furniture, be very careful not to lose or mix the small parts. Screws, bolts, nuts, pins, etc. must absolutely preserve. A good method is to use plastic cups to put the small parts of each part of the piece of furniture, closing it with the packing tape and writing on which piece of furniture it belongs to.

Furniture storage and moving

The first thing to pay attention to is the arrangement of the furniture on the moving truck . Be careful to place them well, so that they cannot end up against each other and create damage. Because bubble wrap is not a very resistant material in certain situations. Make sure you tie what you can to the side of the box. When the truck moves, the furniture won’t have to move an inch.
To best load them, it would better to use a truck equipped with a tail lift and a transparent.
In case you need them, you can also place them temporarily in furniture storage. There are numerous furniture depots for moving and furniture storage in Vancouver, one of which is at our headquarters.

Moving and furniture storage services in Vancouver

Storage company in Richmond with Vancouver Storage understanding how to disassemble, pack and transport furniture is useful, but not everyone has the manual skills necessary to perform such a delicate job. Breaking something is easy, especially during transport, and reassembling everything is also not easy. On the other hand, to each his own profession.
We at Vancouver Storage have been moving to Richmond for almost 10 years and we propose ourselves as the right partner for your move to the capital. Calling our moving and furniture storage company in Richmond for a quote is easy and free.
When carrying out a major renovation or move to your home, you need to find a location for the furniture. Often we proceed by setting them aside in another room and covering them with a cloth to prevent them from being damaged and dust from settling in every corner. Except then having to move them back to one of the newly renovated rooms to be able to complete the work.
This solution may work well if the renovation can be done room by room. But if the renovation of the house is total, and the works must go hand in hand for each environment, there is a need for a better alternative, possibly at a low cost.
The ideal solution, adopted by many construction companies, is to suggest to the customer the temporary storage of the furniture and all the furnishings of the house in a furniture warehouse.
This service is usually provided by larger moving companies. Or, if you have to permanently abandon your belongings, there is the furniture and waste disposal service.

Let’s see how it works.

Leave the furniture in our custody

The furniture storage in Richmond is a service created to meet the needs of those people who cannot transport furniture and all their belongings inside their new home at the time of the move because it is not yet ready.
There may be several reasons why furniture cannot be brought into the new home. Two of the most common cases are those in which the deed of purchase has not yet been made or the case in which the new home is being renovated.
However, it was soon realized that the furniture storage service could also exploit. If you were renovating your home and the problem arose of where to cram the furniture and objects in it.
Temporary furniture storage is usually located in a room used for this purpose, at the headquarters of a moving company.
The best temporary furniture stores provide closed boxes to assign to each customer who requests the service.

Closed boxes have the advantage of assuring the customer that:

When you need to use the furniture storage service during a renovation. It is a good idea to inspect the premises intended for this function to verify that they have certain requirements. Usually, there is a tendency to trust without problems those who provide this service. But we must always keep in mind that it is required to sign a contract in which there are written terms and conditions. The first thing to do is therefore to carefully read the contract to verify that there are safeguards in your favor.
What are the important things that the moving company, which offers the service of storage and temporary custody of your furniture, must guarantee you in writing? And what are the characteristics that the warehouse must have to ensure that the furniture is safe during the entire renovation period?
First of all, the moving company must provide insurance against any type of event: damage, flooding, fire, and theft. If any of the aforementioned hypotheses arise, you must have the right and the possibility to reimburse for the value of your assets placed in custody. This must clearly be written on the contract you are going to sign.

Furniture storage warehouse Richmond

An inspection of the warehouse will also allow you to personally verify its characteristics. Carry out this inspection before signing the contract.
The warehouse for storing furniture during the renovation of your home must first of all be flood-proof.
It should therefore be located away from bodies of water or rivers and have a water drainage system towards drainage grids in the event of floods or water bombs.
Inside, there must also be an anti-fire system that can come into action in the unfortunate event that the warehouse is attacked by flames.
Also, check that there are closed boxes or sturdy shelving that can accommodate the boxes and your furniture packaged correctly.
Also, let us show you the event insurance we have talked about so far. In this step, clarify with the owner of the moving company the percentage or amount due in case of reimbursement and make sure that it is put in writing.
All these precautions will protect you from nasty surprises. Basically, however, the best moving company that offers the furniture storage service is already well equipped to guarantee you a peaceful sleep during the period in which your goods will guard by them.

No stress during moving and storage

It is very important to know that by contacting a good moving company, you can count. If you wish, on the disassembly service of the furniture and packaging of all the objects in the house and the consequent transport to the warehouse.
After the renovation, these companies can (always on request), bring your goods back home. Reassemble the furniture and even rearrange the objects in the same position in which you have always had them.
It might be a decent expense, but the renovation is guaranteed to proceed faster and that, once finished. All your belongings will be back in place without having to struggle and worry about a thing.
You can contact us by email by writing to [email protected], or using the online removal quote form. Finally, you can contact us via the toll-free number 604-600-8541.


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