How Much Does it Cost to Change a Flight in 2022?

Major U.S. Airlines Cost to Change a flight
Major U.S. Airlines Cost to Change a flight
There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how much it costs to change flights in 2022. The cost for doing so can vary depending on the airline, so we’ve broken it down here and shared some tips for avoiding those fees altogether. Sometimes, you can make changes to your itinerary with no fee at all.

When cancelling a flight, it’s best to do so within 24 hours of booking.

If you can’t do that, the next best thing is to wait and see if the airline makes a change to the flight. If they do, you’ll automatically get a refund. Otherwise, some airlines (like Southwest) let you cancel your flight at no cost. You may also be able to get a refund for cancellations in some cases if you have elite status with an airline.  

How much does it cost to change a flight in 2022?

Every major U.S. airline typically charges penalty fees to change or cancel an economy fare flight. The fees, however, can vary greatly, from as low as $75 on a domestic flight to more than $400 on an international flight. Some airlines are temporarily waiving change fees due to the pandemic. If you have elite status with a particular carrier, you may be able to change your flight for free or for a reduced cost. Below, we’ve broken out the fees:

American Airlines change fees

American Airlines Change Fee: As of Aug. 31, 2020, American Airlines has eliminated all change and cancellation fees for tickets within the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. This change allows for much more travel flexibility than ever before.. If you need to change your American Airlines flight itinerary, you will be charged $200 USD per passenger plus any difference in fare between the two flights. This amount may vary depending on your original ticket price and destination, so it is best to check before making changes to your itinerary. American Airlines has eliminated change and cancellation fees on international flights for tickets issued on or after Nov. 19, 2020. This change will benefit passengers who need to make changes or cancel their trips due to COVID-19. On or after April 1, 2021, Basic Economy fares purchased on United Airlines cannot be refunded or changed. If your new booking is cheaper, you’ll receive a travel credit for a future trip. Same-day flight changes are available on select flights for a $75 fee. New York (JFK) to London (LHR) same-day flight changes will incur a $150 fee. Customers can stand by for a same-day flight on flights within the U.S., to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Next, call American Airlines (888) 313-20-61 (hopefully before your flight has taken off).  

How to Change Flight Date on American Airlines

American Airlines offers a few ways to change your flight date. You can either use the American Airlines website, the mobile app or by calling their customer service line. To change your flight date on the American Airlines website, you will need to have your reservation number and the last name on the reservation. You can then go to the Manage Reservations section and click on Change Flight. From there, you will be able to change your flight date and time. If you are using the American Airlines mobile app, you will need to have your confirmation code and the last name on the reservation.

Delta Air Lines change fees

Delta Air Lines change fees: Delta Air Lines has eliminated many of its change and cancellation fees, which previously started at a minimum of $200 per ticket. There are no longer change fees for tickets within the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as for all international travel originating from North America, including SkyTeam and codeshare flights. However, basic economy fares are not included in this new policy and cannot be changed or canceled. Delta charges a $75 fee for any same-day flight changes. However, Delta Gold, Platinum and Diamond Medallion members are exempt from this fee.

How to Change Flight Date on Delta Airlines

There are a few ways to change your flight date on Delta Air Lines. The first way is to call Delta Airlines customer service. The second way is to change your flight date online. And the third way is to use the Delta app. Each of these methods has its own set of instructions, which will be outlined in this article. Next, Call Delta Airlines (888) 313-20-61 (hopefully before your flight has taken off).

United Airlines change fees

United Airlines change fees: Starting now, United Airlines has permanently eliminated its change and Cancellation fees for Economy, Economy Plus, First, Business and Premium Plus tickets within the U.S. (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands), and flights from the U.S. to Mexico and the Caribbean. However, changes are not allowed for basic economy fares. For other international flights, there won’t be change or cancellation fees as long as your ticket is issued by Jan. 31, 2022. United Airlines has announced a change in their flight fees. The new policy will go into effect on December 5th. Under the new policy, passengers who purchase tickets within 21 days of their flight will be charged a $75 fee for changes and cancellations. This is a $25 increase from the current fee. Passengers who do not purchase tickets within 21 days of their flight will be charged a $200 fee for changes and cancellations. This is a $100 increase from the current fee. The new policy is in response to the high number of changes and cancellations that United Airlines has been experiencing Next, Call United Airlines (888) 313-20-61 (hopefully before your flight has taken off).

How to Change Flight Date on United Airlines

United Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world. As such, it offers a wide variety of flights to a variety of destinations. However, there may be times when you need to change your flight date on United Airlines. Perhaps you have to attend an important meeting or you have discovered a cheaper flight that works better for your schedule. Whatever the reason, changing your United Airlines flight date can be a daunting task. But with a little bit of planning and preparation, it can be a relatively easy process. In this article, we will walk you through the steps needed to change your flight date on United Airlines.

Southwest Airlines change fees

Southwest Airlines change fees: Southwest Airlines was the only domestic airline not to charge any change or cancellation fees before the pandemic. If you wanted to change a ticket, you only had to pay the difference in fare. Refunds on canceled flights were given as a travel credit, which could typically be used within one year of the booking date. It depends on the ticket you purchased. If you have a Wanna Get Away ticket, you need to upgrade to the full Anytime fare in order to change to a different same-day flight. However, if you’re an A-Lister, you can make same-day changes for free. Next, Call Southwest Airlines at 1-234-I-FLY-SWA. (hopefully before your flight has taken off).

How to Change Flight Date on Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is a popular airline that people often fly on for vacation or for work. If you need to change your flight date on Southwest Airlines, there are a few things you can do. First, you’ll want to check the airline’s website to see if your flight has been changed. If it has, then you don’t need to do anything and your new flight information will be automatically updated. If your flight hasn’t been changed, then you’ll need to call Southwest Airlines and speak to a representative. The representative will be able to help you change your flight date and give you more information

Alaska Airlines change fees

Alaska Airlines change fees: Alaska Airlines has joined a growing number of airlines in permanently eliminating change and cancellation fees. This policy applies to both standard and first class fares. However, same-day change fees will still apply. For standard and first class flights, same-day confirmed changes incur a $50 fee, while flights entirely within California or Alaska’s shuttle markets will incur a $25 fee. MileagePlan MVP Gold or 75K members can make free same-day flight changes. Next, Call Alaksa Airlines at 1-234-I-FLY-Alaska (hopefully before your flight has taken off).

How to Change Flight Date on Alaska Airlines

If you need to change your flight date on Alaska Airlines, you can do so online. First, go to the Alaska Airlines website and sign in. Once you are logged in, click on “My Trips” and find the reservation that you need to change. Click on “Change Flight” and then follow the steps to change your flight date. There may be a fee associated with changing your flight, so be sure to check the fees before you proceed. The new change flight date policy has been met with criticism from some passengers, who feel that the $125 fee is too high. Others have praised the policy, stating that it is a necessary step in order to keep the airline running

Allegiant Air change fees

Allegiant Air change fees: Allegiant Air has a stringent change and cancellation policy. If you need to change or cancel your flight, you must do so at least seven days before your travel date. And, Allegiant charges a $75 fee per segment — so the total cost of changing or cancelling both legs of a roundtrip flight would be $150. Allegiant will not refund the difference. They will also not refund the carrier charges or any other booking fees. You’ll receive a non-refundable, non-transferable voucher for future travel up to two years from the original booking date. Within seven days of travel, no changes are allowed and no credit is given unless you purchased Allegiant’s “Trip Flex” add-on at the time of booking.

Change Flight Date on Allegiant Air

To change your flight date on Allegiant Air, you must have booked your ticket online or through Allegiant Air Reservations. If you have booked your ticket over phone or through an agent then you need to contact them first for the changes. There are two ways in which you can change flight date on Allegiant Air. You can either use Manage Travel option available on the airline website or contact airlines directly for the same. The steps are as follows:
  • In order to change flight date on Allegiant Air, go to the official website.
  • Enter your booking number and last name and click on “Find Booking”.
  • Now you will be provided with the option to select the flight you wish to change.
  • By selecting your flight, you can change the date of your flight according to the availability.

Frontier Airlines change fees

Frontier Airlines change fees: Frontier Airlines is an ultra-low cost carrier, but it offers more flexibility than its competitors when it comes to changes and cancellations. Be aware that these fees apply per direction, so changing a round-trip flight will incur double the fees listed below:
  • 60 or more days prior to departure: Incur no change fees
  • Seven to 59 days prior to departure: $49
  • Six days or less prior to departure (including same-day changes): $79
You will be responsible for any additional fare difference. However, if your new itinerary is cheaper than your original flight, you will not receive a refund for the fare difference. Cancellations will be refunded as a travel credit. If you purchased THE WORKS bundle at the time of booking, you can get a full refund on your ticket. THE WORKS also provides other benefits that don’t come with Frontier’s basic offerings, such as a carry-on bag, checked bag, seat selection and priority boarding.

How to Change Flight Date on Frontier Airlines

If you want to know how to change flight date on Frontier airlines then follow the steps given below:
  • Visit the official website of Frontier Airlines
  • Login using your credentials and go to ‘My Trips’ section
  • Select the trip you want to change and click on ‘Change Flight’ option
  • Now provide all the required information and select the new date for your trip
  • Make payment for any new charges due to flight change
  • Once payment is done, confirm the changes made by clicking on ‘Change Flight’ button

Hawaiian Airlines change fees

Hawaiian Airlines change fees: Hawaiian Airlines slashed its change and cancellation fees, joining a number of other domestic airlines. You don’t have to worry about any change fees for tickets in the main cabin, extra comfort, first or premium classes. However, basic tickets in the main cabin cannot be changed or canceled unless they’re covered by a Covid-19 travel waiver, which is in effect until the designated expiration date. If you are a Pualani Platinum or Gold member or corporate customer, you are eligible for same-day standby changes to neighbor flights without any charge. All other flyers will not be able to wait for standby..

How to Change Flight Date on Hawaiian Airlines

If you have booked a flight with Hawaiian Airlines, but now your dates have changed, you may want to change the flight date. Thankfully, Hawaiian Airlines allows you to change your flight date or time online. In this article, we’ll show you how to change flight date online.
  • Log into your Hawaiian Airlines account online
  • Click on the “My Trips” link at the top right corner
  • Click on the specific trip that needs a change
  • Click on the “Change Trip” link under the itinerary details
  • Instructions for changing a specific leg of your trip will appear at the top of the page
  • Enter new departure and arrival dates in dd/mm/yyyy format and click “Price This Trip” to find flights that match with your new travel dates

JetBlue change fees

JetBlue change fees: While most fares will not have to pay any change or cancellation fees, Blue Basic fares are the exception. However, Blue Basic fares booked from Aug. 25 to Oct. 31, 2021 and before June 7, 2021 will not incur any change or cancellation fees. All other Blue Basic fares purchased from June 8 to Aug. 24, 2021 and after Nov. 1, 2021 will require a change/cancellation fee of $100 per person for travel within the U.S., Caribbean, Mexico, or Central America. It will cost $200 for all other fares. There is a $75 same-day change fee for all fare classes, except for Mosaic members, who don’t have to pay the fee.

How to Change Flight Date on JetBlue Airlines

Have you planned to travel with JetBlue Airlines and booked your flight tickets? If yes, then you might be facing the problem of changing or canceling your flight tickets. You can call the customer service team of JetBlue Airlines to get help. The experts will help you understand how to change flight date on JetBlue airlines. You can change flight date on JetBlue Airlines by following the given below steps.
  • Open the JetBlue Airlines’ official website or app.
  • Log in to your account by providing your credentials.
  • Go to the My Trips section and select a trip you want to change.
  • Choose Change Flight option and follow the displayed instructions.
  • If you have any issues, then contact customer service for help.

Spirit Airlines change fees

Spirit Airlines change fees: If you book a flight more than three weeks in advance, Spirit Airlines charges $60 for changes and cancellations. If you book within three weeks of your departure, that fee jumps to $115. Spirit Airlines is not the only airline to charge different change and cancellation fees based on how close to the departure date you are. Delta, American, United, and JetBlue all have similar policies. The reason for this policy is that airlines want to discourage people from making changes or canceling their flights within a short period of time. If too many people do that, it can cause the airline to lose
  • Days from departure / Cancellation/change fee
  • 0 to 2 days from departure $99
  • Three to six days from departure $79
  • Seven to 59 days from departure $49
  • 60+ days from departure Free

How to Change Flight Date on Spirit Airlines

Sometimes, you may have to change your flight dates due to some unforeseen circumstances. You can easily change the date of your Spirit Airlines flight. Changing the flight date is easy, but it can be costly as well.
  • First, log in to your spirit airline account and find out the web check-in option.
  • Navigate to the “Manage My Trip” section and enter your confirmation number, last name, and departure city. After that, click on the search button.
  • Now, choose the flight you want to change and initiate the process of changing the flight date.
  • Ensure that you are eligible to change a flight date. If you are eligible, then move ahead with the process of changing the flight date by selecting a suitable date as per your preference and confirm it without any delay.


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