How to Build a Progressive Web Application (PWA) Using React?

Progressive Web Application (PWA) is a popular software development philosophy. PWAs are half breed of a regular web page or a website and capability like another application model that consolidates features offered by most present day programs with the benefits of the mobile experience. Presented by Google in 2015 with the purpose to furnish clients with a native app experience Best web application development companies – They are intended to work cross-platform and offer features like pop-up messages, offline capabilities, performance benefits, and more. Many large tech companies like Google, Starbucks, Twitter, and Aliexpress utilize progressive web apps to increase their internet based presence.

There are three main parts that make a web app progressive

1. Secure Context or HTTPS

It is crucial for progressive web apps to be served over a secured network because it establishes your web app as a confided in webpage. Secured context is important assuming you are hoping to integrate transactions into your PWA. In this way having a secured context over HTTPS is important for PWA.

2.  Service Workers

Service workers are scripts that allow clients to control how the web program handles network solicitations and asset caching. PWAs actually must have one or more service workers. It is an integral part of fast, reliable web pages and offline experience you can take help from the best web application development companies for secure web apps.

3. Manifest File

A manifest file controls the appearance of your PWA to the end-client. It is a JavaScript Objective Nation (JSON) file that incorporates details, for example, the URL of the app, symbols, and other plan details that make your PWA attractive.

Advantages of choosing React for building progressive web applications

React is a framework that aides in building large and extensible web applications that support hot reloading features that allows you to alter your app at runtime. The hot reloading feature is especially useful in making changes to UI functionality. There are several benefits of choosing React for building progressive web applications.

1. High powered

React is a proficient framework for creating fast and scalable applications and diminishing performance issues. Performance issues related to DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation are often faced by JavaScript applications. It is a structural representation of your web page, allowing programming languages to interact with it. React utilizes virtual DOM to make changes to the UI without redrawing the entire page and encountering delivering issues. React allows you to make changes to the page in virtual memory instead of utilizing libraries like JQuery. It gives faster-delivering speed, which decreases page load time.

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2. Easy to learn

React is easier to learn as compared to Angular or Ash JS framework. React supports JSX augmentation that allows you to compose HTML-like syntax in your JavaScript code utilizing JSX expansion. You can utilize plain JavaScript, HTML and CSS to build a strong progressive web application with React.

3.  Well-equipped

Investigating, testing and planning is easier with React as it offers many designers tools and libraries. It offers a variety of choices to pick the most fit choice for a particular task. React engineer tools, Create React Apps by Facebook, Semantic UI React, and Ant Configuration are a portion of the examples of tools offered by React.

4. SEO-friendly

The normal SEO-related issue is web delivering services while working with heavy web applications. It means that a part of your website can not be displayed in Google search results. With the utilization of Virtual DOM, your substance on React-powered web app will be filed correctly, which eliminates SEO-related issues.

Best web application development companies use these Steps in building PWA with React

1.  Prerequisite to build React PWA

Before you start building a React PWA, it is important to make sure that you have a code editor and the latest variant of Hub installed. Visual Studio Code is a popular decision for a code editor.

The Create React App tool by Facebook is useful you don’t have a React web application that you want to enhance with progressive functionalities. You can try and import a ready-made React app from GitHub.

2.   Starting from basics

To start, we really want to install the Create React App tool in our framework. Open the code editor and enter the accompanying code scrap.

The installation interaction of Create React App too will be executed. When the cycle finish, enter the accompanying code to create a vacant undertaking.

After you create a task, go to the package.json file, and notice the conditions that accompany the file. Install the React Switch reliance utilizing a code editor and take a trial utilizing the “npm run start” command.

3.    PWA checklist

Install Beacon is a free chrome expansion by Google which analyzes a web app and shows in the event that the web app is progressive or not. In the event that the web app is not progressive, it conveys a list of criteria that your app needs to satisfy for it to qualify as a PWA.

4.   Service workers

The Create React App tool accompanies default service workers for static cache assets. You can create a custom service worker file in the source directory of your undertaking and replace the accompanying code scraps with the name of your custom service worker.

You can add a testing functionality to your custom service worker file by utilizing a default console.log(” “) command. Create another creation build for the app and actually take a look at the control center. You will find a superior PWA score from Beacon because of the added service worker functionality.

Before the app initializes, you can display loading messages or CSS by altering the index.html file, so you are able to eliminate the import references from the app.js and index.js files and work on your app performance.

5.  Secure context and manifest file

The Create React App tool has a manifest file in the public directory that contains a basic configuration choice. People in general/menifest.json file can be adjusted to add functionalities, for example, symbol install choices and to save the PWA symbol on the home screen for easy access.

Whenever you have arranged the manifest.json file, the time has come to convey the app. Firebase is one of the most favor decisions to convey React-based apps, and it is highly suggested for sending PWSs as well. You can turn on caching by changing the value of geocache to valid. Install Firebase and initialize the Firebase module. When the cycle  finish, you can convey the app by running the accompanying code on the terminal

You will get a URL from the Firebase CLI tool, which you can open in a web program. The facilitating URL will be a HTTPS URL, which expect to give secure context.

Run the Beacon tool again, and it will furnish you with the maximum PWA score.


Many large companies and startups are embracing the potential of PWAs because they are very profitable for organizations, and fostering a PWA is recurve-effective. There are many reports that show the enormous benefits of PWAs.

Offering a web platform is not barely to the point of meeting customer expectations in the cutting edge business climate. It is crucial for present day organizations to offer PWA to their clients to get more customer engagement and change rates. Hire Website developers India from leading web development company India for your upcoming projects.


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