Get In Touch: Implementing New Marketing Strategies


Word of mouth is no longer the best way to ensure that your auto-body business keeps attracting clients. It is time to begin implementing new tech and social media into your marketing campaigns. Your client base is online, so you need to take your business online as well.

Luckily, there are a wealth of technology-led solutions that you can use to bring your business more securely into the digital world. Customer relationship management software and warranty management technologies allow you to stay in touch with your clients and manage the needs of the business from the comfort of your desk. These innovations are designed to ease the day-to-day running of your business.

Take advantage of these so that you can have more time and effort to devote to keeping your clients happy and attracting new clients so your business can grow and generate more revenue. Be cautious, use the marketing techniques that suit your business style, and feel right for your brand. There is no use in applying every strategy if it will not help attract the demographic you want in your shop.

 Identify Your target market

Who do you want in your shop? Do you want people who seek regular maintenance? Are you hoping to focus more on repair work or cosmetic auto bodywork? Once you are clear about the people you want to attract to your shop, it will be easier for you to choose the marketing channels to target that demographic.

Be Specific With Emails

It is easy to send out a bulk email to every client, but this is not an effective marketing tactic. Not every service you offer is relevant to all your clients. Segment your client base by their most preferred services and make groups for them. Email them updates, vouchers, and information that specifically apply to their preferred or most used services. This will ensure a better response rate than a blanket email.

Utilize Newsletters

People regularly receive so many advertising emails that there is a high chance that they will delete your email along with all the spam emails. To stand out and provide more value than computer-generated promotional content, send out newsletters on a bi-weekly or bi-monthly basis.

This will encourage clients to open the email and read the newsletter as they will find engaging content and targeted and useful advertisements.

Offer Services as a Shopping Experience

People who need auto-body services do not always have the information they need to understand what they want. Offering an online shopping style breakdown of services with short explanations of what to expect will help clients seek services without embarrassment.

This is a great tactic to ease the process for existing clients and a good way to attract new clients who would appreciate the convenience and transparency of information.

Form an Online Presence

You need a website, a presence on some social media platforms, and an SEO plan. The website will give clients their first impression of your business when searching online for auto repair services.

A social media presence allows you to keep in touch with regular clients, answer questions, and form your business personality. Because of the increasingly digitized world, customers prefer businesses with a personality because they can be guaranteed a more personal and warm service.

Share Videos on Your Platforms

Make short, well-produced videos explaining auto-body services and how you make repairs. This is a very engaging way to humanize the auto-body business for your clients.

Share these videos on your online platforms to connect with clients and attract new clients. People are always looking for content, and you may be surprised by how much of an audience exists that enjoys watching auto-repair videos.

Reward Referrals and Shares

Existing clients are a great resource for attracting new clients. Reward your clients for referring your shop to others and for sharing your content online. Offer discounts, vouchers, additional services, and anything else you can afford to write-off.

This will increase customer satisfaction among your client base and provide you with new clients ready to trust your services because they trust the people who recommended you.

 Service businesses benefit from meeting their clients on an equal footing. This can take the form of providing educational content, using digital signage to promote services and their benefits, and providing safety and simple home repair tips.

This creates an atmosphere of support and allows clients to see that you truly care about providing good service and effective after-care. You will improve their satisfaction with your business and strengthen brand loyalty among your client base.


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