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Law College in Delhi


We Trinity Institute of Innovation in Professional Studies(TIIPS) provides 5 years integrated BA LLB Program under the Law Department. In order to prepare students for the industry-ready, Our course prioritizes both academic information and practical applications.

There are many possibilities to interact with the law at TIIPS and offers students a comprehensive interdisciplinary legal education that prepares them to practice law responsibly and effectively. Pursue a meaningful dream and life of purpose with a law degree from TIIPS. We are the Top BA LLB College in Delhi.

Prepare to Lead:

TIIPS is the Top BA LLB College in Delhi, offering an unrivaled environment of quality, an thriving intellectual life, and a wealth of possibilities to engage with the law. Whether they have a passion for criminal or constitutional law, we give them a rich and varied academic experience that empowers them to choose their own path.
TIIPS is made up of renowned professors, respected lawyers, and business leaders, offering important guidance for enhancing college performance in all of our fields. we continue to give top-notch legal education thanks to the skillful direction.

Experience Learning:

At TIIPS, Strong mooting culture uses the craft of effective argument and it is crucial to the legal program where students can improve their speech, research, and writing skills through the moot court, which models a real-world experience and helps them become skilled lawyers.

1. Room for discussion and debates
2. Moot court
3. ICT enabled smart classroom

Why Choose US?

When it comes to selecting the best law college. Many students base their decision to attend a law institution on local locations or even national rankings. it is crucial for students to research a wide range of colleges. The internet is the best place to go if you want to find the correct information on where TIIPS is the BA LLB College in Greater Noida. At TIIPS, we believe that education is more than imparting knowledge. We want to ensure that every student develops their personality through our institute. Our guidance counselors are here to help you in any.

Along with regular sessions, we have included a few value-added courses in our program for all of our students to encourage discover their hidden talents, and improve their practice skills. TIIPS strives to be the best law college in India, dedicated to the development of each student

1. Digital Marketing
2. Film Making
3. Still Photography, etc.

We encourage every single student who attends our institute to become a success. We know that the value of life is everything and you have to take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way, because tomorrow, things could already be too late for you.


At TIIPS, we have a vision of preparing our students for future challenges. We provide our students with a high quality of education and develop their personalities. Our alumni are recognized experts in their respective fields. The institute provides comprehensive support to help students cope with the rigors of their chosen academic program and achieve their goals.


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