How Does a Weed Plant Look Like – Female Or Male


The cannabis plant is not easy to understand. When you buy marijuana seeds online, you must know how the plant is going to look like. The more you know about the plant, the better you would be able to pick up the seeds for your garden. If you know a garden where you can overview plenty of cannabis plants, go there and observe the plant head for a while. The moment you start examining a cannabis head, you will start noticing the complexity of the different parts such as small orange hairs, crystals like sugar, large buttons along with the leaves, and so on. The question is – how do these parts matter and can they be different in different cannabis plants. We are here with a brief that will help you understand the anatomy of cannabis that will help you get more familiar with this breed of this plant.

When we talk about cannabis, you will mostly find male and female plants. They can be hermaphroditic as well. The beauty is that the plants that are consumed are female and thus when the growers go to buy marijuana seeds online, they often go for the feminized seeds. There is a reason why female plants are popular and why are they consumed. The female plants produce famous resinous flowers, which are harvested, cleaned, and mostly pruned into perfect shape. Unlike the female plants, the male plants produce bell-like xx flowers at the base of their leaves. The male plants pollinate with the female plants to initiate seed production. The flowers that are consumed mostly come from the non-pollinated female plant that produces cannabidiol-rich buds.

We already mentioned that there are hermaphrodite plants that will have features of both male and female organs. This plant will pollinate itself during the flowering process. This self-pollination is considered a nuisance among the novice growers. The professional growers will determine the sex of the plant in the earlier stages only so that they do not have to face any troubles in the future. They only purchase feminized seeds and while the plant grows, they will ensure that these plants do not come in the contact with the male plant and end up producing further seeds.

There are many parts of the cannabis plant that you should have a look at. The cannabis plant has parts that are mostly found in any flowering plant. The marijuana on the other hand grows on long and slender stems. The marijuana plant is recognized by its large iconic leaves that extend from an area on the plant called a node.

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