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How do you cover the windows of your house? How do you stop the sub to throw direct heat and light on our living place? We have curtains for this purpose in our houses and offices. They not only stop the dust and unwanted particles from reaching your stuff but also give an overall decorated look to your guest and meeting room or wherever these are hanged. The issue which is commonly linked with these window covers is that if they are in use for longer periods of time, they might depict a dirty look due to the accumulation of the dust. What should we do in such circumstances? Obviously we need to clean them. But how would we handle a giant pair of curtains? What methods we could apply to make them sanitized and worth-using again? How can you deal with an effective curtain cleaning process? The answers to these questions shall be presented to you in the passage given below. Let’s find out.

Careful Assessment

Like always, the first step is the proper evaluation of the size, type of fabric and the degree of dirt present on its surface. All these factors would suggest the exact and most appropriate method. This analysis would also let you know whether you can handle curtain dry clean on your own or do you need help from the professional service providers?

Steam Cleaning Method-Your Best Friend

Curtain Cleaners Melbourne is fully aware of the fact that steam treatment is perfect for the curtains present in our houses. The mechanism involves the mixing of a chemical detergent with the stream of hot water. The solution is sprayed on the window covers to remove all the dirt instantly. This is a unique process that has effective consequences as early as it is applied to anything. The chemicals used must be eco-friendly and should not turn out to be a reason for the release of any poisonous substances. The added benefit of this technique is that you won’t face any problems while drying which is one of the most difficult tasks associated with the wet carpets. It is not possible that we talk about curtain cleaning and ignore the steam method. Both these procedures are like made for each other.

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Complete Elimination of the Moisture

When you are linked with washing and sanitizing processes, one of the processes of extreme importance is the complete drying of the fabric. The removal of moisture is vital because it can produce odour and germs if not removed after some time. So, as early as you are done with curtain dry clean, you must switch your attention towards the effective drying mechanism. For this purpose, you can always use the vacuum drying machines present in the homes as long as the wetness is under control. If the domestic vacuum dryers are not effective, you can take help from the service providers who have all the experience and access to the latest machines.

Detection of Odor

When we are dealing with the drying and cleaning processes there are some possibilities that some odour is still present there. This can be due to the presence of moisture. It is extremely necessary that you give due attention to this area. You can use deodorants but that won’t last for long. Curtain Cleaning Melbourne offers comprehensive odour removal facilities for you. After taking great care of any potential odour, you should use anti-bacterial and anti-microbial sprays to get rid of all the harmful microorganisms.

Complete Stain Removal

When the window covers are in use for quite some time, there are chances that it may depict some stubborn stains. The stain removing is the first step if you are going for the perfect cleaning of the calendars. Make sure to use all-natural and eco-friendly chemicals for this process in order to eliminate any chances of harmful side effects. Mix the chemicals with warm water and wash the fabric efficiently in order to get rid of all the unwanted stains and dirt. Once you are done with the process, your windows are now ready to look as elegant as ever.

Selection of Perfect Curtain Cleaning

If by now you have decided to call experienced service providers to handle the task of curtain sanitizing for you, then you must select the company with an open mind. Go for the cleaners who are affordable and complete the job in lesser time as compared to others. It also gives some importance to the experience and technical abilities. You can search for top curtain cleaners Melbourne and you will get to know about the leading service providers in this regard.


In order to face your colleagues and guests confidently without any embarrassment, you need to keep your environment clean and tidy in the best way possible. When we talk about the environment, we also include upholstery items like couches, mattresses and curtains. Their regular cleaning and washing not only keeps you safe from the diseases caused to dirt but also gives to a clean environment to boast off in front of your visitors. You can do the job on your own and you can call the companies to do the job for you too. The goal is the same that is to make your curtains clean and sanitized. So, learn about the tools and techniques which are mentioned above and are related to this process.


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