How can influencers affect your brand events?

influencer marketing

The term “influencer marketing” has been old enough now in the industry. It is often coined when we talk about a product or a service endorsement. But have you ever thought of its role in event promotion? No? Great! We will walk you through the entire process. How influencer marketing can be done right and what benefits come with it will be discussed here. At the end of this read, you will be in a position to make a wise decision. So let’s get to work.

Why use influencer marketing?

Influencers, in the case of a celebrity, can usher excellent results for your brand event. One might be thinking of material benefits, well it is no less than that. Having an improved audience reach by just adding someone of influence is an outstanding achievement when it comes to measuring event success. The list of advantages is long, but we will discuss some significant benefits of influencers.

1. Targeting the right niche:

There are millions of influencers and their followers out there. But what good will they do in your event? None! It would help if you had the right audience and niche for your party. Bringing in the right influencer enhances the inflow of the target audience, weighing your event’s credibility. The output is appealing, but how to do it right?  Well, the task is near impossible without the services of professional Experiential Event Agency Dubai.

Highlighting the role of experts, they aid your marketing campaign. Most of the marketing games are played using social media and online platforms, hitting the target becomes very hard. Get your event message to your niche using the experts’ channels.

2. Pre-event Buzz:

Every second company is organizing events these days to bring forth their brand. Among such noise, how would you get your brand talking? Who will get to listen to your campaign? The role of an influencer comes in very handy here. Since they connect with their followers daily, they can bring forth your event as a discussion point.

If you are organizing a product launch event, you can invite someone of influence to the pre-launch and have them post a blog. Their followers will read the post, giving your event a boost.

3. Attract untapped audience:

A significant benefit of taking an influencer on board is that followers trust their words. If they are suggesting your event to one of their follower who is new to you, you have the chance to win him/her. Making new customers using the words of an influencer sounds excellent.

The stat positively backs the point that 49% of followers consider influencer recommendations. All you need to do is a partner with the right influencer, and you will enjoy an inflow of untapped audiences.

4. Enhances Brand Credibility:

Traditional marketing techniques cant give your brand a credible push. The only extra benefit you can achieve with such tactics is reaching a wider audience. Well, the credibility comes in with someone credible. An influencer stands the target when you are doing influencer marketing. Before your event begins, you need to build your event credibility to see your show to success.

Connecting back to the previous point, influencer recommendation will cover half of your target audience. Not only will you attract more attendees, but you can also add credibility to your brand. It takes a wiser decision to choose the influencer, and experiential event agency Dubai‘s role cannot be overlooked here.

5. Plethora of User Generated Content:

An influencer will surely post it if your event is instagramable. As an event host, you offer them a great channel to create user-generated content, favorably viewed by the followers. People show appreciation and love your brand if it is posted from an influencer’s account. It is a win-win game for both, with the former ending up attracting more attendees and the latter posting user-generated content on social platforms.

6. Online Visibility will be an add-on:

Talking about influencers’ benefits for your event’s success, what about the by-products of the technique? We are talking about search engine ranking and SEO. The point seems of little interest here, but it is worth mentioning. Since events are not one-play games, you will need traffic in the future too. Why not start capitalizing on it today?

Influencers will talk about your show in their blog posts and add links to your event website. It makes sense now. More and more customers clicking and visiting your website improves your CTR and, ultimately, SEO score.

Convinced? It’s time to contact professionals for your upcoming event!

There are many factors to count for a successful event. It’s not about only planning and management but also about marketing it. Influencer marketing is what the industry is accepting these days. Don’t be lagged! Contact professional event companies and take an influencer on board for your upcoming show.


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