How Fire Rated Doors Is Useful To Us?

These doors consist of fire-resistant materials like steel, timber, metal, glass, vermiculite boards, or gypsum. These materials can hold the door in times of emergencies like fire. As it can withstand fire for long hours, it provides significant benefits if installed in commercial property and even home. It would be best if you considered installing the door to safeguard your premises so that fire does not spread and cause damage.

Advantages of the door

The fire rated doors provide a lot of benefits when installed in a property like the ones mentioned below:-

  • It has many doors creating multiple entries and exit options which help in efficient evacuation of people living in the area during emergency time.
  • As the door can hold fire for long, there is minimum damage to the property.
  • It not only protects you against fire but also against smoke and toxic gases which can cause a health problem.
  • These doors are so tough that it can protect you from getting robbed. It is very hard to take down.

In which places can it provide protection?

You can install the fire rated door in industrial premises, commercial grounds, and even residential areas. However, you must install the door in areas where they can give full benefits like:

  • The main entrance and exit way of the building.
  • Install it as a door that acts as a divider between two buildings.
  • Doors that open directly to stairwells or elevator shafts.
  • Especially areas where there is a firework in the industry or factory.

Installation of the door

While considering purchasing the door always look for one that carries high ratings and is property installed. Hire a professional to install the door then only it provides adequate protection. Professionals will know better how to install as every door has a unique shape, size, material, and parts that need a proper way to get fit. As specified by the fire department, these doors should be installed by a professional to ensure the safety of people. Whenever buying the door looks that it is SCDF approved, the product will contain a Certified Body (CB) label.

Everyone wants to protect their loved ones and their living as much as possible. These doors help keep them from any danger and protect you at all costs. The doors act as a savior in times of need, and it is always right to take prevention than cure.


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