How to Convert Lotus Notes files to Outlook format?

Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook

The Outlook email client is becoming the first choice of users. The reason is not unrevealed and are its properties. On the other side, the Lotus Notes email client has certain adversities to working with it. In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons, and suitable ways to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook. Users who want to get acquainted with the respective information must thoroughly go through the article.

Reasons to Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook:

The Lotus Notes is a typical utility in comparison to Outlook. These can be the reasons for the users to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook.

  • The interface of Lotus Notes is too typical and complex to work with, whereas Outlook possesses a simple interface.
  • On-time to time, users are required to update not only Lotus Notes but also the Domino Server for its smooth workflow.
  • For each and every change to make in Lotus Notes, users need an IT support executive. Generally, Lotus Notes asks for high technical expertise in data management.
  • This emailing and collaboration-based utility often requires an individual to troubleshoot the database and Server.
  • Users are frequently stuck in it with their work which requires them to intervene manually to rectify it.
  • Users can configure their Outlook account with the Exchange Server.
  • Outlook allows multiple accounts configured on it even out of its domain.

Possible Ways to Perform Lotus Notes to Outlook Conversion:

It is a technical task to shift the Lotus Notes database to Outlook. For this task, the manual method is, of course available but proves risky. So, users prefer to put in use the Lotus Notes Converter tool to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook. The few disadvantages of the manual method could be given as follows.

Disadvantages of Using Manual Method for the Lotus Notes Conversion:

  • The method does perform well when the data is limited; but when there comes a huge amount of data, it can show random errors.
  • This method makes huge possibilities of human errors that could make users prey to data alterations and loss.
  • It is a cumbersome and time-consuming method, where users need to repeat the process for each mailbox.
  • The orphan and corrupt NSF files can’t be converted to Outlook through this method.

Shoviv Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter – Easy Way

As I have mentioned earlier in this article, the professional Lotus Notes converter tool is the best way. Contrarily, it does remain a challenge to search for the efficient one to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook. Here, same won’t be the case as Shoviv Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter tool is a great choice. It is recommended by professionals too. The combination of its simple interface, swiftness, and efficiency makes it the best tool in its category. We’ll get a glimpse of its features and abilities in a while but first, see how this magnificent tool makes the technical process so easy.

Quick Steps to Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook:

Firstly download the Shoviv Lotus Notes to the Outlook Converter tool. Install it and open it on your system to follow the following steps:

Step1: Tap on the Add NSF File icon from the dashboard.

Step2: Choose the source (Domino Server, Smart-Cloud Notes/Verse, Local Directory), add files, and hit OK.

Step3: Now tap on the Outlook PST icon from the ribbon bar.

Step4: Check-uncheck the appearing sub-folders accordingly and press Next.

Step5: Use Item Type and Message Date-based filters, execute Folder Mapping, and email Translation to hit Next.

Step6: Enter the path of the Target Folder, perform a few tasks, including PST Split, and hit Next.

Step7: The conversion process will start; click on the Finish tab when it ends.

(Users can also save the process progress by tapping on the Save Report button after the process completion.)

Pros of using Shoviv Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter tool:

  • It comes with an advanced algorithm to efficiently convert Lotus Notes to Outlook PST without any alterations or data loss.
  • The tool allows users to add multiple files from multiple sources. The sources can be from any of these: Domino Server, SmartCloud Notes/Verse, and Local Directory.
  • The tool essentially comes with an Incremental Export feature to prevent duplicities and resuming the interrupted processes.
  • Advanced Options like Folder Mapping and email Translation are also present in the tool. The Folder Mapping proves beneficial to the business owners having a vast lump of data to manage the data effectively afterward.
  • Users, if required to perform the conversion with only the specific items, can use the tool’s Filter option. The Filter of the tool is based on Item Class and Message Date.
  • The PST file format does also corrupt if gets over 50 GB; the Shoviv tool takes care of it and facilitates users an option to choose the size of the resultant PSTs.

In Short:

Outlook is the best fit for emailing and collaboration services. It has a simple interface and comes with many essential abilities, unlike the Lotus Notes. Seeing this, users convert Lotus Notes to Outlook and look for an automated Lotus Notes Converter tool. Down the row, the Shoviv Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter tool is one of the ablest ones. Users can also use the tool for FREE in its demo version before going to purchase its license.



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