How Social Media Can Be Beneficial For Your Startup?


Many people are career-oriented. They like to do jobs that fulfill their needs and satisfy their workaholic personalities. While most people are like that, there are others too who do not feel fulfilled by building their careers upon someone else’s foundations. While it’s not like it is an unethical thing to do so, such people still avoid it. That’s because they like to make an identity of their own by startup. They want to be known by their name throughout the world. 

And what could be a better option than choosing social media for this purpose? It’s no hidden fact now that social media can be efficiently used for startup. New businesses have to strive hard to make a position among the daunting well-established brands. And basic market makes it very difficult, if not impossible. Following are mentioned some ways in which startup can make use of social media for their progress:

1. It helps you to keep a track of your competitors

The first thing that a person who is going to start his business needs to do is to observe. He needs to keep an eye on his competitors. In this way, he would be able to get an idea of how other well-established businesses are handling the same products and services. A little inspiration is always good. 

And social media through its multiple platforms can provide you with information from diverse angles. You will always be able to keep a track of your competitors. If a student is initiating his business he can always take academic help while he utilizes that time in business. For instance, you could ask British essay writers to help with your assignments.

2. You can develop your brand online

Some startup think about using social media just for the sake of promotion. They believe that the pages that they will make on their diverse social media platforms will help their business grow. They do build have some outlets here and there. Others totally rely on social media for business. Social media pages are all that they have as their brand’s front. And this is being used successfully.  

A good way to explore this aspect further is by asking academic writers to write a detailed essay on it and then give it to you. For example, you could seek business management homework help from them and make use of all the well-researched points. 

3. You can attract the customers

Brands often try to reach to their potential buyers or in simpler words: ‘target market’ in indirect ways (masteressaywriters, 2022). It is all about gaining attention. And indirect ways have proven to get the most attention. 

Advertisements through newspapers or on billboards are now old-fashioned. People accept them as a daily part of their experience. They do not pay much heed to it. But anything that is showcased on social media becomes a trend. Hence, customers can be attracted in this way.  

4. Customer feedback has its own importance

Constructive criticism is essential for growth. And this is true for the growth of startup too. The best way to improve your brand is to ask the customers directly what do they think needs to be improved upon. Ask them for their feedback. 

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5. You can acquire customer loyalty

Social media is all about staying connected. That is the basic purpose of it. And this aim can be efficiently utilized by startup. You can get connected to your customers. Small business owners require soft skills (Orobia, Byabashaija, Munene, Sejjaaka and Musinguzi, 2013). Make use of social media to make your customers feel valued. When they would have the impression that you really care about their needs they would become loyal to your loyal customers. 

6. Improve your website’s search engine ranking and increase traffic to it through social media

Maintaining an online presence is essential for any business. This is even more important for startup. This gives credibility to your brand. But your website needs to get a higher search engine ranking for this credibility. Through social media, you can increase traffic to your website. Your social media platforms will engage your customers in approaching your website. 

7. You can even generate more revenue by making customer networks and advertising

Advertising and generating revenue with it at the same time sounds odd. But social media makes it possible. It’s all about being creative. You can develop engaging posts and videos. The more the people would go to them, the more you would be able to generate revenue from your accounts, and your brand will be advertised too along the process. In this manner, you could build greater customer networks too. Social media will become a tool for all this.

8. You can deal with international markets too, so market reach increases

Our world has transformed into a global village. And businesses have become global businesses. People from around the globe keep ordering stuff that they like. This can be done through websites. However, while there are tons of websites out there how would you be able to make a name. Well, social media will act as a savior. It will even attract international customers.

9. Ideas can be exchanged through social media to improve the way business is being operated

Interact with other businesses too. While it’s good to interact with the customers, it is also essential to build connections with other business owners. A connected campaign will not only introduce you to the people but will also widen your business horizons. 

10. Websites like LinkedIn can even provide you with potential employees

Having a good team is very important for any startup. You need dedicated, loyal people who would work for your brand efficiently. Even social media accounts have managers. No business can be run by a one-man force. So for this purpose, you can look for potential employees on social media platforms like LinkedIn. People there are competing with each other to get jobs. Hence, they keep acquiring more skills. Such skillful people would become great employers.  


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