Hair Straightener Reviews Help You Find the Best Models

Hair Straightener Reviews

Hair Straightener Reviews

Are you searching for the best hair straighteners for performing home styling that is as good as what you’d get at a high street salon? If you’ve been exploring your options, then you may have become somewhat overwhelmed by all of the models that are available.

Not being able to make sense of the features, or even some of the terminology that is used may prevent you from finding a product that actually meets your needs.

Before you open your wallet, you’re going to need to take a look at some quality hair straightener reviews – and that’s exactly what you’ll find here.

Comprehensive and instantly relatable to your needs; our reviews cover some of the best hair straighteners that are currently available.

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What Should You Look for in the Best Hair Straighteners?

If you’re looking at any product, whether it be the best hair straightener or even a curling wand, you’re going to be bombarded by marketing lines and bold claims of what a product can do.

In some cases, the claims are all true, however, some companies do exaggerate the capabilities of their products, and that’s why it’s important to compare a number of hair straightener reviews before you make a final decision.

The first thing that you need to be sure of, is whether you’re looking at a model that will be suitable for your hair type. One of the most obvious things you’ll notice about hair irons is the size of the ceramic or metal plates.

Larger plates mean more coverage each time the irons are passed through hair, while smaller plates mean better accuracy and control. Large plates can be perfect for frizzy hair, curly hair, and thick hair, but don’t perform as well with short hair and thin hair.

The most common sizes are 1” and 2”. You may also find some specialist models that are 3” or more. Keep in mind that if you ever want to create waves or curls, then you’re going to be best off with a 1” straightener.

At this stage, 1” is the industry standard, and will still work on difficult hair types when the right technique is used.

Thermal Limits of the Best Hair Straighteners

Temperature is another key feature to look at when you are choosing the best hair straighteners. As you might imagine, higher temperatures mean faster straightening times, but they also mean that hair can become damaged if the irons are passed through too slowly.

Typically, you’ll need straighteners that reach at least 180°C, but it’s not unusual to find straighteners that can reach up to 230°C (and sometimes higher).

Companies like GHD will tell you that 185°C is the ideal temperature for hair irons, and there is actually some evidence to support this. At lower temperatures, irons will typically seal in moisture and leave hair with a healthy shine.

Anything above 200°C is more likely to burn the hair if the user is inexperienced and dry, damaged hair can be extremely difficult to repair.

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Note also that some hair will be more resilient to heat, and will actually benefit from higher temps. People with thicker hair can be absolutely fine with very hot irons, and even people with sensitive hair can use a thermal protection serum to protect against heat damage.

Plate Material

As you’re browsing the best hair straighteners, you’ll find that different models use different materials on the heating plates. To clear things up, ceramic is without a doubt the ideal material. Ceramic handles heat well.

It maintains temperature across its surface and allows for smooth gliding through hair, which reduces breakage or damage.

Some affordable models use various metal alloys, often with a low friction coating. Metal can be harsh on the hair, and while a coating can make metal feel similar to ceramic.

It may degrade over time. Depending on the design, the metal may also have difficulty maintaining temperature across different areas of the plate, leaving the straighteners with hot and warm zones.

You’ll find that ceramic straighteners often cost more than comparable metal ones, but the durability and quality of the product often make up for the difference in price.

Additional Features

When hair straighteners first started to gain popularity, most models were relatively basic, with a single heat setting and off/on the switch.

Today, there are models that offer digital display readouts, variable temperature, and other features like automatic shutoff and quick warm-up time.

Look for features if you want a product that is versatile, but also consider that some basic irons are designed that way for usability, and some of the best on the market have only a single setting.

Do You Need to Buy from the Top Brand Names?

If you have even a passing interest in hair irons, then you likely know about the GHD range of straighteners.

There’s simply no ignoring the fact that the products from this company are almost everywhere in the UK. It is gaining traction in other countries around the world.

Does this mean that going for a different brand will mean that you get inferior quality? Not necessarily.

GHD is popular due to numerous salon endorsements or the simple operation and quality of their products. But plenty of other brands do produce similar or comparable models.

In fact, there are even brands that are more affordable that can match in quality, and some even have additional features.

While brands like GHD can be a great reference point, don’t hesitate to look at other reviews. If you want something that is more affordable or more versatile. 

Hair straightener reviews will be key to comparing the products, so don’t rely on brand name alone.

Find the Best That You Can for Your Budget

We’ve covered a number of models in our hair straightener reviews, including some from top brands, and some from emerging players in the market.

These are some of the best hair straighteners on the market, but you’ll still need to find the right one that meets your needs.

Best for you means that the straighteners are within your budget. They offer the features that you’re most interested in.

We’ve included our own observations and conclusions as well as customer feedback. So you will get the full picture when it comes to any particular model.

A hair straightener is an essential accessory for anyone who is interested in fashion or hair styling. And owning your own will allow you to have salon-quality looks every day.

Take a look through our reviews of the best hair straighteners, and you’ll be well on your way to owning one of the most valuable hair accessories you’ll ever find.

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