How to choose the best domain name for a blog?

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As the internet becomes more popular, the circle of good domain name is narrowing. It can be difficult to find a domain that best represents your blog, as other people with similar activities may have already come up with it and acquired the rights to it. 

If you don’t know how to redeem a domain, don’t worry! There are just a few steps you need to take before buying a domain and after you buy it. It’s a lot easier than you think.

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What domain do I need?

You can come up with a good web address by accident, having fun with friends or just chatting with someone. It is not necessary to sit at all and think about which domain to choose here. In your circle, you can turn it into a game – who will come up with the best name for the Internet.

Before you begin, the most important thing to consider:

  1. Your name / company / niche.
  2. What services are provided or goods sold.
  3. What is the audience of your potential readers / internet users?
  4. And whether you are planning to run a serious advertising campaign for your domain, or just grow a small blog with it?

When you register a web address, it is important to know these things as they will help you determine which domain name is best for you to start or grow your business.

Why don’t I just use my name for my web address?

In terms of internet marketing, it is not a good decision to use your name as your web address. Unless your activities are well known to the general public or you are willing to invest in a good advertising campaign. 

On the other hand, having a backup address with your company name or your name will definitely not hurt. 

A few more rules when choosing a domain

First of all, the domain name must be simple. The shorter it is the better. Also be careful and do not use dashes or other unnecessary characters in your domain name. 

Consider the logistics and language of your blog. Is it english, spanish or multilingual. The name and suffix should reflect the group of people that it is meant to. If you live and write in, for example, french language, it is wise to choose domain name and suffix in french. It would be more appealing to the readers. 

Then you choose your domain name, check if no one is using it in their social media accounts. And if they are not – book them for yourself even if you do not consider yet using those social media accounts. 

Be careful choosing old domains. They may have some bad history and bans from Google. Also check if you are not violating any copyright or branding laws.  

All in all, people love newbies. Then choosing your blog name will be subtle but effective. Your readers and customers should easily remember your name, and humour also helps people to remember information better. 

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