Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Fitness Tracker Full Review And Guide In 2021


The Fenix 5 Plus series, which includes the 5S Plus, 5 Plus, and 5X Plus, is at the top of Garmin’s tracker lineup. The Garmin Fenix 5 Plus, the model we tested, is a formidable GPS sports smartwatch or activity tracker that is ready to explore the wilderness thanks to its pre-loaded color charts, while still being fashionable and intelligent enough to act as a daily tracker.

Fitness Track:

The Phoenix 5 Plus is designed for your daily watch and sports, so you have the opportunity to keep an eye on your daily activities with it. All standard activity statistics are available – steps, active minutes, calories burned, floors climbed – and you can set the watch face to show them in three small chronograph-style circles.

You can choose your goal for each of them and even set step goals to adjust yourself according to how active you are.

More sophisticated daily tracking comes in the form of 24/7 heart rate tracking and a graph showing your relaxed heart rate and stress tracking using recent heart rate measurements. Each day you will find a chart that shows your average stress level and how you spend it in low, medium, high, or relaxed stress areas.

All of these are well done and are available on the Phoenix 5 Plus, as well as impressively displayed on the Garmin Connect app. If you are going to buy a GPS watch of this caliber, you may not have to worry about your number of steps, but it will be there if you want.

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Sleep Track:

Despite my chunky frame, sleeping on it was not annoying and I could not sweat under the strap. In the past, I didn’t say much about whether or not I could wear it, but in addition to advanced sleep tracking‌ in mid-2018, Garmin’s devices are very useful at night.

The Phoenix 5 Plus now uses additional data such as your heart rate variation to add statistics to the time spent in REM sleep each night. The complete stop of your sleep now lists the time spent in light, deep, and REM sleep, as well as the time you wake up and plots on the chart above and the graph showing the different stages of your night’s rest.

It shows. You will also get a graph of your movement throughout the night, which is a very useful feature of how alcohol can make you more fickle.

One problem I have with other Garmin trackers remains: how long have I slept, I think is one before watching TV while reading or sleeping, or it takes two hours. It’s easy to spot when you’re sleeping on the graph provided, but it distorts your overall “time sleep” statistics when you look at them.

Even if you do not have advice and additional information on Fitbit Trackers, this is a very informative offering that compares your sleep with others and gives you advice on how you can sleep better.

What I want to do to start feeding Garmin sleep data in the context of recovery and training in the comfort of the equipment, so you can ask for a few hours of rest or run at a brisk pace. Can sleep enough.

The Garmin Fenix 5 Plus For Swimming And Cycling:

With Running, you can set as many data screens as you want to show all the stats for your ride. The Phoenix 5 Plus also integrates with ANT + and Bluetooth sensors and, unlike the Fournier 645, supports bicycle power meters.

Support for multiple sensors is always useful for cyclists because wrist heart rate tracking is less accurate when holding handlers and wrist sensors. Can’t provide data on your cycling and energy.

If you are chasing the grass KOM, you can also follow the live segment on the Phoenix 5 Plus while riding, so you know if the top is in range and making a big effort if it makes the section stronger

As with other Garmin watches, heart rate monitoring is disabled during swimming and you should instead link to a waterproof chest-strap sensor. Optical heart rate monitors can be difficult in the water, but many other companies’ trackers create a barrier to recording your heart rate while swimming.

Another small limitation of the Phoenix 5 Plus is that the minimum pool size is 17 meters, which is quite small, but not less than the pools you will find in the gym. Once you have determined the length of the pool, you can use the buttons to scroll through your data screen while you swim and you can also do workouts on the watch while in the water.

Should I Buy Garmin Fenix 5 Plus?

In addition to the additional mapping capabilities in the Phoenix 5 Plus range, the new smartwatch has features that set it apart from the previous generation. There is room for up to 500 songs and you can link the clock with the Spotify or Deezer premium account and sync the playlist.

The link to Spotify is important because Fitbit and Apple are unable or unwilling to install it with their homeobox. Samsung wearables are compatible with Spotify, but they are not as good for sports tracking as the Phoenix 5 Plus.

To locate on the Phoenix 5 Plus you must first install the Spotify Connect IQ app on the watch, and then sign in to your account via the Garmin Connect app if you want to link it with Straw. It’s easy and reasonable – syncing a 50-track playlist in five minutes. The Spotify app on the watch also has the option to “download updates”.

When you are on WiFi, click on it and it will update your playlist so that you can remember any changes they made on Spotify.

Garmin Pay is also available on the watch and if you go to the bank with Santander, this is great news. If you use any other large bank, you will need to keep a wallet, although some smaller banks, such as Starling Bank, also have Garments Pay.

The Phoenix 5 Plus is not a complete smartwatch like the Apple Watch or Android Wear devices, it is a very popular app store to back them up, so you can forgive some errors in this area. It has a 600 watch and Garmin Pay a year, so it’s a good idea to have more contactless payments available than just Santner customers.


The Phoenix 5 Plus is an amazing GPS tracker, it has amazing features, but it’s not cheap and it’s worth it if you need those features. Trail runners and mountain hikers will benefit the most from its mapping bases, although those in stable locations will be able to upgrade the Phoenix 5X Plus to a valuable one, as it monitors where your blood is.

How high altitude affects the level. The 5S Plus may be more attractive to most people because it has the same small screen and mapping capabilities as the 5 Plus, although it does have lower battery life.

Most premium trackers like the Phoenix 5 Plus come from the main range Suunto 9 around and outside the rest of the Garmin. Which has similar tracking and mapping capabilities and has a GPS battery life of 25 hours.

The Suunto 9 is priced at £ 499 at 100 less than the 5 Plus. However, I would say that it does not allow for music or NFC payments and in general Garmin’s software works more efficiently than Zunino.


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