Gen Desktop Payroll Software: Complete HR and Employee Solutions

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When it comes to managing huge employee database, salary, attendance, deduction and incentive calculations a company can never rely on a manual workforce, every company with a significant employee number needs a Payroll Software that can speedily and accurately make salary calculations, attendance marking, TDS deductions, incentive calculations and at the same time preserve employee information in the system.

From small-medium to giant firms, every single business is in immediate need of a Payroll Software that can handle the employee management part and let the HR department or management focus on other areas like sales, marketing, hiring fresh talent and so on. Today every company is bound to invest in an effective Payroll Software but the investment is worthy as it is a one-time investment that will yearn profits in the long run.

There are a lot of Payroll Softwares available in the market but the combination of effective plus affordable software is rare to find. Here is one of a kind, Gen Payroll Software for small businesses manufactured by Rajasthan’s leading tax software development brand SAG Infotech.

Gen Desktop Payroll Software Complete HR Employee Solutions

SAG Infotech is a pioneer firm in developing tax and payroll software. Established for more than 20 years now, software by SAG Infotech is a preferred choice of existing clients. Gen Payroll Software, a venture of SAG Infotech is one such preferred choice of customers who have already used it or are aware of its functionalities.

Gen Payroll is designed to serve users in both online as well as offline versions. Both the versions are adorned with quite similar features having minor differences in them. The set of features incorporated in Gen Online Payroll Software for employees’ database is enough to make it a one-stop solution to a company’s entire payroll requirement.

List of Features Incorporated in Gen Payroll Software:

  • Accurate Salary Calculations ‘Dynamic Formula- Dynamic Formula gives you the ease of forming your own formula depending on the company’s salary structure. One can customize the salary structure as per the needs. The software also allows for TDS calculation and filing.
  • Customizing Pay Slips – The company on its payslips includes its logo, employee’s basic information, salary, leaves, tax details, TDS details, and lot more. The management is free to customize the payslips as per the requirements of the company by using Gen Payroll Software.
  • The export facility of payslip – Import/export of salary, deduction, overtime data. Salary calculations are done based on the information imported to the excel file.
  • Easy calculation of arrears – Customized arrear setup, import/export facility of arrears, arrear calculation on amount basis or day basis depending on the needs of the user.
  • Calculation of reimbursement – There is any reimbursement that is needed to be paid either at the end of the month or a certain period can be calculated.
  • Salary diffusion – Diffusing the salaries to each employee’s salary account as per the projects they are working on.
  • Loan Accounts – The section is meant for automatically deducting EMI from the employee’s salary account.
  • Advance Account – Under the section, the management can show advance deduction from the salaries.
  • Bonus – The section allows automatic bonus calculation in line with the current requirements.
  • TDS Facility – Gen Payroll is known for auto calculation of TDS, preparation on Form 16, Form 16AA, Form 12BA, Return Form ITR-1, Form 16, Form 16AA, Form  Everything here is done on a par with the current protocols of the government.
  • Managing leaves – The feature allows you to record the paid leaves, medical leaves, department-wise holiday assignments, and so on.
  • State Wise professional Forms – The section allows ESI Challan, Half-yearly forms, Form-5, Form-6, Form-7 and Form-1 (Declaration Form).
  • Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)- The feature caters to providing Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Forms.
  • MIS Reports – The section facilitates the formulation of Cash, Cheque, Attendance Register, Transfer Register, Formulation of Bank Statement, Salary Computation Sheet, Formulation of Payroll Register, Overtime Register, Status Report (Branch/Designation… wise) and much more.
  • Report Guide Setup – Included in the section are appointment letters, appraisal letters, salary reports notices and so on.
  • Format of the report – The report can be prepared in Word, Excel, HTML, and PDF
  • Data Import/Export – Under the feature, it is convenient to enter the employee’s data, attendance details, salary details, arrears, universal account number, reimbursement, overtime, bank details. It is also easy to import and export employee’s data and much more
  • Restricting Payment – The feature helps in freezing the employee’s salary account and stop the payment
    Document Manager – Under the ‘Document Manager’ feature of Gen Payroll, it is easy for the user to affix the scanned copy of the crucial documents such as passport-sized photos, The documents in any type (Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, and BMP) are accepted by the software. One can effectively edit the files and save it to the software.


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