Herbs for relaxation and stress


Herbs for relaxation and stress

Herbs can be effective anti- stress remedies. Medicines have some side- effects, which can be aggravated by reacting with other medicines.  In addition to playing an anti stress role, the herbs provide mental and physical relaxation as well.

Regular relaxation and de-stress makes it easy to manage daily hectic life and recharge the body and mind for the next day’s routine. The best thing about herbs is that they can be used almost daily without fear of any side- effect.


 For males accumulation of stress

it can lead to many physical and mental issues including erectile dysfunction. It has been observed in males that constant stress was behind erectile difficulties in many cases in age group 30-40. 

So, let us study some best known herbs for both reducing stress and relaxing body and mind.


It is one of the best and popular anti stress herbs used as essential oil with a career. The single herb can be an effective treat for anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, etc.  The flower is also used to boost mood and create a soothing ambience. It boosts GABA levels in the brain to enhance relaxation. The best part is that the relaxation comes without any side effects even with daily use. However, when you are using lavender as essential oil, use a career to dilute the oil. And never use it with antidepressant drugs.


It is one of the best adaptogen herbs as it helps our body manage stress levels on a daily basis. It affects the hormones and system in the body that regulate stress response in a person. The use of herb lowers the cortisol levels in the body which makes it easy to calm down.

Cortisol, a stress hormone, is released by the adrenal gland in response to any stressful situation. It is also released when our blood sugar levels come down.

The constant high levels of cortisol leads to increased blood sugar levels and stress levels.  

Take Ashwagandha in powder form or in tablet form to keep stress hormones in check for mental and physical relaxation. 


This Plant found in several countries in Asia and Europe. The root of the plant is used to treat cases of depression, anxiety and sleep problems.  Medical studies are few, but some have mentioned the positive role of the plant root in curbing stress and promoting relaxation. The root herb is available in tea, tablet and tincture form. However, it is not for pregnant ladies and children below 3 years of age.


The name is given to a family of plants of more than 500 spices. Experts believe that a particular species P incarnate is effective in treating restlessness, anxiety and nervousness, which promotes relaxation of body and mind.  The herb is available in liquid and tablet.

Panax ginseng

It is an Chinese-Korean herb, In Asia panax ginseng consider as most valueable herbs among all.ginseng widely consumed for get rid of stress, blood circulation , concentration ,fatigue.
Many clinical studies shows improvement in penile rigidity , rigid erection .

Maca plant

The maca plant referred to as Peruvian ginseng and scientifically it is known as Lepidium meyeni.

Maca root powder is very nutrive and it is a rich source of several important vitamins and minerals .This herbs and plant naturally boost and enhance Libido in men’s body and fertility rate .


it is a west african tree bark, For the last 70 years, people have used yohimbine as a prescribed to treat ED

It helps in activate the penile nerves to release more also widen the blood vessels to increase blood flow and stimulate the pelvic nerve and rise adrenaline supply and prolong erection


It is basically a shrub found in small islands of Pacific Ocean.  The herb has been in use in beverages to relieve stress and enhance relaxation. A study was conducted for 6 weeks in which each participant received Kava or a placebo. The participants taking kava showed tremendous improvement in reducing anxiety and feel relaxed. There was no side effect on participants on kava.

Relaxation ensures smooth blood circulation

Herbs for relaxation can improve constant stress levels and promote a feeling of content. There have been cases of males, especially younger ones, getting erectile difficulties, due to constant high level of stress. Though doctors prescribe Generic Cialis 60mg for severe cases, the use of herbs can bring down dependence on these boosters.

Precautions involved in use of herbs

Herbs themselves are harmless and cause no side effects. But herbs can interact with various medicines; a user may be dependent on, to cause serious side effects. Herb also reacts with over the counter medicines. 

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People on blood pressure medicines or people with heart or liver issues need to consult a doctor before using such herbs. Doctors also caution using erectile dysfunction boosters with herbal supplements, as reaction can enhance the side effects of such medicines. 

Males using Sildenafil citrate 120mg on a doctor’s suggestion need consultation before using herbal supplements.


Herbs have been in use for centuries in many countries with proven track records. Use herbs in any form to get the benefits. Some may not work for you, while some others can show the positive results. The selection should also depend on which form of herb, liquid or tablet, you would like to use. Try herbs before using medicines to cure stress .Consult your doctor before selecting any herbs


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