Great Advice for First-time Parents

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Being a parent is not easy, especially the first time. Yet, there are certain things you can do to educate your children the best way. Here are four examples of them.

Choose the Right School

If you want to buy a house but don’t have enough money to pay for it, you will need to get a loan. While a creditable mortgage broker will give you all the information you need to make the best decision, the wrong one will take your money and leave you hanging with a long-term mess that will be very difficult to get out of.

The same goes for choosing a school for your kids. The one size fits all approach will not work in this case. Some children do better in all-male or all-female educational institutions. Others thrive in a co-educational environment. Some kids can flourish in an open atmosphere ideal for the development of new ideas and creativity. Others can blossom in a more traditional school setting.

You know your child better than anyone. As such, take the time to do your research and give him the best possibility of success.

Let Your Children Fail

One of the biggest challenges all parents face is knowing when to intervene and when to stand back. If your one-year-old daughter is starting to take her first steps, and she falls, should you let her try to get up on her own? Should you rush to her, pick her up, and give her a treat? If your teenage son is cut from the basketball team, is changing sports the best decision for him? On the other hand, should you push him to try harder, improve his basketball skills, and try again the following year?

Finding suitable answers to these and other similar questions is a much more difficult undertaking than one would hope for. Still, two things are certain. First, when your children grow up, they will continue to experience failure regardless of how great they are. Second, you will not always be there to protect them.

Thus, the key lies in finding a balance between providing support and teaching resilience.

Foster Discipline and Hard Work

Discipline and hard work do not guarantee success in life. There are plenty of other factors to consider, such as timing, relationships, ability, and luck. A lot of people have put in the effort but reaped minimal rewards.

Yet, not being disciplined and not working hard will, in most cases, result in failure. It is especially true today, a day and age where competition is at an all-time high and globalization has increased the playing field a hundred-fold.

Teaching your children to be disciplined will only improve their chances of becoming someone great. You can start with simple things like having them make their beds and keep their rooms clean and tidy. You can then move on to other household chores. For instance, they can wash the dishes after dinner once or twice a week or mow the lawn every other Sunday.

Doing simple actions often creates consistency, and consistency is the essence of hard work.

Good Nutritional and Exercise Habits

The three most common body types are the ectomorph, the mesomorph, and the endomorph. The first one is considered to be a “hard gainer.” This means that no matter how much he eats, he will probably not gain a lot of weight. A mesomorph both gains and loses weight fast. As for the latter, the endomorph, they can put on weight very easily, but it’s very difficult for them to drop it. Most Americans fall in this final category.

Even though the type of body you have is largely predetermined by your genetics, this isn’t an excuse to be lazy about your eating and exercise habits, especially when it comes to your children. No matter how you put it, as a parent, one of your main responsibilities is making sure your kids won’t suffer from preventable diseases when they get older. Ailments such as obesity, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes are very often the result of unhealthy lifestyles.

Of course, children like eating junk food and watching TV. Still, they shouldn’t do this regularly. They should learn the importance of proper nutrition and physical activity. As they say, prevention is the best medicine, and good practices will only help them in the future.

If you want your kids to maximize their talents and opportunities in life, make sure you choose the right school for them. Also, teach them about failure and the value of hard work. Finally, make sure their bodies and minds are fit and strong enough to handle the struggles of life. As adults, they will thank you for it.


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