Hire Kotlin App Developers: Onboard Best Android Team

Hire Kotlin App Developers: Onboard Best Android Team
Hire Kotlin App Developers: Onboard Best Android Team

This article gives useful insights into hiring Kotlin developers on a full-time or project basis to develop world-class Android Applications!

Cutting the layman’s crap, Android developers must have at least two years of experience in a full-fledged object-oriented programming language such as Java, C, C#, C++, or Small Talk – to learn its Programming Language. Learning Kotlin also requires you to be familiar with GitHub, know basic multi-threading, and exception handling, and know-how to build a code, compile it, and execute it.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a Java-based programming language for Android Operating System. It follows the best practices of Android Studio, Android Jetpack, and modern architectural guidelines and components. It is being used to build executable Android applications that are high on performance and feature safe code.

Why is Kotlin preferable?

It ranks high on (1) PYPL – The PopularitY of Programming Language Index, (2) TIOBE Index, (3) IEEE Spectrum, and (4) StackOverflow developer surveys as top Android App Development Company. It is expressive, concise, features safer code with @Nullable and @NonNull, is interoperable with Java, structured concurrency to streamline asynchronous programming, and supports different IDEs including Android Studio, and SDK tools.

What does it abide by?

  • Android Development Techniques (Google Maps, Android API, submitting apps to Google Play Developer Console)
  • Key Features of Android Studio (Layout Editor, the ConstraintLayout, ConstraintSet Classes, view binding, constraint chains, barriers, direct reply notifications, multi-window support, App Links, Dynamic Feature Module, the Android Profiler, Gradle build configuration).
  • Android Architecture Components include view models, lifecycle management, live data, and data binding.

What are Kotlin basic building blocks?

It includes: Data types, Functions, Flow control, Lambdas, Coroutines, Intents, Touch screen handling, Gesture recognition, Playback, Recording audio, Printing, Transitions, Cloud-based file storage, Foldable device support, Floating action buttons, Snack bars, Tabbed interfaces, Card views, Navigation drawers, Collapsing toolbars, Checked Exceptions, Concise code, Data Classes, Extension Functions, Higher-order functions and Lambdas, Implicit Widening Conversions, Inline Functions, Native Support for Delegation, Primitive Types, Smart Casts, Constructors

What are the most apparent use cases of Kotlin?

Now being used to build IoT applications, iOS application development, web development, data analytics, data science, and game development.

What should Android Developers do?

Android Developers learn how to use objects, classes, conditionals, add images, and text to the Android Apps to create an interactive app for the users. They should also be aware of (1) Calling Java code from Kotlin, (2) Adopting Kotlin for large teams, and (3) Android KTX, (4) Kotlin co-routines on Android, (5) Knowledge of all inherent Android Programming Languages like Java, Python, Go, C, C++, XML, and Assembly Language.

Kotlin Developers Hiring Model

Before deciding on the model, know your project requirements, the size of the project, the client’s control, flexibility, when to choose, rates, and the app’s target audience.

Extended Teams

  • Such teams are suitable for long-term and ongoing projects.
  • Zero overhead cost – with a fixed monthly fee.
  • They work on the project full-time.
  • They devote a dedicated 160 hours of development/month.

Fixed Price Projects

  • Suitable for short-term projects (2-4 months).
  • Works well for projects that have fixed and clearly defined requirements.
  • Provides project status updates on a daily basis.
  • The project has to be completed within a timeframe.
  • Its Developers must strictly adhere to the timeframe and guaranteed results.

How to Hire Kotlin Developers?

  • Save time and money by hiring certified, skilled Kotlin Developers on an hourly, part-time or monthly basis.
  • Get to work with Agile Experts to build high-performance Android Apps, server-side apps, cross-platform apps, and web apps. Follow up with full onboarding, infrastructure, administrative, legal, and project support.
  • They must sign up for a Non-Disclosure agreement and service agreement with your clients. They are liable to keep data-sensitive, app ideas, and IP rights with maximum confidentiality and security.
  • They must be adaptable to technology updates and time zones.
  • Depending upon your Android Team requirements, find the best-fitting Kotlin Developers by following requirement analysis, developer shortlisting, talent selection, and project kickoff.

Why is Kotlin popular?

According to Stack Overflow, GitHub, and Octoverse, it is consistently ranking high amongst most loved programming languages since 2018.

Kotlin vs. Java

Kotlin is considered the first-hand alternative to java Programming language. It can be implemented to enhance legacy code, without much effort. Upcoming Android Developers must learn Java first and then move ahead with learning Kotlin. Although Android applications can be built as Android only, as Java Only, or as a mix of both.

Kotlin vs. Flutter

Coming on to Flutter, none of these is better than each other. Flutter comes with live tracking, third-party plugins, and modular architecture. But Kotlin is the number one choice to build Google Applications due to its performance, popularity, languages, code reusability, community, unique features, and Kotlin multiplatform.

Kotlin vs. Python

Faster development, improved code quality, and maintainable code make Kotlin a better choice to develop applications for the Android Platform. Kotlin Multiplatform is being used to create applications across platforms. Pinterest, Trello, Tinder, Netflix, Airbnb. Python is the static type and is useful for smaller projects. Kotlin is suitable for large-scale projects due to its verbose syntax. Developers can combine Python with Kotlin for comprehensive code. There differ on basis of Unicode, Interpreter, Extension/Plug-In, Operating System, Multilingual Content, Development Principles, template Languages, Influences, Adobe Flash Support, Programming Paradigm, Free to Use, frontend, Compiled Language, compiler, CLR, Unsafe Code support, Maven Support, Javascript, OS Server.

Relevant Chunks: Are you looking for highly skilled Kotlin developers to develop a new project or to enhance an existing application?

Android App Development Company must have skilled and certified developers with programming expertise, knowledge of working on Android Studio and the Android SDK, access to Windows, Mac, or Linux systems and ideas for apps to develop, and gear up for a great development journey ahead!


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