Horoscope Compatibility Determination with Nadi Reading

Horoscope Compatibility

I was searching for an astrological method helping me in match making. On accessing Find Your Fate during Google search I came to know about the nadi reading that was an excellent method for deciding the compatibility of two persons. The site also recommended it and helped us by sharing insights with expert astrologers proficient in determination of match making on the basis of horoscope compatibility. 

What we learned About Nadi Reading

Information on Nadi Reading we found at Find My Fate was comprehensive and helpful in learning about the use of the process. Basically the Nadi Astrology is a type of dharma astrology popular in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Astrologers practicing the method believe that the past, present, as well as the future of every individual were foreseen by the ancient Hindu sages. Nadi astrology is based on sidereal zodiac system.

Porutham for Match Making

It is believed by Hindus that match making between two persons is necessary for making the tie everlasting. For many; Porutham is one of the best processes for determination of horoscope compatibility and the method is used in the presence of both families. The method is also known as “koota agreement”.

How Porutham Works

To use the Porutham method for determination of compatibility the astrologers study the stars of the bride and groom to be. Initially; 20 poruthams were considered but the number has got down to 10 only at preset. According to experts in the method the compatibility does determined taking into consideration 9 planets and 27 stars constitute the zodiac.

Practice of Nadi Reading

When I approached Find Your Fate for Nadi reading the experts there informed us about the entire process. Nadi astrology is based on nadis or veins in a zodiac sign called rashi. There are 150 nadis in each zodiac sign and each of the 12 zodiac signs count for 30 degrees as part of entire zodiac circle that is 360 degrees. Again the 12 signs are divided in to three categories of 4 signs each that are movable, fixed, or real.

Why I Approached Find My Fate

It is not possible in view of the Covid19 pandemic outbreak to physically proceed to Tamil Nadu for the Nadi reading. Hence, I was searching for an alternative way to get such reading. In course of my Internet surfing I came across several astrological sites. But I chose Find My Fate for the following reasons.

  • They have been given 5 Star rating in most reviews;
  • Customers have given positive feedbacks about them; and
  • The response was quick and dealing is transparent.

I felt that unlike many others; the site gives priority to customers while rendering any services including the determination of horoscope compatibility using Nadi astrology.


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