How to Choose an HME Billing Partner

hme billing

Why do you need an HME billing partner?

If one were to attempt a simple answer to this question, it would probably be better results. To take it a step further, one might say that the need for engaging an HME billing partner arises from a need to improve efficiency of the billing process, increase productivity and ultimately, boost profitability. These are pretty ambitious targets for any healthcare business and surprisingly, not very hard to achieve if one could find the right people to partner with.

Selecting the right HME billing partner, therefore, holds the key to achieving success in this regard. The right kind of professional intervention in the billing process can produce an immensely ameliorative effect on the entire revenue generation process. Some of the immediate effects noticed include a lowering of the frequency of claim denials, an increase in collections, faster completion of the billing process and of course, improved accuracy and fewer slips and errors.

The benefits to be had are many, but one must be careful to choose the right people to work with. One should look out for solid expertise, bankable experience and a high level of competence. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose better.

Picking the best and leaving the rest

Looking for the right signs and asking the right questions constitute the process, essentially. To begin with, if one’s concern is HME billing, it makes plain sense to look for billers and coders with firsthand experience in the area. In the realm of HME billing, one must stay prepared to be faced with many variations which have a direct bearing on how a product or a supply will be eventually billed. In fact, one of the main distinctions that set HME billing apart from other kinds of medical billing is the fact that HME items are often rented rather than purchased.

One should also investigate into a prospective biller’s accessibility, transparency and overall accountability. These are important considerations if you are considering offshore or remote partnering. Testimonials and accolades from past and existing clients are a good way to discover a biller’s true capabilities.

Besides these, analyze the pricing. Is there any hidden cost? Is there any guarantee against future price rises? After all, at the end of day, you should want to be able to make appreciable savings in your operational and administrative cost.


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