Gift chocolates to your friend when he gets success in his life

Life is nothing but an unpredictable staircase. We all have some plans in our lives. We have destinations to reach and goals to meet. And every time we do something in life, our significant others would become the happiest. Likewise, in our beloved’s success, we are the ones to make them feel special. It can be a personal gain or a professional one. In circumstances of achievement, the most compatible gift is a piece of chocolate. There are innumerable varieties of chocolates available in the market. Here are the most special chocolates to send to your loved one as a congratulations gift.

 1) Milk chocolate

From the pre-Columbian period, milk chocolate had been one of the best beverages. Milk chocolates have varieties of components. It contains milk, sugar, and a significant amount of cocoa. The amount of cocoa is lesser in milk chocolate. Hence, it looks white than brown. Sometimes confectioneries use fruity flavor crystals to give a twist to the taste. Brands like Ferraro, and Mars are some of the most famous pioneers of milk chocolates. You can choose gift congratulations chocolates for someone near ones for their achievement.

2) White Chocolate

Most of the time, milk chocolate and white chocolate create confusion for a layman. But a professional knows that white chocolate is different from that milk chocolate. Milk chocolate has the least amount of cocoa. But in white chocolate, people use cocoa butter. The color of the white chocolate is ivory. Also, it contains a lower amount of animal fat and hence it is quite nutritious. There are milk solids and vanilla as well. Ghirardelli and Lindt are some of the best milk chocolate brands. It is to order for your beloved friend.

3) Semisweet Chocolate

The most common feature of any form of chocolate is sweetness. Based on the ingredients, chocolate tastes matter. A bar of semi-sweet chocolate balances the bitterness of cocoa and the sweetness of sugar. It is chocolate that contains a moderate amount of cocoa, around 40-50% of dark chocolate. For your BFF who is not fond of sweets, but loves chocolate, this is the best kind of chocolate to gift. On their graduation day, a basket full of semisweet chocolates would be the best gift. Nestle and Guittard are two of the best brands selling this form of chocolate.

4) Bittersweet Chocolate

Bittersweet chocolate is just the other name for a type of dark chocolate. In any chocolate, the bitter taste comes from the cocoa. When the amount of cocoa is high in chocolate, it tastes bitter. Most of the time, a combination of chocolate tastes bittersweet. Oreo is a very popular bittersweet chocolate to order online. Oreo is a very popular ingredient for different confectionery items. Now, one can find Cadbury Oreo Silk chocolate bars. For your beloved bitter chocolate lover friend, this would be a great gift. You can also send them a bittersweet chocolate bar with a vanilla ice cream scoop.

5) Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a favorite chocolate gift for anyone. Anyone who likes their chocolates in any way- paired or not. Dark chocolate contains the highest amount of cocoa bean powder or extracts in it. It has almost 80-90% cocoa hence it tastes very bitter. But, with a glass of red or white wine, this chocolate tastes like heaven. Also, this chocolate has medicinal essence as well. Doctors suggest that heart patients consume one cube of dark chocolate regularly. For your BFF and your love of life, a bar of dark chocolate on their accomplishment day would be a nice gesture. Also, dark chocolate is a symbol of passion and lusting love as well. So it is better to choose wisely.

6) Ruby Chocolate

It is again flavored chocolate that is not original. A Ruby chocolate is a very popular chocolate combination from Belgium and Switzerland. In this chocolate, all the ingredients are as same as that of any other standard chocolate. The color of the chocolate comes as the baker uses citric acid for the combination and seasoning. Callebaut and Chocolove are the two most famous examples of ruby chocolates. It also has a very unique texture. The bar chocolate has sharp edges all around the bar. Belgian chocolate Magnum has the highest selling ruby chocolate around the world.

7) Raw Chocolate

It is one of the purest combinations of chocolates to have for someone who loves chocolates in any form. Raw chocolates are ‘unprocessed-virgin’ chocolates, produced from unroasted cocoa beans. It has no added sugar or any other ingredient in it. It is usually a paste or grounded form. Raw chocolates taste very bitter but it is very healthy. If your friend is fond of baking, this raw chocolate would be a very good gift. What else can be a better idea for a congratulation gift!

8) Sweet German Chocolate

For a core chocolate lover, this is dream chocolate. Sweet German chocolate is the exclusive manufacturer of the world-famous production company. It is the Walter Baker and Company. It was the employee Samuel German who first introduces chocolate to the world. It is dark chocolate with a special taste of egg yolk. It is sweeter than semi-sweet chocolate and it carries a significant amount of fat. It is best to order and get congratulatory chocolates in Brazil to get the best quality at the best price.

9) Unsweetened Chocolate

Baker and Ghirardelli are the two most popular brands. They make the healthiest unsweetened chocolates. It is purely organic and delicious chocolate. It is full of antioxidants and polyphenol. Hence, like dark chocolate, it also helps in the medication of heart diseases. The best part of this raw and organic chocolate is one can store it and consume it for a long. Such a gift would make your beloved friend’s accomplishment celebration even more remarkable.

Chocolates can make the mood the best. Also, it has a meaning as a gift. Chocolate represents a good wish for the recipient. Above are the best most special chocolate gift for congratulating your friend.


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