Google re-launches Street View in India

If you have ever used Google Maps then you would know about Google Street View. It allows users to discover any area using 360 degree panoramic images captured at street level. Street View was first released in India in 2011 before it was subject to intervention from the Government of India, citing security concerns.

However, Street View is now back and this time around Google has partnered with two local Indian companies to relaunch the service. Street View is presently live across 10 major Indian cities and plans are afoot to expand its coverage to some 50 cities before the end of the year 2022.

Announced globally some 15 years back, Google mentioned that it was the very first time that the firm partnered with third-party companies to relaunch its Street View service. 

Today Street View is accessible across over 100 countries worldwide. In India over 150,000 kilometers of road have been captured by Street View and internationally Street View plays host to some 220 billion Street View images across 10 million miles of travels.

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According to Google, India’s new geospatial policy now facilitates local business entities to undertake data collection and then provide them to services such as Street View under licensing agreements. Street View data can then be efficiently integrated within products such as Google Maps.

Mobile app developers such as Elegant Media can also integrate mapping experiences across their products and services when developing mobile apps.

Local Guide

If you are new to a particular city or area, the Street View will help you to better understand the locality in a visual form.

Street View is also very popular with tourists who love to explore their next destination through Street View, so they have a really good idea of their next destination. The advanced functionality of Street View means users can almost have a similar experience as walking down the same road albeit at a remote distance. 

In certain countries Street View is not updated regularly and this can lead to errors or misinformation. For example, Street View can show you the name board of an individual shop, however when you arrive at that location it is no longer open.

This is because the Street View image was probably captured prior to its closing. However the accuracy of Street View is often correct as established places of business rarely change. Street View is accessible across a long list of devices from smartphones and desktop computers to tablets and more.

Given the constant need to get somewhere, Street View is used by millions of individuals on a daily basis to visually glimpse numerous locations. This can be to plan a holiday or deliver a package or to simply explore the whole wide world from your home. Street View has emerged as a inseparable tool in enriching the daily life of billions of global citizens.


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