How to choose Gaming Chair

how to choose gaming chair

For most people, having a great Gaming Chair is an essential part of their lifestyle. It should have adequate support and ergonomics, a low price point and high quality materials to keep you comfortable for long hours of gaming.

Buying a gaming chair is not as easy as it seems. Some brands are made from expensive materials, others are comfy but don’t last long, and yet others are ergonomic but not durable. In this article, we will look at the key features you should consider when buying a gaming chair and try to answer your questions about chairs.


One of the features is a chair must have ergonomic, supportive and good looking design. Especially on consoles from Xbox to PC, games nowadays call for long gaming sessions with your feet flat on the ground as well as different positions (from standing to sitting).

The more hours you play in your chairs per week, the worse it gets when trying new ones out each time. It’s important that this happens for two reasons:

Besides comfort and support, having an ergonomic chair is very important as well. It should be supportive but with correct proportions so it won’t put too much pressure on your back or neck when you sit down while playing.

You also want to feel comfortable when sitting in the chair after many hours of play (this figure approaches 2-3 years) expect that any new gaming chair can decrease comfort over time if not properly maintained. If a brand is low on quality to begin with, prolonged days of overuse can ruin it.

Now almost every gaming chairs come with most comfortable adjustable lumbar support pillows but many don’t offer much option than this and many have memory foam adjustable cushions which offer best supportive effect so check the configuration of your chair before buying it.


The next important feature is a chair’s cost and price because if you have to spend many dollars for something that will last 3-4 years then this isn’t worth it.

Other than the initial cost, running your gaming chairs much depends on its condition once in operation (especially pads). You should expect small repairs such as dust removal or changing floor cushion covers to keep the chair’s value and overall quality high.

It is myth that you can’t get a Best Gaming Chair Under 100 but its not true if you are smart enough then you can find best Budget gaming chairs.


Gaming chair upholster material also matters a lot for performance and value over time. For example, quality leather likes to show on its imperfections (naturally) as well as having a nice comfortable feel all around the gaming chair seat. Other materials such commonly used for cushioning is cloth material like foam or polymer etc.

Thus if you want your gaming chairs upholster to last then go with the best available ones from brands that have long great track records in their business fields

Pu Leather is a common material that is being used by many gaming chairs manufacturers because it is widely used and taken seriously by customers. It offers the best durability, protection against scratches and has low price.

And if we talk about seat cushioning then most of the gaming chairs brands use memory foam material which is very soft and comfortable.

Most of the premium gaming chairs, when compared to their mid-range ones, use cold cured foam material instead of using memory foam because it is much more durable and the lifespan is more than memory foam and many people complain about memory foam is they say it sag with a time especially if big persons sit on them during gaming sessions.

Many gaming chairs come in different cushion thickness either 8 inches or 10, 12 inch thick body pillow but ‘ts better to go for a high quantity form factor type of chairs that means buy those with larger seat size like 14-17 inches are considered durable over 6 months and last for long time.


Armrest are something that we can’t ignore when buying any gaming chair because this is very much essential in keeping the users comfortable.

Arms are important part involved in computer games especially when using a keyboard positioned at your fingertips while playing it to deliver quicker and more accurate commands that aid you achieve success several times over on your game play sessions. Amrests supposedly provide lower profile, suited shape which supports good gripping forces plus they keep you hands well protected from unnecessary strain or pressure during long gaming sessions.

Size of chair

The size of chairs also matters a lot especially if you are petite and tall guy then you must have heard enough of the case that smaller gaming chairs are designed for shorter people. So you must make a wise decision and get one according to your height if you are short than buy smaller sized chair, vice versa if tall then get large size because most of them will differ.

Now the question is how to find and choose the right size? The answer is simple google the size chart and put all the required details in calculator like your height etc and hit calculate button and you will see the result immediately. When your chair is close or matches with the above figure then buy it according to your requirements.

Warranty period

Warranty period is something which people look at first, yet most of gaming chairs come from China where due warranty might not be that long in manner and so we need to look for the chairs have long one.

In this regard buy chair of a well know brand like GT Racing, X-Rocker Homall Because these brands are in the market for decades and strong reputable brands you can be sure that they will provide more than 1 year of warranty service.

Weight Capacity

Must check the weight capacity of a gaming chair before going to make a purchase. This is important because if a chair cannot support your weight than you will be forced to buy another one in near future. So check their maximum load capacity before buying it according


We have that know you will be able to buy good quality gaming chairs to suit with your needs. So keep in mind all the above points while shopping online and you would be able to find one that is perfect for you.


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