How Fleet Owners Prevent Fuel Wastage and Reduce Fuel Costs


How often does it happen to you that the actual fuel expense exceeds the cost that you estimated? Do you feel diesel takes the biggest bite from the monthly budget of your fleet? And rising fuel prices are making things worse? 

It’s not just you. Most of the fleet owners and transporters dwell in the same dilemma. However, many fleet owners have found the way out. They discovered the loopholes in the operations and looked for the right solution to the problems. Imagine if you improve the fuel efficiency of your entire fleet by 1%, imagine the amount of money you would save annually. The far-sighted fleet owners actually did it!

We’ll do the same. Let’s take the same route that they took.

The Key Factors that Cause Excess Fuel Consumption

  • Driver Behaviour

Engine idling is one of the biggest reasons for fuel wastage. Do you know 10 seconds of idling consumes more fuel than restarting the engine? On the other hand, overspeeding, sudden acceleration, fast brakes, and rash driving result in excessive fuel consumption. Aggressive driving not only results in unforeseen accidents but also other monetary losses. 

  • Ignoring service and maintenance

Avoid last-minute vehicle breakdown and enhance fuel efficiency by not ignoring scheduled servicing and regularly taking vehicles for maintenance. Fuel leakage, clogged filters, inflated tyres, corroded parts and more such factors negatively impact fuel efficiency. 

  • Delays and Long Routes

Are you wondering how delays affect fuel consumption? When drivers take unreasonably long breaks or delay the delivery for any reason, they tend to drive fast and recklessly to meet the ETA. Driver’s tend to take longer routes or de-tours for personal reasons. If this happens frequently, you are losing a substantial amount of fuel in this case that you are unaware of.   

  • Fuel Drainage & Theft

Fuel theft is a persisting problem in the transport business. No wonder fuel is called Black Gold. It’s not wise to ignore fuel leakages or disguised drainage, as the skyrocketing prices of petrol and diesel cost a bomb.

Driver’s have discovered innovative ways to steal fuel and go unnoticed. Here are a few:

  • Manipulation of fuel invoices
  • Direct pilferage from fuel tanks
  • Tampering with Odometer to justify mileage

When we look at these issues individually, they don’t seem to make much difference. If you see them collectively, imagine the size of the hole they are burning in your pocket. Instead of cutting costs to maintain the profit margin, why not optimize fuel management, invest in the solution and resolve the root cause.

What’s the Solution?

Now that you have figured out the pain points, let’s track down the solution. There is only one solution to all the above-mentioned scenarios, that is fuel management software. Advanced fuel monitoring software has a fix for every fuel-related problem.

We can not do much about fluctuating prices but, improving driving habits alone can enhance fuel efficiency by 20%. It will reflect in your overall swelling profit.

Fuel Monitoring Software is a technology introduced to optimise fuel management for fleet managers. It tracks real-time fuel level, provides consumption and refills reports and helps keep fraudulent activities at bay. Let’s discuss the significance of a fuel monitoring system.

The Benefits of Fuel Management Software

  • Accurate Fuel Reports

All this while, fleet owners have been running their fleets on assumptions and on data that was presented to them. With an intelligent Fuel Monitoring System, you get accurate insights in real-time straight from the vehicle. Not just that you get consolidated fuel reports providing essential details related to consumption, mileage and refills. This negates manipulation and helps in making informed decisions. 

  • Reduced Operations Cost

Our clients have reported more than 20% reduction in fuel costs ever since they have upgraded to a fuel management system. You plan trips decisively as you get real-time fuel update and daily reports. 

  • Real-time Fuel Monitoring

You get real-time updates on fuel level with location and vehicle status. Fleet managers can remotely monitor the fuel levels from anywhere with the help of a GPS tracking system. 

  • Say No to Fuel Theft

It will be impossible for drivers to steal fuel and go unnoticed. Whenever a  sudden drop in fuel levels is detected, you are notified then and there. This helps in taking immediate action. In fact, you can question the driver later with proof in hand.  

  • Alerts when there’s Fuel Refill and Drain

You are notified with an alert every time there is an uncalled-for attempt to steal fuel or in case of excess fuel drainage/leakage. You will get the exact time and location when the sudden drop was reported.

Let’s take an example. 

For instance, Driver A drives the ‘Vehicle Z’ with an average of 3 km/l daily whereas, Driver B delivers an average of 4 km/l on the same vehicle as well as other vehicles. That means the issue is in Driver A’s performance, on the contrary, if the vehicle gives the average of 3 km/l that indicates the problem is with the vehicle.

This was just one vehicle, how you think this can be traced and analysed with a fleet of a thousand vehicles. That’s when Advanced Telematics come into play.

You’ll get complete Telematics solutions from GPS Tracking to Fuel Monitoring, Driver’s Behaviour and much more with a future-proof solution. TrackoBit is the most sought-after Fuel Monitoring Software that is popular for its accuracy and 99.9% uptime. It helps fleet owners make informed decisions, calculate every move during the planning process and optimize fleet management.

Let’s join our forces. Say goodbye to worrisome days and sleepless nights due to spiking fuel costs. Let technology take all the pain.

1. Real-time Monitoring

You need a thousand eyes, to efficiently manage a fleet of a thousand vehicles, right. Damn, we are blessed with only two. GPS Tracking acts as your third eye that enables real-time tracking of all your vehicles. You get the live status of the vehicle (idle, overspeeding, halt, etc.) along with location, speed, odometer reading and much more. It helps you in making quick and informed decisions.

For instance, you can immobilize the vehicle remotely in case of a theft attempt, cancel the trip in case of a breakdown and reassign it to the nearest available vehicle without wasting much time.

2. Vehicle Security

With the great fleet comes greater responsibility. Not only the security of vehicles but also your drivers’ security falls on you. It gets harder to manage everything as the fleet gets bigger.

With various sensors installed in the vehicle such as panic button, relay, door sensor, fuel sensor, etc. you get notified with an alert prompting immediate action. It also helps in reducing fraudulent or reckless actions on drivers’ end.

3. Improved Efficiency 

Do you know what sets an average running business apart from excelling ones? Accurate insights and flawless data analysis. With AI and Machine Learning in place we, at TrackoBit, reduce the chances of human errors to negligible. You optimise resources, time and energy, which results in improved fleet efficiency including driver performance.

With features such as fuel monitoring and trip management, you not only save money but also make room for more business.

4. Fleet Management

Modern GPS Tracking Solutions are well equipped to streamline the entire fleet management process. They are like an all-in-one console from where you can plan trips, assign tasks, monitor activities and manage the fleet.

You can do so much – from monitoring the fuel level of every vehicle to keeping tabs on their service and maintenance schedule, monitoring drivers’ behaviour and whatnot. Fraudulent activities are the dark truth of a fleet business. GPS Tracking solutions help you keep a check on such fraudulence.

5. Accurate Cost Assessment

Gone are the days when fleets were running on rough estimation and driver’s vague reports. Now, you get accurate data with real-time updates and insightful reports. Accurate data not only improves your cost assessment but also helps in making informed decisions. With the detailed insights only, you’ll be able to spot old vehicles that guzzle fuel and warn drivers who drive carelessly.

6. Customer Satisfaction

Quality customer service is an integral part of a successful business. It can make or break enterprises. You just concentrate on making up your business, while you have cutting edge technology having your back.

With modern GPS solutions, you can come up with more efficient plans that improve fleet performance. Better efficiency translates into faster services/delivery to clients. You can also share status updates and ETA with them.

Fleet data received via Telematics makes fleet owners more aware of what is happening in the fleet, what is costing them more and what needs to be taken care of. If you try to cut the fleet cost without having any idea where exactly you are spending the most, you’ll end up doing guesswork.

TrackoBit will Track Every Bit of your fleet movement and serve you with relevant insights to enhance your decision making and improve your fleet’s efficiency. We offer a complete Fleet Management Solution which is much more than just GPS Tracking software. You get customised solutions to your business needs. Feel free to ask for a demo.


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