How to Convert EDB to PST?

This write-up will help you figure out how to convert EDB to PST with ease. The Exchange database is a lot more likely to get messed up. You can think of this situation as the main reason users want to convert EDB to PST.

You can convert EDB to PST in two ways: manually or through a third-party EDB to PST converter.

EDB to PST Conversion with manual method:

With the manual method, let’s start knowing how to convert EDB to PST. Here, we’ll discuss different manual ways for EDB to PST conversion.

Method 1-Using Exchange Management Shell command:

The Exchange Management Shell has a command-line interface that lets you access the database. Then, the user will make the actions that are needed. Run the following commands:


Method 2- Using Exchange Admin Centre:

  • Sign in to EAC as an administrator to initiate the process.
  • Click the Authorization tab and then click Administrator Roles to start navigation.
  • Under Admin Roles, go with Recipient Management and tap (+).
  • Choose (+) from the role menu.
  • Choose the “Mailbox Import/Export” feature from the menu. Put the OK button in.
  • Under Recipient Management, you will find and select the “Import/Export” option.
  • Go to “Recipients >> Mailboxes” and choose the mailbox from where you want to export data.
  • Now, tap the (•••) label and select “Export to a PST file” from the menu that appears.
  • Browse here the Exchange mailbox you want to export.
  • After that, arrange the position for your Shared folder.
  • Now, choose the mailbox to get an email after the export.
  • The last step is to click the “Finish” button. It exported the data in the selected mailbox into a PST file.

Note: If you have more than one mailbox, repeat the steps one at a time. When you use this process on big EDB files, it takes time. From the point of view of data security, manual conversion is not a good idea because it is hard for everyone to use.

This is how to convert EDB to PST using manual methods. But there are no features like filters, preventing duplicates, or other options. Thus, an automatic EDB to PST converter software is the best way to convert EDB files to PST files quickly and easily.

The following section will discuss a great solution from Shoviv to convert EDB to PST.

Professional method – Shoviv EDB to PST converter software:

This converter is a powerful app that performs many different tasks in a single interface. It can recover and fix EDB files that are inaccessible or damaged. This tool scans EDB files and finds errors to make them healthy. It converts EDB files to PST safely and correctly, assuring that your data is safe 100% of the time. The software simplifies how to convert EDB to PST securely and quickly without any hassles.

It gets all the information from EDB files, such as emails, contacts, calendars, etc. Even extracts data from public folders and archives to PST.

This tool will give a full log document of the entire process when it’s done. Users can save it as an HTML file on hard drives for later use.

Wrapping up:

EDB to PST data conversion is challenging. Therefore, this write simplifies how to convert EDB to PST converter easily and securely.

Downloadable software demo. One can try the first 50 items per folder for free.


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