Guaranteed SEO Results – What’s the Truth Behind it?

Do you believe that it is possible to attain guaranteed SEO services? If you do, you may want to read this.

There are several SEO services that guarantee top search positions on Google.

Nonetheless, any professional, as well as a trusted SEO company in Lahore, will inform you and confirm that it’s not possible to ensure such a top rank on Google. It really is literally impossible to ensure such rankings except for Google’s engineers.

Search engine optimization and boosting a site in the ranks is quite complex and consists of many factors. They can be categorized in two forms. On-page SEO has to do more with the on-site changes of meta-tags, title, and keyword density, whereas Off-page SEO is all about creating backlinks on different sites to get link juice on your site.

It is additionally common that several shady SEO suppliers use techniques that are not in complying with Google’s terms and which could ultimately harm your website by getting penalized or de-indexed.

Nonetheless, there is a fairly easy solution for this!

You can obtain guaranteed SEO results easily with a trick which I and my friends learned recently, without depending upon an expensive consultation from various self-proclaimed content marketers and their shady techniques.

How will this work?

Compared to paying thousands of dollars for search engine optimization, you simply set up such SEO software using your laptop.

You choose the keyword you intend to rank for, it could be anything you such as.

Now you find the search engine, for example, Google, AOL, Bing, or some other.

In the next step, the crucial ranking elements in your website and also other factors will possibly be automatically analyzed with the software. You will be given clear advice on where and what things to change on your website.

Simply, you will view exactly what you must change to improve your web page and the links on your site.

You then merely perform the changes in your web page. Repeat the step with the SEO analysis of your site until the application shows a score of 100% for one website.

If you utilize the software along with the score of this SEO analysis says 100% for one’s keyword and you can’t get top #10 ranks in Google they are going to refund you this purchase.

Of all ways of professional seo services, that is a very solid one with the advantage that you’re not dependent on expensive SEO businesses using shady strategies.

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The most interesting thing about following the latest trends is that the more provocative new trends and technology gets, the more limited its shelf life becomes, this stresses the fact that even the latest chunk of knowledge will eventually become obsolete. Nevertheless, keeping track of the latest SEO trends and being in the know is always better than not knowing at all.

Get Indexed

You might be the proud owner of a visually captivating website along with creating superb content that fits your business and is sprinkled with just the right keywords. But the question is, how do you attract traffic to your stunning website. The fact of the matter is that inbound links matter a lot, especially if you’re looking to make it up the ranks of the search engine. So, the question here is, what are good inbound links exactly?

Search engines such as GoogleYahoo, and Bing rank their websites according to the quality of their backlinks, so quality is determined by how relevant the other website is to your website. The more organic and relevant links you obtain from other websites, the better your chances of making it up the SERPS will get

This brings us to the next important question, how does one find other business websites relevant to their own business? Well, there’s no easy way to find other websites that are similar to one owner, the only way you can do that, however, is to run after them, chase them and if need be, even beg them to link to your website.

When it comes to getting high-quality backlinks, there are numerous ways in which a business could do that, such as, article writing, directory submission, commenting on blogs, using press releases, bookmarking, and actively participating in online forums. These methods can be done by the businesses themselves, without having to cost anything whatsoever. It is important to remember that getting access to high-quality backlinks is an ongoing process that needs to be carried out year after year, and this is where businesses fall short. Because the need to compete in a ferocious business environment is becoming harder day by day, businesses are likely to lose focus on actively seeking relevant and high-quality backlinks for their business.

That is the main reason why businesses both large and small need professional help from SEO company in Lahore that offers all sorts of additional services. Finding an SEO agency that specializes in search engine optimization and the like is relatively easy, all one needs to do is carry out an easy Google search to get a hold of the best in the business.

Can SEO Agencies Deliver the Goods?

While most companies dealing in search engine optimization will tend to offer you the sun and the moon, by claiming to enlist your business website in the top ten of the SERPS, others will also claim that your website will get indexed in less than ten days, which is quite a feat. The truth is, it takes at least a month to get indexed and even make it up to the top five on the SERPs. While it’s not impossible for some SEO experts who know the nitty-gritty of SEO to make that happen, it falls on the business acquiring their services to make sure that the methods that are being used are legitimate and not just some black hat techniques, which could very well cause more harm than good in the long run.

Onsite SEO Practices

The following is a breakdown of some of the top SEO services which will continue to create results this year.

Title Tag

As always, the title tag remains the number one factor in SEO. By far, the best way in which one can write a title tag is by including the relevant keywords into the title. The title itself should be well thought out of and should be able to catch the eye of the reader.

Meta Description Tag

The meta description tag comes right after the title tag. It is important for the description to be meaningful and to the point so that search engines and visitors alike can know exactly what your business is all about and what your webpage is offering.

Keyword Meta Tag

While the keyword Meta tag is not used anymore because search engines don’t give it much importance, keywords will remain an important factor for SEO in 2014. Deep research on the main keywords you need to be using will be necessary, whether it’s content for a webpage or an article.

Visible Content

First of all, the content which one writes for a business webpage should always be clear and relevant to the product or service provided by the business. Since content will remain to be a major area where websites will need to focus on, thorough research and planning should be carried out to produce and publish the content online. Needless to say, your online content can be produced in multiple forms, as in, Infographics or videos, which even helps you grab the reader’s attention and help it getting shared, the main focus however should always be to create content that answers the questions of the searchers.

Mobile Integration

Since handheld devices have pretty much become the mainstream, the need for businesses to develop content and create their websites keeping the Smartphone generation in mind is necessary. Searches carried out on mobile and handheld devices are going to play a huge role in online business in the coming years, and the recent Hummingbird update from Google was just a small glimpse of things to come. In 2014, having a mobile-optimized website should be number one on every business’s priority list. Businesses that are just starting up should focus first on mobile-optimized websites and then on the more traditional desktop versions of their business websites.

This can be achieved in two ways, businesses can go for a more responsive website design that can alter to fit screens of any size, or create two different versions of your business website, one for mobile users and the other for desktop computers. However, going for the first option is much preferred by many as it provides a more versatile website design that is both responsive and easy to navigate through.

Social Media and SEO

Since social media looks like it’s here to stay, it only means that it’s going to grow in the coming years and so will the traffic which is generated from social media outlets. By having a combination of SEO and social media in a marketing campaign, online businesses can drive traffic towards their website in high quality. Since businesses will need more than one way to reach out to their potential clients, they should use videos and take advantage of Google+ as well, along with harnessing the popularity of social networking sites.


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