How Much Seo Company Costs for SEO Services?

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When it comes to SEO pricing, it might be a complex subject!

Determine the SEO campaign price with some essential factors. Usually, the price will reveal after a thorough SEO audit. When a company decides to hire an SEO Company Singapore, it is done for the overall business growth.

The most important thing they expect from SEO companies is pricing and deliverables transparency. But investing in a reliable company is a challenging task.

As we know, investing in an SEO campaign will enhance the ranking and growth of the business. But don’t worry; in this blog, we will explain what you should expect from a company and what you should look for when selecting an agency. In addition, we will provide you with the lowdown on SEO pricing that will surely help you!

So, read carefully before investing!

Firstly, start with the SEO pricing model.

Three Major SEO Pricing Structures     

In today’s market, tons of SEO agencies are available that offer various services. Their only aim is to provide services that boost the website ranking and organic traffic. They optimize the website’s ranking on the search engine results page (SERP) in various ways. It includes content creation, keyword research and link building.

Each SEO enterprise is different that has its own SEO pricing model. So, it’s better to double-check what’s included in their SEO pricing model.

We have mentioned the three primary SEO pricing models you will find for your SEO campaign!

  • Per Hour SEO Rate

The hourly SEO rate is the first and most commonly used pricing structure. Freelancers, SEO consultancies, and solo agencies often set these rates. They charge their SEO services for hourly rate.

Apart from this, many use this pricing structure for minor projects where they don’t need to do much work. However, it means when they have to perform specific work like keyword research, site audit, and content creation. The charges depend on the hours they work on each project.

  • Monthly Based SEO Rate

Many big SEO enterprises will charge a monthly rate from clients. This is because they must pay a fixed monthly amount to retain the agency’s services. But on the other hand, they carry out the SEO work on your website.

You will also find monthly SEO packages that are made with a set of services. It includes keyword research, content creation, link building, technical audit, website SEO audit, reporting, and insights. But if you don’t require many services for your business, there is another way. They provide you with a custom SEO package where you can build your custom plan at an agreed monthly price.

  • Project Based SEO Rate

Some enterprises charge their clients a one-time payment for a particular SEO project. Project-based SEO service will be applicable when there is no need for recurring work, but it involves various activities.

When technical SEO requires on-page, technical, and other vital issues, the agency creates a bunch of activities into a project. And they set a timeline to deliver the result.

What’s in Your SEO Quotation?

But what is included in your SEO quotation? Ensure your SEO Agency Singapore will provide you with an SEO proposal highlighting the comprehensive workflow of SEO. There are some essential things you should look for in an SEO quotation!

  • Length of SEO Campaign
  • Targeted Keywords
  • On-page Optimization
  • Technical Optimization
  • Pre-campaign Site Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Monthly Summary Report
  • Creation and Optimization of Content

These are all the things you will receive in your SEO quotation. Always ensure that the things mentioned above are included in your proposal.

Essential Factors Affecting SEO Pricing

As we know, SEO pricing is a significant aspect. So, there are many significant factors that are affecting SEO pricing. Have a look!

  • Website Scale

The scale of the website is an essential factor when it comes to pricing. Every website is different, so we can’t choose the same SEO service. For instance, a doctor’s clinic website differs from an e-commerce website. Depending on the products or services they offer, an e-commerce website has a number of pages. On the other side, the doctor’s clinic website has only two to three pages. So, the SEO is different for the e-commerce website compared to a doctor’s clinic’s SEO.

  • Objectives of Business

Every kind of SEO service is implemented that depends on the goal of the business. Some websites only require maintenance and basic site structure, but some need different. Like they require an in-depth optimization that needs some additional resources.

  • Competition Matter

The business industry will play a crucial role in SEO. We will choose or select the keywords on the basis of industry or location. As we know, keywords are an essential aspect of SEO that will boost your website ranking. The actions that are performed to rank those keywords are also essential. So, find the SEO expert that provides effective SEO services to make your business stand out from the competition.

  • Pricing Service Model

When you decide to take SEO service for your business growth, you must choose a pricing model. The selected pricing model is mentioned in your SEO plan. The marketers offer many pricing models. You can choose an hourly, monthly, or project-based pricing model as per your business requirements.

It doesn’t matter which one you select for SEO services; it will influence the final rate you receive. Choose wisely between the fixed and customized package that perfectly fits your business objective.

  • Website Current Position

At first, every SEO company evaluates the website’s current position with a website audit. Performing a site audit will help them know which elements need improvement. It is an essential element that evaluates the time and cost required for the SEO process to achieve the expected results.

Everyone wants to be in the top 10 or 50, which is a more demanding or time-consuming process nowadays. So, your expected business goals and current position are significant factors that influence SEO costs.

Know if SEO Services are Worth it or Not?

Investing in the right SEO service is not so easy. You need to find the right services that are worth the price. But how will you do it? Before making any decision, you need to do extensive research. Some crucial factors need to be considered before making a decision:

  • Check their website
  • Go through the case studies
  • Check for client reviews
  • Look if they use the best white SEO practices
  • Have a chat with company professionals

Considering these factors will help you to find the best company to achieve the desired result.


As we know, the search engine optimization (SEO) process is technical and complicated. So, its better to hire a company carefully. SEO is now necessary for businesses to compete, create brand awareness, enhance online visibility, generate more leads, and increase revenue. The companies are acquiring these services to gain benefits for their growth. But always make a decision after doing proper research!

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