How to build reading habits in primary school learners


Most of the activities in school involve reading. From taking tests to making experiments to reviewing for class or studying lessons, kids read a lot. If your children still have a bit of difficulty reading, though, don’t worry. Kids develop at a different pace. However, there’s nothing wrong with trying out tips and suggestions that could help your kids improve their reading skills. Start by making reading a habit. Here’s how to encourage that.

Make It a Daily Habit

If you want to raise readers, do it while they’re still young. Make reading a habit. Start reading to your kids out loud while they’re still babies. They’ll appreciate the rhythm of your voice. Making this a part of your daily habit with your babies will help your raise readers.

Read in Front of Your Kids

You’ll encourage your kids to read by reading in front of them. Kids are good at mimicry and at a certain age, when they see you doing something, they’ll want to do the same thing. If you’re excited about reading, then your kids will be, too. Show them how fun it is. Your children will get the reading bug as well. By improving their reading habits, you can help your kids improve their academic performance at their primary school in Noida.

Create the Perfect Space

A reading nook will also encourage your kids to read. It doesn’t even need to be massive. Designate a corner of your children’s rooms for reading. It could be a chair or a window seat. It could just be a spot on the floor with a mat and pillows. Anything cozy and comfortable will fit the bill.

Change Your Voice

When you read a story to your kids out loud, change your voice to show the differences in the characters. It’s a cliché but you’ll want to give that villain a booming, evil laugh, and you’ll want to modulate your voice when you’re speaking out the dialogue for the prince or princess or main character who’s always a little bit mischievous but good and kind. Modulation can do a lot to change the tone of the story and create a bit of atmosphere. This is also especially effective if you’re reading a light horror story. Your kids will get chills hearing about talking skeletons, for instance, but will also likely enjoy the experience.

Let Your Kids Choose

Another way to encourage reading is to not pick out all their reading materials for them. Let your kids pick their books and support their reading choices. If they’re reading about something they love, then that will make them love reading even more, so let them figure it out on their own. Don’t dictate their reading choices. Let them read what they love, and you’ll see that they won’t ever want to stop.

Reading isn’t all opening a book for story time. You’ll want to be on the lookout for other reading opportunities throughout the day as well. For instance, help your kids read street signs, your grocery list, or even recipes. Have fun!




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