How Are Natural vs. Washed Coffee Processing Methods Different?

Coffee enthusiasts often pride themselves on knowing the varied types of coffee beans and the roast levels. When you think of your favorite coffee variety, it’s all about what it tastes like. But many people fail to realize that the processing methods usually affect the taste of coffee. If you want to buy premium quality coffee, it is crucial to know about the various types of processing methods. Processing refers to the extraction of coffee beans (seeds) from the coffee cherry by removing different layers like mucilage, skin, parchment, etc.
Natural and washed coffee processing are two different methods of processing. Here are some essential things to know about natural and washed coffee processing.

Natural Coffee Processing Method – An Overview

Natural coffee refers to the dry procedure of extracting coffee beans without using machines or water for drying. Note that the natural process is the oldest method for having good-quality coffee beans.

This process of extracting coffee beans was primarily prevalent in areas with water scarcity. The term “natural” implies that there is no involvement of water or machines to separate other layers from the seed. This variant of coffee dries naturally out in the sun.

Now, let us talk about the impact of the natural coffee processing method on its taste. Coffee beans derived from the natural process generally have a fruity flavor. If you want to buy top-quality coffee, prefer coffee prepared from a natural process. Natural coffee is also a bit more fermented than washed coffee.

Washed Coffee – Things You Must Know

Nowadays, the washed processing method is more commonly used to extract coffee beans. In this method, once picked, the coffee cherries go through a de-pulper for extraction of the beans.

Just like natural coffee, the washed processing method also comprises the stage of drying. The washed processing method to derive coffee beans contains these three elements.

 Drying coffee beans
 Proper storage of coffee beans
 Milling

Impact of the Washed Coffee Processing Method on its Taste

Coffee beans extracted from the washed processing method are more consistent in taste. This is because coffee farmers have more control over every step in the washed coffee extraction process. When compared to natural coffee, washed coffee beans might have complex flavors.

The most significant advantage of washed coffee is the consistency in taste.
To choose premium quality coffee, it is crucial to know the differences between the washed and natural processing methods. Coffee derived from the unwashed and natural process tends to have a fruit flavor. This is because the bean remains in contact with the fruit for longer durations.

The sun-dried process also helps in bringing forward the fruity sugar flavor. In contrast, coffee extracted from the washed processing method doesn’t tend to have a fruit flavor. Washed coffee tastes more like original coffee beans. Moreover, in the washed process, coffee undergoes the drying process without the cherry.

Since the choice of coffee depends on a person’s preference, it won’t be right to say that one method is better than the other. Some people prefer dry-processed coffees, while others love washed and processed coffees. At the Bulwark Coffee Company, you’ll come across top-quality coffee variants.

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