How Fleet Management Software Protects Vehicles With Parking Mode

How Fleet Management Software Protects Vehicles With Parking Mode
How Fleet Management Software Protects Vehicles With Parking Mode

The majority of GPS tracking systems provide fundamental functions including route planning, live tracking, and status updates. However, top-notch fleet management software provides additional value in terms of protection against theft and other threats.

To protect your automobiles, good software has features like the SOS button, parking mode, immobilization, and battery disconnection alarm.

Do you frequently worry that your vehicle will be hauled away or stolen? Not to worry! With parking mode, your drivers will never come back to a missing vehicle in the place they parked it!


What is Parking Mode

A special safety function called parking mode protects your vehicle while it is parked. You can either use this function to protect your vehicles according to your daily parking plan or for times when drivers need rest between a trip. 

The parking mode feature’s main goal is to warn you whenever your vehicle is moving even in the absence of a driver. 

The parking mode function will enable your GPS monitoring software to trigger an alarm to your smartphone, whether you have manually or programmatically activated it. Here are two situations where the parking mode alarm might go off in your fleet management software

  • Moving Vehicle: Your vehicle can be moved even when it is supposed to be parked without even having been driven. It could be toes or pushed, both situations when you need to be aware. 
  • Ignition On: When your driver is not in the vehicle, someone might try to steal it by putting the ignition on. The prompt alert can help you save your vehicle. 


Benefits of Fleet Management Software’s Parking Mode 

Parking mode is a very crucial function that many GPS tracking systems might ignore. Here are a few of its outstanding advantages:


  • Protection Against Theft: Since an alarm will sound if the ignition is turned on while your driver is away, your vehicle is practically theft-proof. Through live tracking, the high-emergency alarm will enable you to act quickly and save your asset.
  • Parking Violation Alarm: You won’t have to deal with a missing vehicle if your driver parks your vehicle somewhere you shouldn’t have. You will get a prompt alarm if your vehicle is tow-away.
  • Scheduled Parking: You can set a regular time for the function to switch on if you know when you want your vehicles to be secured against theft and movement. Neglect-related loss is not acceptable!


Examples of Parking Mode in Use

The advantages that the feature offers are covered in the section above. Let’s talk about some real-world instances when the parking mode feature will be useful:


  • Ease of Mind: Forget about worrying about leaving your car for a few hours or even days. You will be informed if there is any suspicious behaviour!
  • Locate Missing Assets: Assume that your car and its cargo are being stolen or towed. Using the alarm, you may start live tracking right away to take the guesswork out of vehicle recovery and to know exactly where you can look for it.


Parking mode seems like a fantastic function, right? To get it and other similar useful security and tracking features, check out TrackoBit, India’s fastest-growing telematics software!


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