How does the school management system simplify the fee collection process?

school management system

The collection of tuition fees for thousands of school students is a key task of management. But can we make this time-consuming task easier? We believe that we have great answers for you. Let’s take a look at this article to simplify the fee collection process in your school in minutes instead of days or months using the school management system. 

Feel collection and management is important to run the school efficiently. Collecting the fee on time is a difficult task for school administration. When the fee is collected manually, there can be human errors and miscalculations. When there is a need to collect the fee of every student for every month is a time-consuming process and employees with high paying salaries. If the school also provides a hostel facility, transport facility, and cafe facility, then collecting the fee becomes a more difficult task. Fee collection also includes different tasks like the generation of fee slips and keeping the records for the fees. Any errors or miscalculations while collecting the fee will impact the reputation of the school.

So why we don’t think?  Should we purchase a fee management system? Let’s discuss this in detail.

How the school fee can be collected simply?

The use of a school management system has made, the easier used to collect the fee of students. This system uses open source technology to simplify this difficult task of sending the notification to parents about the fee, generating fee slips, management of transactions, fee concession online payments through a bank, and confirmation notification of payment after receiving, keeping the records and a lot more. It automates and simplifies all the manual tasks, reduces the chances of errors and miscalculations, and improves the fee management structure for each class’s efficiency. It’ also helps the parents to pay a fee easily without visiting the school. 

What are the benefits of using a school management system to automate the fee collection process?

Let’s talk about the benefits of school software to automate the fee collection processes

No need to install and no hardware required

eSchool software is an online web-based application to automate all school activities efficiently. It also provides you more control, visibility, and reporting with future trends and analytics. You don’t need to install any software on your laptop/mobile with no setup charges you need to pay. Just open the web browser and successfully log in to your eSchool software portal.

Error-free calculations while collecting the fee 

Collecting the fee manual for every student is difficult, and there are 90% chances for errors and mistakes. This task requires a lot of employees, hard work, attention, and manual calculation. On the other hand, while using the school management software, the fee collection will be automated. This process enhances accuracy and eliminates all the possibilities of mistakes. 

Easy to use and less time-consuming process 

The school management software in Pakistan with the fee management module collects the information from all departments, including transportation, library, cafe, and hostel, etc. This makes all the processes easy and less time-consuming to make the final records and calculations of the total fee.

Automatic calculation of the fee with all elements

Calculating the fee of a student includes many elements from the calculation of fee concession, late fee payment, generation of fee receipt, and calculation of transport, cafe, and hostel, discounts, and scholarships, etc. The use of a school management system with the integrated management module allows facilitating the administration team to set up a  fee structure according to the student category, course, and requirements.  This software also helps to compute any late payment charges and include this into the fee as well. This also helps calculate the income taxes and refunds.

Sending a reminder to parents for fee submission

When the fee slip of the month for a student is generated in the system. The system sends reminders to parents through SMS or mail integrations. This saves the time of school administration, and they don’t need to send emails or reminders for late payments to the parents.  

Transfer of payments online 

When the parents receive the notifications for a fee through a mobile app, the fee management module in the app also allows the parents to make it from home in their comfort zone instead of visiting the school to pay a fee. The eschool software has a payment gateway that helps the parents to submit fees online with no hassle. 

Safe and Secure School management software 

The fee management module in the school management app is highly secure and safe for all information and data on a cloud. This software not only protects the data while it helps you take a backup of data that cannot be crashed anytime. It also helps to avoid any misuse of data and information. 

Paperless environment 

The automatic and online fee helps the school to develop a paperless environment. Since all the fee records, bills, invoices, fee receipts are maintained in a digital format. So this system helps to create a paperless environment in this way. 

Effectively adaptable and adjustable 

When compared to the conventional methods of managing the fee, an advanced fee management system is effectively adaptable, and it tends to be modified by the necessities of the school too. As the instructive organization develops with different grounds or change brand logos, the school management can be modified with these advancements in the school. 


Educating your minds and keeping love for learning is a difficult process. Therefore, the school administration needs to concentrate on their all resources to create the best learning environment for students using the school management system. Other tasks can also be simplified using technology. Transport management, attendance, and fee management are all the tasks that can be made easy using the technology. This decreases the workload for teaches and administrators of the school so that they can use their time and resources efficiently to give the best learning experiences to their students. We have recently launched a school software as discussed below 

eSchool – The product of SW3 Solutions 

eSchool is one of the feature-rich school software in Pakistan that manages all administrative data accuracy for you. It is an all-in-one school management system that is not only limited to internal management, it also manages school interaction with students and parents. This educational software can be fit for any college, university, academy, and coaching center. eSchool is a cloud-based system. It is developed with the latest open-source technologies that help to manage your school efficiently within a single click. Our professional developers know about all the hurdles that the educational institution faces. Therefore, we built compatible software that can be easily customizable for any educational institution’s needs. 

Characteristics of eSchool  fee management module

eSchool fee management module enables a school to automate, streamline and transform fee processing to perform efficient school operations and reduce costs. This module offers flexibility to set up fee heads and fee structures as applicable to all students across their courses in the school. eSchool has become a preferred choice nowadays. Today, 100s  of schools are fully relying on school ERP  software to manage students’ records effectively.

  1. Fee collection and record
  2. Analytical dashboards 
  3. Collection of fee and collaboration with bank system 
  4. Mobile app and SMS integration



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