How Can You Save Your House with House Leveling

House Leveling

If you have experienced a shift in your home or the foundation, or maybe you’ve had a crack in the wall, it is essential to have this issue investigated. After all, improperly leveled homes are not only an eyesore but also needlessly lose energy that can be put to better use. Have you ever experienced a crack or shift in your foundation? If so, you could be losing money with every step. Amidst cold drafts and cracks in the walls, you could pay for the heating bills. An improperly leveled home can result in other problems such as needing a new foundation, drainage issues and more!

What Is House Leveling?

Every house settles differently, depending on its construction and materials used. With time, most homes settle in one area or another because of shifting soil. This is called foundation settlement, or simply, settlement. One big issue that could come up when this is leveling your home. House leveling is a foundation repair to level your home and restore it to its original position. 

Signs You Need Levelling Repair

Sinking Floors

The main factor in subsidence that results in sinking floors and uneven flooring is voidage. As your home degrades over time, the ground beneath it moves and shifts.

Cracks in walls and around corners

Cracks in your wall can mean something has changed below your home’s foundation. You will have to excavate the area and fix the problem in such a case. Otherwise, it will only get worse with time.

Cracked Concrete

The leading cause of subsidence is damage to the surrounding vegetation. This can result in a void or hole that causes the soil surrounding it to lose much of its support and become loose and unsupported.

The House leveling process

A home can be levelled in a variety of ways. There isn’t a single approach that work will work for everyone. The best approach will solve the problem will depend on the foundation of a home. Here are the most common methods of house leveling:

  1. Pier and Beam Foundations
  2. Slab Foundations
  3. Crawl Space Foundations

If your home’s foundation is sinking, it’s time to seek the advice of an expert. There is an abundance of factors that can cause a sinking foundation, and it is best to start researching those signs before they become problems. Your absolute last want is to ignore the signs and have the house disintegrate under you. It’s imperative that you choose a Professional Foundation Repair company to ensure that you get quality work completed by a licensed engineer.


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