How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost in Toronto?

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Whitening your teeth, which is considered a cosmetic procedure, can be accomplished with a variety of products. Philips makes a product called Zoom that is available for purchase. For teeth whitening Toronto, your dentist may recommend one of several Zoom treatments, which range from in-office procedures to at-home options. You can rest assured that your zoom whitening Toronto treatment is safe and effective because your dentist will oversee it. 

How Zoom Teeth Whitening Works

There are a few different types of treatments for Zoom teeth whitening. After consulting with a dentist, you can get some at your dentist’s office and do others at home. A hydrogen peroxide-based whitening agent is used in each of these procedures. The use of LED light to brighten your teeth during the procedure is also the fastest and most efficient treatment. After a 45-minute procedure at your dentist’s office, the Zoom White speed treatment can significantly improve the brightness of your teeth. It calls for an LED lamp as well as a whitening gel. 

At the dentist’s office, the Zoom Quick Pro treatment only takes ten minutes. It only uses a whitening agent that you apply to your teeth for 30 minutes. Two at-home options use whitening gel-filled trays to whiten teeth in two weeks. Be mindful of what you eat and drink before the procedures because you will need to ensure that your teeth are clean for the procedures. You may also be asked by your dentist to limit your food and drink consumption immediately after the procedure.  

Philips Zoom White Speed In-Office Teeth Whitening Is the Most Effective Zoom Treatment in Toronto

Giving you much brighter teeth whitening in Toronto in less than an hour. Over 45 minutes, you will need to use a special LED lamp and apply a whitening gel. It can make your teeth whiter by a few shades. A professional cleaning might be something your dentist recommends before the whitening procedure. 

  • Apply a whitening gel to your teeth.  
  • Turn on the Zoom White speed LED light.  
  • Point it at your teeth twice more.  
  • Apply an enamel-protecting gel.  

Your dentist will give you instructions on how to take care of your teeth and at-home whitening treatments after the procedure. Toronto teeth whitening White speed treatment costs nothing without these materials and supplies. 

Philips Zoom Quick Pro 

This treatment can be applied by your dentist in just ten minutes and takes a half hour. It uses less time in the office and costs less than the Zoom White speed option, but it doesn’t whiten your teeth as much. 

  • After your regular cleaning, apply a whitening agent to your teeth.  
  • To protect your teeth, apply a sealant on top of the whitening agent.  
  • Follow the instructions for aftercare.  

You can leave your dentist’s office after the application. After half an hour, you will need to brush off the whitening agents. 

Zoom Treatments at Home  

There are two kinds of Zoom whitening in Toronto treatments at home. Your dentist will tell you which option is best for you and send you home with the necessary supplies. Following a Zoom White speed treatment, your dentist may also recommend one of these whitening procedures to further brighten your teeth. 

At-Home Whitening Options Like Philips Zoom Day White and Philips Zoom Night White Zoom  

Will include custom-made trays that will fit over your teeth. You wear the trays for Zoom Day White once or twice a day for a half-hour to an hour and a half. You wear the trays during Zoom Night White treatments, which take place at night. Over two weeks, the two at-home treatments take place. The steps you take at home will include: 

  • Brushing your teeth. 
  • Applying a small amount of the whitening gel to the trays your dentist has given you.  
  • Placing the trays over your teeth.  
  • Wearing them for the time specified.  
  • Removing the trays and rinsing them with cold water.  
  • And brushing your teeth once more.  

Your dentist may also give you another gel to use to protect your tooth enamel after the whitening procedure. 

How Much Time Does Zoom Last to Whiten Teeth?

Zoom whitening in Toronto can last for as long as a year or more. In one study, Zoom Day White treatment followed by Zoom White speed treatment for 12 to 15 months.


teeth whitening Toronto


Is Zoom Whitening Harmful?

Using Zoom whitening products shouldn’t be painful. During at-home treatment, you might have to get use to feeling the trays in your mouth, but wearing them shouldn’t hurt. After tooth whitening, your teeth may become more sensitive, but Zoom treatments rarely cause this. After receiving Zoom treatments, only 1.8% of participants experienced tooth sensitivity, according to one study. Only two out of nine participants in another study reported experiencing sensitivity following treatment. 

What Are the Zoom Teeth Whitening Aftercare Like?

After your procedure, your dentist will give you specific instructions. After 30 minutes with Zoom Quick Pro, you must brush off the varnish that was applied to your teeth. Following at-home treatments, brush your teeth. 

Your dentist will probably tell you to stay away from foods and drinks that could stain your teeth because they could affect how long they stay white. Teeth can stain by beverages like coffee, tea, and soda. Additionally, tobacco products stain teeth. 

What Is the Cost of Zoom Teeth Whitening?

The zoom whitening Toronto White speed is about $500 in cost. This includes additional at-home treatment as well as the 45-minute treatment at the dentist’s office. Depending on your dental office, the Zoom Quick Pro costs between $150 and $125

Treatments at home will be less expensive than White Speed and Quick Pro alternatives. Your dentist will consult with you about these procedures and provide you with a price based on your treatment plan. The majority of insurance plans do not cover the costs of teeth whitening because it is a cosmetic procedure. As a result, you’ll have to pay for it yourself. 

When you ask your dentist about teeth zoom whitening in Toronto You might notice that your teeth have become more discolored as you get older, if you eat or drink certain foods or drinks, or if you take certain medications. Talk to your dentist about Zoom whitening treatments if you want a brighter smile. 

Before performing any whitening procedures on you, your dentist will inspect your teeth to ensure that they are in good condition. They will also inquire about your medical history and allergies. The effects of the treatment with artificial or fixed teeth will also discuss with your dentist. Children are not as good candidates for teeth whitening as adults. Cosmetic teeth whitening not recommends for kids and teens by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Teeth Whitening Effects 

Teeth Whitening in Toronto ON:  The most common cosmetic dentistry procedure is professional teeth whitening because it is more effective, safer, more comfortable, and less painful than whitening with a store-bought kit. Both in-office and home tooth whitening options are available at Balsam Dental. 

Zoom Teeth Whitening:  In the Balsam Dental Toronto dentists at Teeth Whitening use the safe and effective laser whitening procedure known as Laser Teeth Whitening for in-office teeth whitening. Using Zoom! In a single office visit, we can lighten your teeth by several shades. Toronto in-office teeth whitening procedures can frequently lighten teeth by as much as ten shades in an hour. 

Customized Take-Home Kits for teeth whitening in Toronto g are available for patients who would like to whiten their teeth at home in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. These kits come with custom application trays that fit your teeth exactly, making it possible to whiten your enamel consistently and completely.

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