How Microneedling Cleared The Acne Scars On Dark Skin

Microneedling Dark Skin

If you think about the concept of rolling hundreds of tiny needles on your skin, it gives you the jitters, right? Naturally, people with dark skin are more susceptible to showing signs of skin trauma like dark spots and scars. However, when the needles are handled by a professional and used as a treatment, the concept doesn’t give you jitters anymore. This type of skin treatment is called microneedling and is quite popular in med spas for getting rid of trauma scars, acne marks, fine lines, wrinkles, and frown lines. 

Today, we will discuss how dermatologists can use the microneedling procedure to treat acne scars on black skin. If you have dark skin and want to get rid of acne scars, continue reading this post for more information on how this procedure is done. Once you are convinced that you need to have the procedure, don’t forget to do your research online to look for a reliable dermatologist who will perform the procedure excellently. Beverly Hills Med Spa offers the best microneedling procedures in Los Angeles. The facility uses the latest and the most advanced equipment and techniques to achieve the best results in skincare.

What Is Microneedling Dark Skin Procedure?

Before discussing the benefit of microneedling facial therapy for black skin, let’s define microneedling therapy and its purpose in skincare treatment. Microneedling is a skin treatment that drives tiny fine needles into the skin using a unique device. Once this is done on the skin, the body’s healing system triggers high production collagen to treat injuries inflicted on the skin. In other words, microneedling utilizes the body’s healing power to treat or get rid of various skin defects, including removing acne scars. 

Microneedling is also useful when treating an uneven complexion, large pores, and hyperpigmentation. The procedure leads to greater collagen productivity that makes the skin have an even skin tone. Although most people think that microneedling is not safe for dark skin, microneedling can also treat various skin conditions in dark skin. 

Is it Safer to Have Microneedling if You Have Dark Skin? 

A misconception about the microneedling procedure is that the device can cause the skin to darken when it punctures it. However, when done by a professional, the tiny needles hardly cause any trauma to the skin, and they won’t darken the skin. The doctor will give you instructions on how to take care of your skin before and after the procedure to avoid risks. 

What Should Be Done Before a Microneedling Dark Skin Procedure?

Microneedling isn’t a procedure that should be approached blindly. It doesn’t matter what your skin complexion is. The best results depend on the preparation done just before the procedure. Proper preparation involves giving the patient a retinoid, hydroquinone, topical steroid, and SPF one week before the procedure. The work of this regime is to enhance the results of the procedure and make sure that the skin is well taken care of after the procedure. The patient also has to increase water intake before the procedure is performed. Properly hydrated skin will work well with a microneedling procedure. 

What Happens During The Process? 

To reduce the discomfort during the procedure, the doctor will apply a topical numbing cream. Once this is done, tiny fine needles will be moved across your skin’s surface using a pen-like device. Appointments should be spaced three to four weeks if you want to get the best results. You are also advised not to use at-home devices that vendors claim to produce the best results. Although these devices are easily obtained, not everyone knows how to use them. One mistake can cause your facial beauty and make the situation worse than it was. 

After the Microneedling Dark Skin Procedure 

Your skin may look reddish once the doctor finishes performing this treatment. However, after a few hours, it will disappear. There is minimal downtime which means after a few hours, and you can return to your usual routine. You don’t need to isolate yourself to allow healing to take place. However, after the microneedling procedure, you need to avoid heavy sweating, direct sunlight, and heavy makeup while healing. Once you have had the microneedling black skin procedure, you need to use sunscreen with physical blockers such as titanium oxide and zinc oxide. Unlike other sunscreen products, these don’t have a heavy tint, which means that they won’t make dark complexions look pasty. Besides protecting your skin from the sun, they will also make your skin healthy, vibrant, and hyperpigmentation-free.

Getting the best results after a microneedling black skin procedure demands having more than one treatment session. But you should not decide to go through another treatment if you haven’t consulted your dermatologist. The doctor who performed the procedure will advise you if you need extra sessions—another aspect determining the number of sessions you need to have your skin’s complexion. If you have dark skin and are trying to remove acne scars, three sessions per year will be enough. For burns and stretch marks, five sessions per year will be appropriate.

Microneedling Cost?

The office treatment done by a professional dermatologist is the best way to go. That is because you will get the best desired microneedling treatment. An expert is going to charge you around $100 and $700. The size of the treatment area will determine how much you will pay for your microneedling dark skin procedure. You can also get the microneedling treatment in other parts of the body besides the face, and this means that you can get it on your arm or neck. Reputable clinics that offer excellent microneedling services will charge you between $200 to $1000. 


Your facial skin plays a great role when you want to look good, and that means that there are no treatments deemed to be expensive if they are meant to make you look beautiful. You can also get the microneedling dark skin procedure to remove acne scars if you have dark skin. Just make sure that you seek services from a professional dermatologist who will produce excellent results. 

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