How to Clean HVAC Yourself

How to Clean HVAC Yourself

Does the question of cleaning your HVAC system bother you? Are things confusing, and you can’t find a simple way to get through? Relax and take a deep breath as we take over your worries. Here’s why HVAC cleaning in Suwanee is crucial. Followed by methods that can ease your workload.  

Reasons behind cleaning the ducts and vents

When homeowners think about deep cleaning, ducts are included in them since the quarantine season started worldwide. People across the globe started to look up various things to do by themselves. Amongst which is your HVAC system.

Vents always get dusty as they are showing off in rooms openly. So it is evident that the internal pipes and ductwork would also have dust intact in them. Firstly, the system Filters’ main component is clogged with dust, debris, mold, and even pet dander. These filthy filters become the main reason behind the spread of allergens in the home.

Dust and mold buildup

Over time, the air quality is compromised. The filters catch the dirt and let the airflow. Therefore, this is one foremost reason to clean the ducts. The air quality indoors matters! Don’t they?. It’s necessary to get your HVAC system serviced once a year for deep cleaning for many reasons.

The moisture that collects in the condensers makes a safe home for mold to grow. Firstly, you won’t witness anything. It grows inside the ducts quietly. The moment you get a hint that something is wrong. It has already spread throughout the ducts and is responsible for unpleasant odors.

Not to forget, when you have pets at home. Pet dander gets collected in the pipes. They not only create a blockage but are responsible for many health hazards. These are the fundamental reasons why you need to clean your ducts. Suppose prolonged for an extended period. It will affect the health of your loved ones. Moreover, it damages the system and lowers down its efficiency too.

How to clean air ducts by yourself and when?

  Homeowners being curious, always search for ways of cleaning appliances by themselves. We have sorted everything for you. Each step is simplified to the extent that you can perform the basics without any hassle.

Following are the steps one needs to follow in cleaning their HVAC system:

Step 1: cover your supply registers properly

 You don’t want an extra chore! Do you ?. for this very purpose. It is essential to cover the supply registers. Grab microfiber clothes and cover the parts effectively. All you need to do is lift the grills off from all supply registers and fill spaces with the cloth. In this way, the dust won’t flow from one channel to another, and you also get a headstart for cleaning the ducts.

  • Step 2: switch off the heating supply and turn on the fan. 

Professionals suggest that before starting the main task. It’s good to turn on the fan while you switch off the heating supply. In this way, the dust loosens up from the compartments, and it becomes easy for you to wipe it off the pipes easily.

  • Step 3: Clean the supply registers 

After the previous step, all dust and debris have fallen off the line. sweep! it’s ready now For this purpose, you must have a vacuum that is of high grade. By the swe means it could suck all the contaminants effectively.

If you are ready to invest in a high-end industrial; vacuum cleaner, that might ease your workload if you don’t have either option. The simplest way of all is to use a long broom with soft bristles. The ducts get damaged when a stiff bristle broom is used. Hence, you can sweep the debris, dirt, and pet dander accumulated for days.

  • Step 4: clean your return registers 

The same is the process of cleaning the pipelines as the previous one mentioned. All you have to do is lift the broom and sweep off any contaminants in your ducts and vents for ages.

  • Step 5: turn down the power supply 

It is high time to turn off the power supply. From this step onwards comes the crucial part of all. You need to check properly that the switches are turned off on the switchboard. One needs to be careful before performing such risky tasks.

  • Step 6: Uncover air ducts. 

Unscrew the ducts one by one. It’s time to assess their internal condition of your HVAC system. You need to check for visible growth of mold and check the intensity of the duct. Next, you need to clean the grates with a microfiber cloth.Try to clean it and experiment was successful.Make sure you don’t use any harsh chemicals.

  • Step 7: hoover the ducts 

Soon after getting the ducts dry. It’s high time to proceed further. Now comes the best [pasrt. If you have lots of saved money, you won’t be reluctant to buy yourself a vacuum with higher horsepower. 

Why buy a professional-grade cleaner when we have Conventional cleaners that don’t suck upon mold and mildew effectively. It’s essential to grab a scarf and then proceed further.

  • Step 8: replace the filter 

The dirtiest of all are the filters. If you are lucky, you might have reusable filters. However, in case you have to do it, remove, clean, and use it again. Filters are clogged with various particles. It becomes the main reason for dust spread in all rooms .In case you find no dust on the ducts and vents. filters are clogged. If you replace them on time, there is a high chance that you don’t need to overdo the cleaning process.


These are the simple steps you can follow in cleaning the system by yourself. There’s a thing that you need to keep in the notice. While HVAC cleaning in Suwanee, you need to keep in mind that this isn’t something all people can perform. there are many things that professionals must do. 

At MMI, we are open to help anytime, anywhere across the USA. We ensure that your satisfaction comes first. Our technicians can guide you on call while you are cleaning your system by yourself. They can also entertain you by reaching out via an appointment.




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