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GuardianLink, an NFT launchpad product company, successfully launched a Zero Gas Fee Layer 2 for NFTs using Zero-Knowledge Rollup. (Zero-Knowledge Proofing) in association with StarkWare to take up the community onboard in unprecedented numbers. Zero-Knowledge Rollup is an isolation-based Ethereum scaling operation. GuardianLink is also responsible for introducing its international NFT Marketplace ‘’ The platform launched on Friday, April 22, 2022, with the World’s First Play to Earn Cricket Game NFTs,’ Meta Cricket League’ on Friday, April 22.

Meta Cricket League

As part of its Meta Cricket League, Jump. Trade will be introducing its exclusive and one-of-a-kind cricket NFTs and digital cricket collectibles with zero gas fees. The Layer 2 functioning for the NFTs enhances the transaction speed. Makes way for effectively scaling up high-frequency trading and a smooth higher-end NFT gaming. This attempt to integrate this technology would be a first for any Asian market. To have implemented in an NFT marketplace. It just might revolutionize NFT minting for the participants. Though the NFTs are mint on the Layer 2 blockchain protocol with high endurance and zero gas fees. It is still monitor and locked by Ethereum as Layer 1. GuardianLink leveraged StarkWare’s Tamper-proof, cost-efficient, fast, and trustworthy technology as the underlying base to construct. Develop for launching its Layer 2 protocol blockchain practices. This aspect, followed by the NFT marketplace, enables interchangeable and inclusive blockchain protocols with all major networks.

Play to Earn Game

This opportunity helps raise the stakes for the first time owners to leverage the NFT loot and use them in the meta cricket game that is about to launch soon with the all-enticing “Play to Earn” opportunities, allowing people to monetize their time and track record throughout their gaming journey on Jump Trade. These NFTs could either be a compilation of metaverse cricket players or a combination of metaverse players and authenticated (signed) digital cricket bats by sports stars of the game.

A little about the collection

Super Loot Box and Treasure Box

The collection consisted of four main categories – Super Loot box, 1983 collection, 2003 collection, and 2011 collection of cricket legends, cricket bats, and even the Treasure Box Loot that is about to be exposed during the secondary marketplace launch. The Super Loot Box consisted of randomly generated NFTs, with each set of compiled NFTs sold for $25 apiece, and the collection of five of the same set sold for $125. The three other collections were released in an auction, with their base price starting at $25 each. The Super Loot Box sold out in nine minutes. This is not taking into consideration the 9000 NFT packages that the early birds who pre-booked the NFT on the Jump Trade marketplace. The whole package holds nothing shy of 55,000 NFTs, of which the Super Loot box alone, after compilation, came to about 25000. But the auction pieces were online, and the bidding war went on till April 25, 2022. Participants who purchased their five NFTs or more from the Super Loot Box have now earned their chance to enter participation in the Treasure Box Loot. The Treasure Box Loot tokens are an added advantage in the regard that may pose helpful for their owners when the Meta Cricket League launches.

The auction of the special three

The three special auction pieces of NFTs put up on the Jump Trade marketplace are the “1983 Meta Cricket Collection,” holding one immortal bat NFT signed by a 1983 legend, one legendary Meta Bowler Player NFT, & one Legendary Meta Cricket Player NFT. The “2003 Meta Cricket Collection,” consists of one Immortal NFT Dual Bat by the 2003 finalists, one Epic Batsman & Bowler NFT. Last but not least, the “2011 Meta Cricket Collection,” consists of one Immortal NFT Bat signed by 2011 legend players. One Legendary Meta Batsman, and one Bowler NFT tradables. These three collections – listed for auction – started with the base price of $25. The auction ended on April 25, 2022, with the “1983 Meta Cricket Collection” selling for $7000. The “2003 Meta Cricket Collection,” for $6000 by the end of the auction. The “2011 Meta Cricket Collection,” went for a whopping of $11,111.

Jump.Trade NFT Marketplace is live !

The participants still interested in the Jump.Trade marketplace and all it has to offer still have the chance at the Jump.Trade NFT Marketplace was successfully launched on  May 4, 2022. Start trading and listing.



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