How I Learned About Custom Rigid Boxes


It was my husband’s birthday, and I was dazzled by the custom rigid boxes displayed in front of me on the shelves. I firmly believe that fragrance is an invisible element that augments individuals’ personal style. It affects how people remember you. Today’s perfumes not only smell wonderful but look equally attractive simultaneously. On every birthday, I buy perfumes for my husband.

As I sifted through the vial samples on the counter, I was mesmerized by the custom perfume boxes, branding, and overall appearance. I wondered if the men buying these beautiful custom rigid boxes knew that how they smell matters a lot to the women. In fact, it matters so much that ‘fragrances’ is one element that makes a woman accept or reject a man.

Rigid Perfume Boxes

I loved the beautiful custom rigid boxes that packaged perfumes. The boxes were a sight to behold in their premium printing, one-of-a-kind finishes, and add-ons. Men and women love to wear perfumes, maybe because it is one hundred and fifty thousand times more sensitive to our vision. Did you know that we humans can detect more than one trillion odors?

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I wondered how many customers evaluating the custom rigid packaging to judge the brand’s worth and their respective perfumes knew that the perfume they select will play an important role in triggering memories in their olfactory bulbs. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of men buying perfumes for themselves and checking out the different custom perfume boxes. After all, an impressive fragrance adds to the overall impression of a man. If you are a man and want to SMELL confident, wear a cologne.

Premium Boxes

Custom perfume packaging is not the only one that can be designed in custom rigid boxes. They are also used in customized jewelry packaging. These custom boxes are also chocolate boxes and premium cupcake boxes. These boxes are manufactured after understanding the product specification and the company’s requirements.

Since I was in the mall, I decided to check out some latest designs in office jewelry. I entered the shop of my favorite brand and was delighted with the re-launch of their products. My sister was going gaga over their jewelry items, but I did not get time from my hectic to check them out. The re-branding was done beautifully. All their custom jewelry boxes were re-designed and bore the same signature theme of the brand. I knew I would easily recognize their custom jewelry packaging even if I saw them elsewhere. Right here was an example of powerful branding. I decided to sift through the variety of tennis bracelets. There was one I particularly liked. It was a delicate item that I could wear to work easily.

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As the sales rep took it out from its custom jewelry packaging, I was amazed to see that proper inserts were placed in this small custom box on which the bracelet rested. The inside lining of these custom jewelry boxes was layered with velvet, which gave them a premium finish. The flaps of this came together to seal any gaps and interlocked to provide safety.

Rigid Jewelry Boxes

I knew I could use this packaging box to store my bracelet in between its use. I could easily keep them in these boxes while working out, saving me from rummaging through my handbag and searching for them every time I take it off. ClipnBox loved how my favorite brand has considered all these points we re-design their packaging for jewelry items. A very few companies are as responsive to the needs of their customers.

If you are a jewelry or a perfume brand looking forward to ordering attractive and functional options in custom rigid boxes, check out the customization tools, design layouts, and premium rigid packaging services ClipnBox offers its clients.

How Are Rigid Boxes Made?

Most of the cycles are either finished by machine or hand or different mixes of the two, contingent upon the particular maker.

Inflexible boxes begin as sheets of what is called chipboard (or greyboard or plain board) which resembles the shade of paper (there is likewise a possibility for hued chipboard that will give tone to within the crate). Cutting and scoring kicks the bucket are utilized for slicing the chipboard to its right shape and size, while the sides of the container are scored (not slice the whole way through to work with collapsing).

The crate sides are collapsed at the score regions to finish the case structure. Tape is applied to get or “remain” the sides utilizing a quad stayer machine.

The wrap is ready by having it imprinted on (if ideal) managed or “mitered” to fit the case impeccably. The crate is then put on the wrap, where the paste is utilized to stick the two together.

Unbending Box Styles – A Quick Overview

Unbending boxes comprise two sections – a cover and base (or top and base). The shapes and sizes of unbending boxes fluctuate extraordinarily – square, rectangular, roundabout, three-sided, V-formed, and so on. Be that as it may, in the bundling business, unbending box styles are typically arranged and portrayed by the cover utilized.

What’s more, similarly with a ton of things in regards to the bundling business, these crates come in a wide range of varieties and hybridization where names become exchangeable, relying upon the maker.

“Telescope Lids” – Rigid Boxes

Telescope tops have a top that covers either the whole base, called a Full Telescope, or simply an aspect of the base, called a Partial Telescope.

A Full Telescope top, as on chocolate or candy boxes, has a top covering the whole base of the container. This specific model has “thumb cuts” to make opening the crate more straightforward.

Fractional Telescope (called Partial Cover) inflexible boxes are precisely the exact thing you’d expect; the top just to some degree covers the base.

The Classic Shoebox referenced before is a style of top with a lip that is, customarily, 1 inch down.

Try not to let the name of this inflexible box style impact you; the exemplary shoebox style doesn’t need to be utilized for simply shoes.

This next model is a full telescope style (because the top envelops the base or lower part of the container) known as a Tray with Sleeve, Slipcase, or Shell and Slide.

The following model is a sort of halfway telescope box called a Neck Box Shouldered Box or Shoulder Box. A plate is stuck inside the base and distends up past the highest point of the base. This projection makes a “neck,” and the top edge of the base turns into the “shoulder.” Now and again, the plate that makes the neck is stuck to within the cover rather than the base. The container works similarly, be that as it may.

At times the “neck” is made extra long and projects past the lip of the base to such an extent that it makes a hole between the cover and the base. This is generally done for tasteful reasons.

“Pivoted Lids” – Rigid Boxes

This is where the unbending box cover is joined forever and stays shut utilizing gravitational powers (liberated from cost) or with an attractive strip or a lace restricting (costs some extra). These cases are perfect for continuous use items intended to be put away in the middle between utilizes.

There is a wide range of styles of pivoted cover unbending boxes. What’s more, here are a few well-known styles.

Flip Top or Cigar Box is a work of art and flexible style of inflexible box. Customarily it has been utilized for very good quality stogies, yet can, and is, utilized for nearly anything.

Here is a variety of the Flip Top or Cigar Box. When shut, the Book Style inflexible box looks like a hardcover book. This style is regularly used to bundle everything from extravagant food to garments to excellent items and custom hardware.

Clamshell Style is tracked down in numerous bundling, not simply unbending boxes. This style is used for creased bundling, collapsing containers, and thermoform/rankle bundling.

As referenced, the inflexible box has so many varieties that it would be almost difficult to show them all. Add plenty of potential additional items, for example, stages, compartments, attractive terminations, windows, lace pulls, handles, etc. In any case, the above models should give you a thought of the normal central styles.


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