How to Convert NSF files to PST?

Convert NSF to PST

Summary: Many users look to move their Lotus Notes NSF files to Outlook PST due to several reasons. This blog will check some manual solutions and straightforward methods to convert NSF files to PST file format. Let’s now quickly start up with some reason behind the conversion.

Talking about Lotus Notes and Outlook email clients, they are most preferred by users across all industries. They provide a platform where users can do the personal and business communication. However, the Lotus Notes user sometimes looks to convert NSF to PST for many reasons. The fact is that not many of them get successful in the conversion which is possible because of multiple factors such as:

  • Inadequate knowledge about the procedure involves in the conversion.
  • Lack of the required technical skills to convert the files safely.
  • Selection of the incorrect method to move the files.

Whatever the reasons, there is a higher chance that the NSF file conversion task will fail. However, this blog will solve the problem for those looking to transfer their .nsf files into PST files efficiently by introducing the reliable solutions.

Know Certain Reasons behind NSF to PST Conversion:

Several reasons support the conversion of the NSF files into PST; to make you aware of some of them, we have prepared a list.

  • Using Lotus Notes is quite tricky because of its complicated user interface.
  • Microsoft Outlook is way cheaper if we can compare it with HCL Notes.
  • Users can work with multiple accounts in the Outlook email client, whereas Lotus Notes cannot offer this facility to its users.
  • Outlook users can also access their data in offline mode, but the Lotus Notes data cannot be accessible without an internet connection.
  • The cost of maintaining Lotus Notes is greater than MS Outlook.
  • Lotus Notes database file, which NSF files cannot be protected via password, but on the other hand, one can protect PST files with a password.

These are among the reasons which urge users to convert NSF to PST, but it is essential to choose the right approach. Now we will discuss different conversion approaches, including manual and third-party software.

Manual Strategies to Convert NSF to PST file:

As of now, you are aware that different reasons persist in transferring NSF file data into PST files persist. There is no option exist through which user can access their NSF file data in MS Outlook. Therefore, the user should convert NSF to PST, and some of the well-known conversion solutions we are going to discuss.

The conversion procedure involves two-step procedures: exporting NSF files into CSV format and then importing CSV files into Outlook.

Procedure# 1: Export NSF files into CSV 

  • Launch the Lotus Notes application on the system and go to the file tab.
  • From here, you need to select the Open option and expand it. After that choose IBM notes.
  • Later on, proceed with choosing the NSF files through the Browse button.
  • After selecting the required NSF, make sure to click on Select.
  • Hit the open button from the Open Application Wizard.
  • Users again need to go to the file and select the Export option.
  • Rename the file name and choose the target file format as CSV.

After furnishing the above process, the user must import the resultant CSV to Outlook. The below-mentioned method describes the process of importing the CSV file.

Procedure# 2: Import CSV into Outlook

  • First of all, launch the Outlook email client on the system and click the File tab.
  • Go to Open/Export from the File tab of Outlook.
  • Select the Import/Export option to start importing CSV into Outlook.
  • Pick the Import & Export wizard from the Import from another Program or file option and then choose the Next button.
  • Select the CSV option and hit the next button.
  • Using Browse, you can select the desired CSV file and after selecting it, click Ok.
  • Once done with the earlier step, press the Next button.
  • In the end, after choosing the location to save the resultant file, click Next followed by the Finish button.

Disadvantages of Manual Method to Move NSF file to Outlook PST:

This is how users can convert their NSF files to PST, but it is not a direct method. Along with it, this method has many limitations, which users should need to know before opting for this conversion methodology. We have mentioned some limitations which are as follows:

  1. Manually, it is impossible to convert the NSF file into PST file format directly.
  2. It is tedious for those who don’t possess the required technical knowledge about the conversion procedure.
  3. A minor wrong step can put the conversion into trouble.
  4. The manual method consumes more time for a user while converting the NSF files.
  5. There is a chance of corruption of NSF file data.

Due to the risk involved in the manual methods and various limitations, it is better to convert NSF to PST using the alternative solution. Now we will let you know about one such solution, also recommended by experts.

Highly Proficient Solution for Converting NSF files to PST:

We have seen the conventional method, which will do the conversion of the user NSF files to Outlook PST. But in most cases, due to a lack of knowledge and skills user only gets failure. Therefore it’s best to take assistance from the tool to convert NSF to PST file. Some solutions, like third-party software, will take care of the conversion and perform them quickly.

Shoviv NSF to PST converter is an example of the perfect solution to make the mass conversion of NSF files to PST. It enables the user to add multiple large-size Lotus Notes database files and converts them all simultaneously without affecting the software data processing speed.

Let’s explore some advanced set of features of this utility:

  1. The software comes with an intuitive user interface making it simpler to convert NSF to PST for any user.
  2. After adding all the required NSF files through the software preview pane, the user can check the added each and every NSF file item.
  3. It also includes a filter option that allows one to remove any item from the process as well as to add the required item.
  4. The tool incremental export option is the most advanced and required function for any conversion process. This option resumes any interrupted process while also making sure to restrict duplicate items.
  5. The folder mapping option is also included in this software which has the importance of moving any desired item from one folder to another.
  6. Users can run this tool on any Lotus Notes, Domino Server, Windows OS, and Outlook.

It also comes with a free evaluation version through which testing its efficiency becomes easier. The demo version allows handling the conversion of the first 50 items per folder.

Wrapping Up

This blog highlights some methods that will make it easier for users to convert NSF to PST effectively. We have also focused on explaining why there is a need to move the Lotus Notes database files into the PST. However, the manual method described has many drawbacks, which make it not an ideal solution. Conversely, professional software has many merits and performs the task expertly. Also, users are free to test the NSF to PST converter tool through its demo version.















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