Guide To The Best Teeth Whitening Process For You!

Teeth Whitening Process
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Your smile might look dull if your teeth are not white, bright, and shining. However, it does not mean that this situation can’t get reversed. A teeth whitening dentist can help you bring back your shiny smile. 

There are plenty of teeth whitening options in the dental world. They also include some over-the-counter treatments like whitening toothpaste. Besides, there are also other professional whitening treatments that you can get with some professional help. 

Information about these treatments will help you decide which teeth whitening treatment will work for you. So, without wasting a minute, let us talk about all the teeth whitening treatments on the market. 

Whitening Toothpaste

It might be hard to believe, but drinking drinks such as tea, coffee, etc., might leave stains on your teeth. Other lifestyle habits such as smoking cause teeth to stain and your smile to dull. 

Thankfully, some over-the-counter whitening treatments include whitening toothpaste. This toothpaste has chemicals that work additionally on making these stains go away.

A person suffering from stained teeth can use whitening toothpaste daily. However, its results are not instant. You might have to continue using it for two to three weeks to get the desired results. 

Natural Teeth Whiteners

The internet has plenty of information on teeth whiteners that can help you naturally. These include baking soda, charcoal, apple cider vinegar, etc. 

Natural teeth whiteners are a budget-friendly option if you want to get those stains away from your teeth. However, using these natural whiteners might not be the best idea. 

It is because items such as charcoal or apple cider vinegar have acids and can prove abrasive on your teeth. Using them might remove your teeth’s enamel and speed the aging of your mouth. 

On the other hand, a dentist in Jacksonville suggests using baking soda occasionally to spark up that whiter and brighter smile. If you opt for this treatment, ensure you do not overdo these treatments on your teeth. Increased use can lead to irritation and hinder the results. 

Over-the-counter Whitening Strips

You can ask for it strip at any nearby pharmacy. It might also be available with your teeth whitening dentist. People who do not wish to sit for professional teeth whitening treatment choose these strips.

However, you might have to use these strips for an extended duration to get the results. Also, when you stop using them, your teeth start becoming the way they were before you began this treatment. 

Whitening Trays And Gels

It trays and gels are another option for people to make their smiles brighter. The benefit of using the whitening trays is that they focus on improving the overall color of your teeth, as opposed to over-the-counter treatments. Over-the-counter treatments focus on removing only the stains from your teeth. 

You could buy whitening trays and gels from the market. Besides, you could get them from a dentist in Jacksonville. The intensity and duration of results depend upon the peroxide in the gel. You can get these whitening trays and gels from your dentist because they are safer. 

Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

If these treatments don’t work for you, getting a professional teeth whitening treatment is your last resort. The fact is that professional whitening treatment is one of the safest treatments. Also, it is a fast treatment. 

The effectiveness of a professional teeth whitening treatment has no match. However, the results will stay around for long, provided you care for and maintain your teeth. 

Getting a professional whitening treatment might require you to spend some extra dollars. However, considering the time involved and the effectiveness of the results, it seems like a genuine and the best whitening treatment. 


The market has plenty of options for people who wish to make their teeth appear brighter. If you feel confused about choosing the best for you, you can always opt for the professional teeth whitening option. Your dentist would ensure a safe and long-lasting teeth whitening treatment for you. 

Thus, if your teeth require more attention and professional care, you can choose a professional whitening treatment. However, the intensity of staining and dullness in your teeth is less, so you could opt for over-the-counter whitening treatments. All the best!


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