How Do You Show Responsibility in the Workplace ?

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“If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.” ~Les Brown

Responsibility cannot be demonstrated solely through words. It must be supported by actions and behaviors, without which, the words become nothing more than empty rhetoric. Showing responsibility at work involves taking ownership of one’s actions, decisions, and reactions, whether good or bad. Individuals who show responsibility at work are more likely to communicate frequently about their work, and what they are doing in order to meet deadlines and goals.

Let’s look at why it’s important to be responsible in the workplace.

Importance of Responsibility in the Workplace

Responsibility is important in the workplace because it demonstrates professionalism and aids in the development of professional relationships with colleagues

Enhances Performance

One of the characteristics of responsible employees is that they are aware that their tasks and accomplishments have a direct impact on the organization’s results. They set clear goals for themselves in order to complete their tasks and provide quality work, resulting in high performance and greater organizational success.

Results in ownership

Showing responsibility teaches us to accept failures gracefully rather than blaming others for our lack of performance, and we do everything possible to ensure that the work is done right and effectively.

How to Show Responsibility in the Workplace

When you show responsibility at work, you become an asset to the organization and this creates opportunities for advancement in your career because organizations prefer to retain employees who are consistent and hold accountability.

Want to learn how to show responsibility at work and how coach training can help you? Consider the following suggestions.

Being Aware

Employees cannot show responsibility if they are unaware of what is expected of them.

To prove you are a responsible employee, the first and most important step is to understand your responsibilities. When you understand your responsibilities you become aware of what your current objectives are and perform all the duties assigned to the best of your ability, such employees are often valued by their employers. Coach training can help you understand the situation better and gain a deeper insight, where you naturally become more aware of the outcome and feel more confident in what you do.


Being honest and admitting mistakes also contributes to the development of trust in the workplace. Employers value honesty in employees who accept their mistakes and take corrective action, instead of blaming others for them. Coach training provides you with not only the ability to demonstrate honesty but also to encourage your colleagues and to give them the space and capacity that they need to make real change and grow professionally which also helps in cultivating trust in the workplace.


If you have issues at the workplace, find something distasteful, or are dissatisfied with the actions of your coworkers, superiors, or subordinates. Address it, instead of holding or doing nothing about it as this can affect your work. Coach training program by ICF accredited facilitates having honest and open conversations about work issues, which prevents problems from snowballing and increases employee engagement.

Improve Relationships

Each step we take towards showing responsibility helps to boost our self-esteem, productivity at work, and relationship quality with co-workers. Coach training encourages you to communicate your opinions and ideas confidently. As a result, you become self-assured and less dependent on others, which improves your relationship with coworkers.

Being Proactive

Don’t hesitate to take action if you see something that needs to be done. Take the initiative before you are asked to do it. When you are trained as a coach, you not only become an active listener, but you also pay attention and become solution-focused. Which allows you to act confidently and without hesitation.

Taking Responsibility for Your Mistakes

Acknowledging your mistakes as well as your willingness to learn valuable lessons by rectifying them will show employers that you are responsible and mature enough to admit when you are wrong. As a result, you will not only establish yourself as a valuable asset to the company, but you will also promote a productive and positive workplace by setting a good example for your coworkers. Coach training helps you to take feedback positively and take proactive measures to improve your performance. How? Putting your knowledge into action results in a better outcome.


I’d like to close with a quote from bestselling author John C. Maxwell:

“People who blame others for their failures never overcome them.”

They simply move from one problem to the next. To achieve your full potential, you must constantly improve yourself. Which you cannot do if you do not show responsibility for your actions and learn from your mistakes.”

Your actions are the starting point for you to show responsibility in the workplace. Employees take notice of everything you do, and if you do it correctly, it will inspire your colleagues to do the same. It all begins with you.

Do you want to get trained as a coach in order to create a sense of responsibility within your organization? It would be our pleasure to work with you on this endeavor. Get in touch with us at CoachWhizz today!


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