How To Better Take Care Of Your Gemstone Jewelry? – Rananjay Exports

How To Better Take Care Of Your Gemstone Jewelry? - Rananjay Exports

Whether it’s your favorite gemstone jewelry piece or the one you don’t wear frequently, they require maintenance and care. The one you wear every day may lose its luster, or the gemstone might get chipped or have some scratches on the surface. But when you know how to take proper care of it, you will use it accordingly. In this blog, you will get to know so many tips to maintain the shine of your jewelry for a long time.

Gems are so precious to mankind. So much labor is carried out in extracting the gemstones from deep beneath the rocks. They have their allure and charm to fascinate fashion lovers. Not only famous for their aesthetics, but the gems have also got the reputation of a talisman. Gemstones have unique healing powers. They have for a long time been used in therapies. What a bliss it is to wear your healer stones in the form of gorgeous accessories. These are eye-catching and no less than a charmer and at the same time save you from the evil energies. Since gemstones are so valuable, you must take proper care of them.

How to Store Your Jewelry

After you have worn jewelry on a particular occasion and now you have to store it, make sure you wipe the sweat off the jewelry piece with a soft muslin cloth. Statement pieces like Moldavite Jewelry have been an investment for a long time, so you must maintain their beauty. Don’t just place your accessories anywhere after you remove them. Keep them safe in the storage box that has a fabric lining. You can also keep the accessory in a pouch. Make sure that you keep a jewelry piece separate from the other to avoid scratches from another gem.

Moldavite jewelry is the most different color jewelry is liked by the classic people. The mossy green color is exceptionally unique and could be best worn when it is set into the 925 sterling silver jewelry. However, the stone is called the stone of transformation, and it has gas bubbles trapped inside it. This stone doesn’t have a smooth surface like other stones, and its roughness makes it different and unique. We call it stone, but actually, it is a tektite that came to earth 14 million years ago.

How To Better Take Care Of Your Gemstone Jewelry? - Rananjay Exports

Protect Your Accessories From Direct Sunlight:

Some gems are soft and susceptible to cracks. Excessive temperature can harm the precious crystals and can cause fracture or chipping of the stone. There it is essential that you keep your gem accessories away from direct sunlight. In addition, Opal can lose its color in the immediate presence of the Sun. So it is recommended that you take your opal jewelry out if you have to be for a long time in the Sun.

Even the Hard Gemstones Cannot Stand the Impact of Chemicals.

Therefore one has to be careful that their gem accessories don’t come in direct contact with the chemicals. Chemicals can damage the gems. It is advised that you keep your gem jewels away from perfumes, lotions, or any other cosmetics. Since we sometimes wear jewelry daily. Moonstone jewelry is worn as an everyday accessory because of its elegant appeal. But one has to make sure that while they are cleaning or any activity that might include contact with chemicals, they should take off the accessory.

Be Mindful of What You use to Clean Your Jewelry.

It is good that you clean your jewelry at regular intervals, but things like toothpaste can be harmful to your favorite gem accessory. When cleaning your jewelry at home, you might think of the traditional cleaners like lemon or things that instantly clean the surfaces. Harsh cleaners are not advised for gemstone jewelry.

These are delicate and should be treated with care. Mild soap and plain water are advisable for gem accessories. If you want to clean intricate jewelry with a brush, go for one with soft bristles. After you have cleaned the ornaments, wipe them off with a soft cloth. It is necessary to wipe the water left behind off the crystal as it can form stains on the surface, and the stone’s luster might appear a little less. This is visible in the case of turquoise jewelry, as it has a waxy luster.

You Can Also take Your Jewelry to Professionals to Check if There is Any Damage.

Whenever you find any loosened clasps or stones in a jewelry piece, make sure you visit the nearby jewelry before you wear it next time. You don’t want to lose your precious jewelry for reasons like these. If you wear a gemstone accessory for spiritual reasons, you wear it every day.

Since we don’t take that jewelry piece out, we don’t get to know the gem may be getting loose from its respective place. Libyan Glass Desert jewelry looks stunning and many like to wear it for its healing aspects. The gemstone is rare and is a good investment. You don’t want to lose the gem from your accessory. So it is better that you take your jewelry to the professional once in six months.


Now you know how to take care of gem accessories better. If you are a retailer, you can tell customers, so they don’t accidentally damage their gemstone jewelry.

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