How To Buy A Custom Industrial Pc On A Low Budget

Custom Industrial PC

An custom industrial PC is a robust computer designed to be used in an industrial environment, often involved in the manufacturing of goods. Custom build (or Customized) Industrial PCs are built to meet specific requirements that might not be available off-the shelf or through standard pre-built systems. Customization can take many forms; the system’s form factor, configuration, hardware components, software configuration, system software, blank media and accessories. Customization is usually defined in the sales or procurement documentation for an order.

Customization can include any of the following

  • Colors or color schemes
  • Hinge covers
  • Front bezels
  • Custom rack mounting options

Customization can also include Custom Power Supplies, Custom Bezel Panels, Custom Rack Mounting Kits and Custom Blank Media Solutions. The customization process begins with the customer requirements which are turned into Engineering Drawings that become part of an order spec which is handed off to the Custom PC Builder. Custom rack mounting options can include Custom 1U, Custom 2U and Custom 3U form factors as well as Custom Slanted Rail Kits which allows a system to be mounted vertically in a slanted tower configuration.

Custom Industrial PC Improve your Technology Products

There is a lot of competition in the Custom Industrial PC market and other markets as well. Custom Industrial PCs will always need to be updated and modified to the end user’s desires. Which makes Customizing Custom Industrial PCs even more important. Newer Technologies such as Custom LCD Panels take Customization to a whole new level. By allowing users to Customize Industrial PCs with Custom LCD Panels. Custom LCD Panels will allow Custom Industrial PC users a chance to Customize Custom Industrial PCs. With Custom LCD Panels that suit their needs instead of settling for something they don’t really want or need.

When working on a Customized Industrial PC, one should stay focused on the main purpose of Customized Industrial PCs. That is to increase the Industrial PC’s output, which can be done in a variety of ways. Customizing Custom LCD Panels may not be able to offer users the Industrial PC Output they’re looking for. But it can provide Industrial PC users with Customized Custom LCD Panels. Such as larger screens Customized Custom LCD Panels Customized Industrial PCs.

You can Outsource your Hardware – Make it a Custom Industrial Computer

One of the things we do at Prometheus HQ is create Custom Industrial Computers. We’ve done many of these over the years, and I thought it was about time to write up some of our experiences with this type of work.

Some background: Custom PC’s made for industrial control are typically built to work 24/7. The machines are enclosed in an un-vented case with NEMA ratings, and often require ventilation holes or vents to be sealed off (vents will allow dust into the computer). Custom industrial computers can be rack mounted or used as desktop models.

Typically Custom Industrial Computers use Intel i3, i5, or Xeon processors. Industrial computers use a mix of USB and PCI-e based controllers for input/output, as well as serial ports. Custom Industrial PC usually have 2 to 8 serial port cards installed in the machine.  Industrial panel PC also have 1 to 3 video card cards – These are typically low end PCI-e video cards with a fan on top of them. Custom Industrial Touch Pc have MAX or NO graphics memory due to the special requirements for the software that will be installed on them.

Custom Design and Validation Services

Today I’d like to introduce Custom Design Services, which are provided by the Custom Industrial PC division of Custom Electronics.

Custom Industrial PCs are custom-built computers that are designed for use in industrial applications, where reliability is number one concern. For example, you have a machine that runs 24/7 at your factory floor and you need a reliable computer to monitor the production line. Custom Industrial PCs will be designed to increase reliability, so you can keep your system up and running at all times.

In addition to Custom Design Services, Custom Electronics also offers Custom Validation Services. Which include testing computers in real operational conditions before shipping them to end users. Custom Design and Custom Validation services are available at Custom Electronics Custom Industrial PC division. Which provides turnkey solutions from industrial computer design to factory testing.

Making the Product Representative of Your Brand

A Custom Industrial PC (CI PC) provides a platform for upgrading and the customization of industrial, defense and medical equipment. Customization is often key to making a product representative of your brand.

This becomes an important focus when it comes to creating Custom Industrial PCs because they will be used in applications where safety and reliability are always top priorities. Customization also provides a chance to differentiate your equipment from that of your competition. The Custom Industrial PC can serve as a platform for a wide range of customizations – the following just a few examples. Customizations are limited only by one’s imagination and budget. Customization can be carried out on any or all components of an industrial PC system, including:

  • Industrial PC enclosure
  • Custom industrial PC systems board
  • Industrial computer chassis and rails
  • Custom industrial power supplies, fans and accessories

Why use an Industrial panel pc for Your product

There are many obvious reasons why a business might utilize an industrial panel pc. It is specifically apparent that these specific systems can be used in places where there is a need for expensive equipment to be used, but the conditions are not fit for the traditional standard computer you use at home or in an office setting.
For one, industrial panel pc’s are useful when there is constant exposure to dirt or water damage, where there is dust present, or even extreme hot and cold climates. It might be reasonable to assume that if you need to put a computer into an outdoor setting where the conditions are not normal, then there is a great chance that you might want to consider an industrial panel pc.

When purchasing an industrial Touch pc  ,  there are several factors  that should be considered. The first is the intended use of the product. It’s important to know how it will be used in order to narrow down which features. Need to be included and what size is most appropriate.

The second factor to consider when purchasing an industrial panel pc, is the environment it will be used in. An indoor use panel computer needs to be considered differently. Than one that will be out in the elements or which might experience extreme temperatures.


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