How much is the pipe relining cost per meter UK 2020?

pipe relining cost per meter uk
pipe relining cost per meter uk

We all know that the plumbing, whether major or minor comes with a price tag. Usually, the one that is major can be quite invasive. In actuality, the benefits of getting pipe relining cost per meter UK will outperform having faulty plumbing. Although you do have various options of how you get something fixed that will have a drastic impact on how much you pay and how much inconvenience or disruption you can expect.

What is Pipe Relining?

pipe relining cost per meter UK
If you have a damaged or cracked pipe that is buried or choked in some way, then the common solution for this is that you need to dig the entire area and replace that particular part of the pipe.

The pipe relining method has brought plumbing out of the dark ages and into the 21st century. It makes the use of the latest technology to reline inside of the pipes simply. You might think that this is a temporary solution, but in reality, it’s not the case.

Most plumbing companies utilize the best recliners in the market. They will insert the liner inside your pipe, primer it with epoxy resin to basically create a new pipe within the specific damage area. It will be as robust as the entirely new pipe.

How Pipe Relining Works?

pipe relining cost per meter UK
Pipe relining is the latest technology in the plumbing industry which is very quick and clean in fixing the damaged pipe. Sound like an unachievable dream, but it’s not. This is the best alternative method as compared to repairing damaged and choked pipes.

The first step of pipe relining is by injecting the resin. It starts with locating the block or damaged area and the reason behind this happening. This way, they will know how to best cope with the damaged area in fixing it.

Further, the most appropriate technology is used to fully clean the pipes from inside of any dirt or blockages. The water jetting machine is very strong, and it also has the potential to clear out the roots that are growing inside your plumbing. They also have manual cutting machines that are used to grind pipes.

Now the best part. Once your pipes are thoroughly cleaned, a flexible and epoxy resin-infused is inserted into the pipes using air and water to set them in place. This will create a completely new and watertight pipe within the old one. This all will be done with only minor disruption in your site.

What is the Alternate to this method? 

When a pipe is choked and in dire need to be repaired or replaced, the most common technique is initially an excavation of the surrounding area. This provides your plumbing team physical entry to and the ability to dispose of the portion of the damaged pipe and update it with a new section.

Even this method might also appear just as easy and can sometimes be less expensive. It’s possible to cause some greater destruction along the way.

If the problem with your pipe is that it is under a footpath, driveway or different structure, you will have to break the entire foundation to get the ground underneath to dig up the pipe. And then you definitely want to replace it again.

So what may also appear like a fast and quick dig and replace, it can become an extended and expensive excavation and re-build? Not only this will hurt your pocket, but it also means that your business will need to shut down while it’s taking place. So the main point is it could affect the business during that period. Not to forget the regulars who may find some other business and never return.

Can you really afford this option? 

Pipe relining alternatively can be accomplished within a day or two, without any excavation, saving you a lot!

What impacts the drainpipe lining cost of the UK

So you have decided that pipe relining is the best way to opt for. However, there are some variables in place with regards to getting it started.

When the companies are quoting on relining services, they have to examine the number of things to make the final call. The key variables which could have an effect on the value are:

  1. access to the pipe
  2. the diameter and length of pipe
  3. the material your pipe is produced from
  4. how many breaks and their lengths


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