How Students Can Learn Outside Of Online Classes

Learn Outside Of Online Classes

We never stop learning. As an entrepreneur or a student, feeling trapped in your niche isn’t hard. Taking time for a class can seem agonizing, time-consuming, and expensive. It’s pretty hard to explain. Instead, there are some free digital learning educational platforms. Nowadays in lockdown, most of the Universities and colleges are giving online classes. But they have their limitations you don’t need to depend on them at all. Instead, you can learn outside of online classes by signing into these websites:


This website provides a wide variety of courses from various universities. The biggest difference between EdX and other online courses is that a given length and period is the class. Once you sign up, you pledge the time and tasks for the lesson. You will register for the Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, and other prestigious colleges offering courses. This is not the platform for you if you are looking for a class you can do on your own time. The online classes here are close to the lessons of paying online learning. EdX is your one-stop University shop for all things. With a helpful search bar that lets you explore by a school, subject, or topic, it’s only going to be a matter of seconds before you find something that catches your eye. As you can continue to see, free online education is not limited to non-academic schools or locations you’ve never heard of. EdX features MIT, Dartmouth, Cornell, and more courses that will make your head spin.

MIT Open Courseware:

MIT is sure not to disappoint those looking for courses that will test even the brightest student. You can access all the material for the course which is almost similar to the course taught at MIT (it even gives you the year and semester it was taught). Because it is an on-demand course, you cannot communicate with those who take it. Studying alone is an individual analysis for you.


Recommended by many dissertation editing services, it is one of the biggest free courseware University platform repositories. Like EdX, these courses are in a set time (usually 10-14 weeks in duration). Online Class help from 16 different Universities including Princeton, Duke, and Stanford are eligible. Coursera has developed itself as the main “go-to” website for free online University learning, with over 1,000,000 users. Coursera has collaborated with leading colleges around the world to offer online courses covering hundreds of topics.  Coursera provides a wide variety of subjects to choose from; everything from data science to music theory. Since Coursera is open to all, all of the courses are either free or very cheap to take, with only the official qualification involving a higher cost at the end.


Udemy is an educational platform offering courses taught by top experts. You can choose between online classes on creating Facebook goods, SQL databases, Photoshop, Music Theory, Company, and many others. Udemy also allows regular experts to create their class Udemy is a little more expensive, with an average of 800 new courses added to their catalog each month. Costs vary widely, ranging from $10 to $500 for different courses; Udemy’s most popular business and technology courses appear to be over $100. Nevertheless, before signing up for any of the courses, you should check the reviews.


Udacity focuses on technology offering time-limited but well-crafted courses. If you are looking to break into data science, there’s an incredible roster of teachers from companies including Facebook in the data science program of Udacity. The pricing structure of Udacity allows you to pay for your courses every month; if you want to drop a program before completing it, you pay for the course until that point, rather than the entire thing. Udacity is a multimedia university specializing in training courses in computer science and learning. The web layout makes navigation extremely easy. You’re given video lectures with quizzes and assignments in five minutes. There are no needed textbooks and everything is free. Udacity provides an online community, in addition to the class, where students can interact, research, and work in groups. They will arrange for you to take a proctored test to obtain credit at the universities involved. They also try to turn over the program to partners.

Khan Academy:

This website has several free video tutorials. The topics of the course are broken down into different lessons, which is perfect for students who are trying to learn one theory without taking a whole course. The field of biology, for example, has different videos for evolution, photosynthesis, genetics, and others. If you prefer reading to watching, this site may not be for you as the lessons are all focused on video. Khan Academy is an online non-profit platform that offers a fully free library of educational “micro-readings.” Focusing on more conventional academic subjects, Khan Academy provides a combination of video and text-based material.


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