How Can You Keep Your Indoor Air Pure and Clean

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The quality of air we breathe in has a direct impact on our health whether we are outdoors or indoors. Several studies have proved that poor air quality leads human beings to lung cancer, heart problems, and strokes. According to a report of the World Health Organization, approximately seven million people die a year due to air pollution. You usually feel coughing and sneezing when the air quality gets worse in your town/city. Apart from the use of an air purifier, you can come across numerous ways that can help you to clean your indoor air. Here are some of those effective steps for your help:

Keep your doors/windows open 

Keeping your windows and doors open is the easiest and most economical way to enhance the quality indoor air. Keep them open or open them at least for 5 minutes three to four times a day to get rid of air pollutants if you can’t keep your doors/windows open throughout the day. With even the partial opening, you can let the fresh air in and freshen up the indoor air.

Have indoor plants 

Probably, you would know that plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide and allied pollutants and release oxygen into the environment. More oxygen means more pure air in your home or enclosed space. Buy earthen/plastic/ceramic pots to plant indoor plants. After the plantation, you can place potted plants in your living room, dining hall, cafeteria, reception area, bedroom, or work space to improve air quality. You can shop wall hanging planters from an online store such as WallMantra if you feel you have no floor space to place potted plants or you want to use walls for creating an indoor garden.

Keep fabrics clean

In your home or at your workplace, you have sofa covers, curtains, pillow covers, cushions, bedsheets, and allied fabrics. These fabrics get dirty with time and start spreading smell if you don’t wash them regularly. This smell can make your indoor air quality poor and lead you to feel uncomfortable. Keep all the fabrics clean all the time. Try to wash them once a week if you can’t wash them daily. 

Don’t take your footwear inside 

Your shoes, slippers, sandals, sneakers, or allied footwear are a carrier of harmful stuff such as fungi, dust, pollen, pesticides, and bacteria. These harmful stuff get into your home or enclosed space and make your indoor air impure when you walk into it with your footwear. So, taking your footwear off on the doors will be helpful for you to improve indoor air quality. 

Keep your pets groomed

Your home has lots of pet dander, the skin cells of your pet, if you have dogs, cats, or rabbits. This dander is more harmful to your health in comparison with your pet’s fur. You might have asthma like respiratory issues. Clean and brush your pets outdoors regularly to keep the dander at a lower level. Do vacuum cleaning of your home floors to get rid of the left fur and dander. 

Use beeswax candles for occasional lighting 

According to a scientific study, particles float in the indoor air for a more extended period, as they have positive ions. The air close to a forest or a water source is cleaner. It happens, as nature builds negative ions that restrict the positive ions, causing the pollutants to fall on the floor. By lighting pure beeswax candles, you help to create this phenomenon inside your home/office. As a result, you have cleaner indoor air. Burning LED beeswax candles will be more fruitful, as they don’t create any pollutant while being lit. 

Use essential oil diffusers

Some essential oils such as tea tree oils are highly acknowledged for their antibacterial properties. You can add them to your homemade house cleaning solutions to get rid of bad smells in your home. Many studies have suggested that essential oils such as lavender, clove and eucalyptus help reduce dust mites in your abode. 

Air out your new furniture pieces

VOCs, volatile organic compounds, are the ones that are available in things like fabrics, glues, paints, and construction materials. Keep in mind that your newly bought furniture items such as chairs, sofas, beds, dining sets, and almirahs can emit VOCs. Air these furniture pieces out for a few days after taking them to your home. You can place them in the garage for a few days if you have.  

Avoid using cooking oils with lower smoke points

Usually, your home gets filled with a lingering smell of burnt oil and smoke when you cook something in your kitchen if you haven’t installed a chimney. At that time, you or some of your family members sneeze and cough a lot. To avoid such a situation, you can use cooking oils with higher smoke points. You can shop sunflower, corn, peanut, canola, and avocado oils to get rid of the cooking smell.  


No one of you will love to live in a home or work in a commercial setup if its indoor air quality is low. When it comes to your home or office, you can enhance the quality of air there. And for this, you can go with an indoor plantation, opt for regular fabric cleaning, increase ventilation, and allied works. 


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