GTA Online vs GTA RP – What is The Difference?

GTA Online vs GTA RP

GTA Online and GTA RP have more in common than you might think. Even though both GTA Online and GTA RP are hugely popular online games, their underlying philosophies are vastly different.

Some inexperienced gamers could believe that GTA Online and GTA V RP are interchangeable. But nothing could be further from the truth than this. Though it should be emphasized that there are numerous GTA RP servers, making it theoretically much more than simply two games, there are a lot of distinctions between the two games. While some variations are modest, others are significant.

The most notable distinction is that GTA Online is a Rockstar-produced official game (technically a part of GTA V). GTA RP, in contrast, consists of multiple games. The fact that all GTA RP servers are fan-made is the most significant differentiator. Of course, that isn’t to suggest that the two categories of GTA games don’t have some characteristics.

The Rockstar Games company’s official multiplayer game is called GTA Online. It became accessible on October 1, 2013, and over time, it has undergone various upgrades. Naturally, this one distinction contributes to the disparity between GTA RP and GTA Online.

GTA RP, in contrast, isn’t a single thing. Even though Rockstar Games did not create any of the GTA RP servers, some of them still draw large numbers of players. As a result, certain servers dramatically differ from other GTA RP servers as well as the gameplay experience in GTA Online.

GTA Online vs GTA RP – What is The Difference?

Compared to GTA Online, there are many differences between each GTA RP, making the work difficult. Before going into the differences, it would be beneficial to contrast the similarities between the two games.

The Similarities

The GTA V engine powers both GTA Online and GTA RP servers. As a result, just like with GTA Online, gamers familiar with the mechanics of GTA V will be able to comprehend how most GTA RP servers operate. But there are other similarities between the two titles as well.

Both games encourage customization, which is another resemblance. One cannot dispute that GTA Online lacks clothing possibilities even though GTA RP is more sophisticated in its customizing methods. Players can design and play as their own protagonists in both GTA RP and GTA Online, which is different from past GTA games.

The multiplayer aspect of both games is also given considerable attention. Since both games are played online, it is to be expected that other players will behave independently in the open lobbies. Given that they both use the GTA V engine, it should also be noted that the majority of GTA RP servers have a comparable map to GTA Online’s.

Roleplaying and Storytelling

GTA Online is obviously not GTA RP. Although roleplaying is possible in GTA Online, the great majority of users don’t. Instead, their avatar is only a model they observe, frequently reflecting their own aspirations.

The fact that GTA Online has a predetermined plot that players can follow contributes to the absence of roleplaying in the game. The player can only witness so much of the story in GTA Online, even though they can select the order of a number of significant missions and heists. A player has seen everything there is to see if they watch someone beat GTA Online from beginning to end.

GTA RP, in contrast, lacks a predetermined narrative in the game’s programming. There are already documented stories from other genuine gamers, but the community as a whole may potentially have an impact. Not to mention how diverse the main plots of the many GTA RP servers are from one another.

For English speakers, NoPixel is the most popular server; for Spanish speakers, Marbella Vice is the most popular. Aside from the spoken languages, there are enough differences between the two communities’ OCs to have resulted in distinct tales on each server.

They aren’t related, therefore it serves as an illustration of how distinct stories may be in different GTA RP servers when compared to GTA Online. Naturally, not every character has a specific plot either because some players can decide to invent their own stories while they play the game.


Given that multiple GTA RP servers have distinctly diverse gameplay from one another, some of them are inevitably going to be very dissimilar from GTA Online. While it is not feasible in GTA Online, certain GTA RP servers allow players to teleport between different areas for convenience.

The gameplay mechanics of Wasted and Busted are the most noticeable distinction between the two games. On the majority of GTA RP servers, players that become wasted do not instantly respawn. They typically have to wait for a paramedic to revive them, who is portrayed by a different genuine player.

Players also don’t teleport right away after getting Busted. Instead, they frequently need to be driven to the appropriate jail or prison, which opens the door for some mischief. The two core mechanics of GTA RP have changed, which can drastically alter how the game feels while being played.


The shift in emphasis is perhaps the most evident distinction between GTA RP and GTA Online. In GTA Online, grinding is essential to acquiring the greatest tools and stuff. Regarding GTA RP, the majority of players regard it like a virtual world where they can indulge in their wildest fantasies.

GTA Online vs GTA RP – What You Should Know?

The GTA V 5 engine is closely linked to both games. GTA RP has, however, appeared in previous titles in the series. Nevertheless, the two categories of GTA games share certain similarities. GTA Online and several GTA RP servers share this requirement that the player have a legitimate copy of GTA V.

Players can also engage with actual players in both games in some way. Naturally, in order to communicate with other players, this frequently requires the player to have a functioning Internet connection.

Additionally, the basic GTA elements are still present in both games. Although GTA RP servers can differ greatly in this regard, the popular servers nevertheless appear to have a familiarity with the most fundamental functions.

Differences Between GTA RP and GTA Online

The way players roleplay in each game is the primary distinction between GTA RP and GTA Online. Some of the servers in the first category strictly enforce the restrictions for roleplaying. There is no such differentiation in GTA Online. Although the protagonist can be customized, roleplaying is nonexistent.

GTA enthusiasts can find samples on several FiveM servers. A well-liked server called Arab Souls is exclusively for Arabic speakers, setting it apart from others like Lucid City RP. Unpopular servers, on the other hand, may have trouble getting more than ten users online.

Not even the RAGE GTA RP servers are mentioned in it. In any case, some GTA RP servers demand that the player be whitelisted in order to join. Naturally, GTA Online does not take this into account.

GTA RP is always being updated because there are thousands of GTA RP servers to choose from. Minor updates may be made to GTA Online every week, although there aren’t as many large upgrades.

The gaming elements on some GTA RP sites vary greatly from one another. This inevitably highlights how drastically different GTA RP and GTA Online are from one another.

It’s not required to roleplay on every GTA RP server. Certain servers are slacker than others. The amount of roleplaying participants can anticipate isn’t the only distinction between the two video games, though.

Simple aspects like being Wasted or Busted vary from server to server. Similar to this, certain GTA RP servers may have teleportation or other significant gameplay modifications.

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