How Does an Air Column Machine Work?

Air Column Machine

Do you want to make your own air column machine products that can pack automatically?

I’m sure the answer will be YES!

More than 80% of the manufacturers and company owners want a machine that is highly efficient and can complete the work in no time. And guess what? The Air column machine is one of them.

You’d be surprised to know that the air column machine can fill more than 80 bags in one minute. Hence, this proves its high speed and greater productivity level.

So, how does this highly-empowered system of machines work?

Let’s have a look at the working principle and general overview of the air column machine.

What is an Air Column Machine?

The air column machine is also known as a cushion machine or air packaging machine. It is a great invention of the 21st century that provides you with protective packaging solutions.

These machines work in such a way that they can run on several different applications and can be available on demand. You can make airbag rolls, air column bag products, and other similar items.

Alternative to the traditional packaging machines, the air column machine may include:

  • Polyamide/ Polyethylene (PA/PE) co-extrusion plastic material
  • Peanut
  • Foam
  • Paper packing material

These high-quality materials make up the highly advanced system of air cushions or air column machines.

The Difference Between Air Column and Air Cushion Machine?

While many of you misinterpret these two names, so let’s clear the doubt here.

As far as an air column machine operates, it works on a one-way valve that can inflate films like air wrap rolls, etc. On the other side, an air cushion machine inflates films with just one hole.  This hole contains HDPE(high-density polyethylene) material.

So, there is a slight difference between the air column and cushion machine, and that comes in the property of the material used.

The column machine uses Polyamide/ polyethylene material and doesn’t need to be hot sealed. While cushion uses HDPE material and can be hot sealed to ease the packaging process.

How Does Air Column Machine Works?

To compete for the packaging technology in the modern era, the air column machine is a perfect fit. For most small factories, warehouses, and supplier industries, the air packaging machine is widely used.

The working principle mainly includes the following steps:

1- Selecting the Material

The first and most crucial step is to choose the material that is the major building block of the machine. Most commonly, polyamide or Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDP) forms the manufacturing process.

However, Nylon laminating or other co-extrusion compounds are also present in the list of selected materials. These high-quality materials perform the following functions in the machine:

  • Provides tensile resistance to the products
  • Possess a balanced force property
  • Provides protection to the air column bag

2- Use of Physical Principles

To make each air chamber independent of the other, several physical principles are followed. Some of them include:

  • Automatic airlock
  • One-time inflation of the valve
  • Production of a diving cabin

The diving cabin rotates at an angle of 360 degrees to protect the product and form multiple air chambers.

3- Parts of the Machine

The air column machine is of multi-use and involves the following main parts:

  1. An inlet that injects gas
  2. An inflation channel that provides a passageway to the gas
  3. An air film which is the central part of the machine
  4. The main valve that prevents the backflow
  5. A hot sealing line that avoids the leakage of air particles
  6. And finally, an air column for buffer protection

These main parts are according to the structural framework and working process of the air cushion machine.

4- Working of Air Film

The air film is the main element and is the only component that acts as a primary raw material for the air column machine. Its composition includes 7 to 9 layered co-extruded film that acts as an effective barrier against external factors.

On the whole, this air film has anti-puncture quality with high strength and protective functions. Not only this, it enhances the storage power of the air column bag and contains more than 20% nylon as a manufacturing material.

5- The Air Valve

Next comes the air valve. It is the most crucial part of the air column bag machine. The one-way check valve is also present and used in this key part of the machine.

This is the component that prevents the backflow of the fluid, allowing it to pass in one direction. This reverses the flow automatically in another. The flap of the valve opens when the fluid pressure applies to it and the fluid moves in a certain direction.

For reverse fluid flow, the fluid will remove because of the high fluid pressure. In this way, you’ll get a heat-resistant and environment-friendly design with higher efficiency.

6- Heat-Sealing the Parts

Once you’re done with the no ink chamber and air valve procedure, it’s time to make the packaging smooth and tough. To do so, the hot sealing process takes into account which is a necessary method for the production of the airbags.

After sealing the products at a high temperature and setting them for the final touch, the air column bag comes to its completion.

However, if the quality of the products comes out to be imperfect. Or if there happen some malfunctions in the final packaging process, it is again set to the production process. So, manufacturers make sure that the process is smooth and there should be no compromise on the quality.


Undoubtedly, the air column machine is a great advent of modern packaging technology. Yet, it still needs some improvements on the manufacturer’s hands so they can deliver high-quality products with ease.

The first and foremost responsibility of the companies is to take full hold of the production process and test the problems professionally. So, in case of any malfunction or disorder in the final packaging, the process can still work effectively.

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